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Selling a car and receiving eflow fines

  • 28-03-2022 11:39pm
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    I'm wondering if anyone has experience with selling care or eflow fines.

    I'm in the Republic and sold my car to a guy in Belfast.

    He filled out logbook and I sent it but started receiving eflow fines.

    The department of transport has said until the new owner registers the car in Northern Ireland, I am still liable for the vehicle.

    I've tried contacting eflow so many times but they insist it must be paid.

    So I've no car but fines continually building and the new owner is avoiding me.

    Has anyone had a similar experience or any advice is much appreciated

    Thank you


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    Was his address in Northern Ireland that you filled in the logbook? I am unsure if they send to non ROI address, there's no official vehicle export process like in UK.

    If you check the status on does it say a change of ownerhip was processed?

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    It happened to me a few years ago. I received one payment notice, which included a blurry photo of the car, taken two days after I sold it. I just sent an email, telling them that the car had been sold to a garage. I never heard anything about it after that.

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    The date of sale is on the logbook. Once you have sent it to Shannon, the ownership is removed from you (eventually). Eflow are useless and won't be of any help. I always take photo of logbook before sending and I alway look at the license of the buyer at a minimum. Too many chancers out there. Any correspondence with eflow should be by email. You could ask the garda if there is anything that can be done, but I doubt they will be any use and will say it's a civil matter.

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    Thanks for replying to me.

    It was a northern ireland address. It says no new changes online. When I contacted them they said they have it on hold until the new owner notifies the dvla

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    Burt, I don't think I will get away with it. Its gone to the solicitors pierce fitzgibbon now

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    I took a picture of the logbook but didn't think to take the licence. I've sent eflow the picture of the log book. I had also contacted them on webchat telling them the situation and they said I could ignore the fines but it's now with pierce fitzgibbon solicitors and they say I still must pay.

    Ive been going around in circles for 6 months

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    I don't think the car is going to be registered in NI any time soon because in order to do that the new NI owner needs to have the car's current ROI registration document (log book) in order to re-register it on NI plates. The Department of Transport here will not change ownership or issue a new registration doc to a non ROI address either so it sounds like ownership is in limbo.

    The correct procedure for selling a car to someone from another country for export is to give them the current registration document rather than filling out the change of ownership section with their details. Now that's not to say the current situation still wouldn't have happened as it relies on the new owner to re-registering the car in NI. It suits them to keep it on ROI plates in order to avoid paying tolls, traffic fines, etc until they are pulled over by the police.

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    Thank you bazz. That's actually what happened. The vehicle was taken by the guards a couple of months ago.

    At least I won't be getting any additional fines I suppose.

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    I’m not sure how much you owe but if you call the solicitors and tell them you are unable to pay the full amount but can offer a small percentage of the fine as a settlement they will eventually accept it and stop chasing you for money

    Or for the sake of €12 you could try apply for a replacement logbook and backdate a change of ownership to your dog or made up brother etc.