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Gaslit - Starz - (***Spoilers***) Julia Roberts & Sean Penn

  • 16-03-2022 10:50pm
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    Starts April 24th

    The series is about the Watergate scandal and focuses on several untold stories, including Richard Nixon's subordinates, deranged zealots, and the whistleblowers who would eventually bring the whole enterprise crashing down. The story will center on Martha Mitchell, a celebrity Arkansan socialite and wife to Nixon’s loyal Attorney General, John N. Mitchell. Despite her party affiliation, she is the first person to publicly sound the alarm on Nixon's involvement in Watergate, causing both the presidency and her personal life to unravel. As attorney general, Mitchell is forced to choose between Martha and the president.


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    Didn't recognise Penn until his name came up.

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    A very decent start to the show and Penn is totally unrecognisable.

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    Well this show is very well made! Didn't feel like a scene went by where I didn't recognise a face! Sam Esmail listed as the excecutive producer in the credits and suddenly I was like... oooooohhhh! It made total sense then the feeling of the show.

    1: I'm not sure the full story of watergate. Just that it's about wiretapping that went on. Looks forward to seeing it explored here. I'm guessing this

    Martha is gonna be, at least, partly involved in it.

    Ah I dunno.. I could see a face there who I recognised but couldn't name until I came back to the thread here.

    Some really good set pieces with some hugely talented cast put into the same scene and really knocking out some strong scenes.

    The only flaw I could think of was that the show might suffer.. what's it called? people-not-interested maybe? .. the thing that befell Boardwalk Empire.

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    2: Damn! Everyone is this show is like a recognisable face! That guy who hired the security guard, Bill Duke, .. he was (Mac) in the Predator film!

    Well, this sure moved a lot faster than I thought it might. It's so well made too! That build up to the ending was something!

    That was hilarious when the "hippies" arrived! It totally lulled me into a false sense of nothings-happening BUT then they were the Vice squad and they had the cop routing down!

    I'm not sure where the show is going .. I'm assuming this is just a warm up for the watergate that became the famous watergate. Maybe the failure gets the dude with the money to pay more or something

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    3: This story is so bizarre but I really wanna know where it goes! Great performances in this one by Julia Roberts, Dan Stevens and Shea Whigham (Liddy)

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    4: That episode felt like it had to drag a bit through the investigation to get across the events and story that were need. Then that ending though.. it really jumped back to life through the performances from Julia Roberts, Betty Gilpin and Dan Stevens.

    I assume..

    something bad is going to happen to that bookkeeper. Feels like something bad happening to her is being flagged in advance.

    Credits song:

    Minnie Riperton - Les Fleurs

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    Watched this after finishing White House Plumbers.

    It's quite remarkable how two shows on the same subject can tell two different stories, and the main characters of each are only bit players in the other.

    At times, it can be very good, with Roberts and Penn on form.

    It does drag at times, they seem to want to have Roberts on screen as much as they can but there are other more interesting parts of the story that could have done with more attention.

    It does have an excellent ensemble cast, Shea Wingham and Dan Stevens being particularly excellent in their roles.