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Ahb's buying Apartments

  • 20-03-2022 9:11pm
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    I'm a director in an Owners Management Co in a small apartment complex that was built in the 90s. There are 30 apartments in the complex. Apartments don't come up for sale very often but in the last few years the only apartments sold were bought by AHB'S. There are now 3 apartments that are owned by AHB'S. They are years in arrears on their management fees. In addition, the tenants are noisy and have caused a few problems. I'm aware that another owner is going to sell their apartment in the next few months and I'm wondering if there any way to make our complex less desirable to these AHB'S?


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    AHBs and Residential Investment Funds are outbidding owner occupiers so you can't avoid it unless you wish to outbid all other bidders yourself.

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    You can’t let AHBs get behind on management fees. They are not like other tenants in that they will never sell. So that opportunity to recover the money will not arise.

    if it’s one of your current AHBs who is buying I would see if you could resist them buying until they sort out their account. However you will need to discuss this with solicitors. The vendor will sue you if you unduly delay the sale (or do anything to discourage prospective purchasers).