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Sick Leave - Will there be questions??

  • 24-03-2022 5:57pm
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    Hi all,

    I've worked at the same company for 6 years, I think I only had 2 sick days in that time frame. Used to go in no matter how I was feeling.

    I am just back from maternity leave and to be honest suffering from some sort of depression/anxiety. I'm back one month. I have a dr's appointment next week. Our company have advised we need to work 3 days in the office and 2 from home starting next week. I've appealed this as I live one hour from the office and I can do my job complete at home. HR came back and basically said I must be in the office 3 days of the week. We are trying to sort out how we will afford the extra diesel costs etc. However my mental health is so poor at the moment that I feel like I need some time off.

    My fear is HR will think im now going out sick because I cant work remotely at home because I have appealed. Do you think they have a case here to say I shouldn't be paid?

    Thanks in advance.


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    If you have a doctor's cert, unless they were to request you are reviewed by a company paid doctor and that doctor disputed your illness, they'd be opening themselves up to a whole world of liability if they just decided not to pay you if your contract entitles you to certified sick pay. I can't say they won't do it, but it would be a bad move on their part.