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  • 18-03-2022 10:50pm
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    Alright, so.. a 4 epiosde dystopia show set after-second-USA-civil-war with Rosario Dawson as lead.

    First impression after one episode: This ain't great. It's plodding along. Nothing hugely compelling from writing/directing/acting.

    Maybe borderline 12s/15s (language/violence) and is trying (but not well) to keep is lower to have a wider audience.


    Wikipedia says:

    Alma Ortega, an NYC medic, becomes a symbol of hope in a demilitarized Manhattan Island while trying to find her lost son during the Second American Civil War.


    DMZ | Official Trailer | HBO Max

    Episode 1: Well.. it's all introduced I think. She's out there trying to find her son and it's given a loose but big-picture introduction to the world.

    As it's New York, I thought there were some nods to other work. The timer reminder showing reminded me of Escape from New York. There was a big gathering early on and that reminded me of Warriors (very loosely).

    Some very recognisable faces here so I'm not sure if it's just a case that the writers/directors just didn't give them anything useful to work with.


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    2: Still not a great show to be fair. Still feeling like it's flip-flopping between age ratings.

    The world building is fine. I think it's easy to get where they are and who the groups and main people are. I assume it's all from the comic.

    The camera work is done fine and whoever is in charge of lighting and colours know how to get a lot from it.

    but the story telling.. just feels weak..

    I can tell by the music that I'm supposed to be invested at certain points but nothing feels like it was built up to earn those feelings.

    I dunno.

    Anyway, let's see, I'm guessing..

    Alma maybe takes on this kid .. the young lad, not her son .. and runs the medical centre.

    Not sure if she'll end up a City Mayor type person.. seems unlikely.

    Plus with all the taking of the armies of the two civil war sides, I guess maybe a battle might be coming.

    again.. I dunno

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    Watched the first two episodes and it really is bad.

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,501 ✭✭✭✭Slydice

    3: Still rough. I can't say much stood out in the episode BUT.. that very last scene with the surprise, emotion and music.. that was crafted well enough.

    Like starting roughly at the moment when Christian lifted Wilson.. before he threw him out.

    lol.. one thing though was when bullets were being shot and they actually hit things like a car or walls or whatever.. I was reminded of Invasion, the apple tv show that cost $200m which didn't seem to spend money on bullet impacts 😁

    At least this show figured that bit out.

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    The more intersting story is the one they didn't tell whats happening outside the DMZ.

    Overall a terrribe 4 hours of TV and would say avoid to those who are considerinng watching.

  • Registered Users Posts: 10,501 ✭✭✭✭Slydice

    Finished! Overall, this wasn't great. Just couldn't find myself a way to buy into anything the story was trying to guide the audience to.

    None of the dialogue or connections between characters or plot points felts like they had enough work put in.

    Looking at the credits, the imdb and wiki, I'm seeing this dude Roberto Patino listed as kinda creator of the tv version, producer, director..

    so.. I'm not naming names.. but it feels like he's kinda up there as the showrunner. Wiki says he was the showrunner:

    4: Well that's that then. She

    got her son out, became mayor and she's running the medical center along with ODI

    Pretty good guessing out of me here I think 🙂

    I'm guessing the stuff outside the DMZ just seemed a little better just because there wasn't alot of talking or story building there.

    The two things I guess I'll remember was the scene with

    the throwing Wilson out the window

    and Odi and his Grandfather

    I didn't realise until that last scene that he was talking to the ghost of his grandfather

    I would think this comic/story/universe had potential and had ingredients to make good TV.. but it just wasn't put into good hands for it.

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