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Single zone heating and hot water, need water only

  • 25-03-2022 12:06pm
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    Had to get my boiler replaced in an emergency situation last year. I now have an Ideal Logic System S18IE. I took the plumber's advice, foolishly probably. I have the EPH Ember thermostat system (bunch of crap) and everything is on a single zone.

    Woke up this morning, no hot water. After much panic I realised the sun coming in had the temperature in the house at the temperature the thermostat is set to so the heating didn't come on.

    My old boiler had a switch to choose water only but this one doesn't. Can I do anything other than take the batteries out of the freestanding thermostat for the next few months?


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    You could have your house zoned. There's a grant for doing it. Check out SEAI website.

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    The fact your old boiler had the switch to do it separate would likely mean the plumbing is still there, but maybe the new controls just aren't wired in to the different zones meaning it would be easy enough job.

    Maybe post up some pics of pipework.

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    The main thermostat doesn't have an option for anything other than a single zone, I think that's my first problem. I was supposed to be getting a Hive/Nest (can't remember which) but it was only after they left I realised I had this EPH crap. He said he'd do me a deal if I wanted to change it 🙄

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    I'll look into that, thanks. Minimising gas usage looks like a priority in the future.

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    All you can do (for now) is to turn all your radiators off and then turn your thermostat up fully. If the temperature in the room is below the set point then the boiler will fire and heat the hot water tank only. Not ideal as the boiler will only control or cut out on the boiler 'over-run thermostat'. If I was doing this then I'd use the timer to run the boiler for 1/2 hour, 1 hour max.

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