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Series X is everywhere, PS5 nowhere

  • 16-03-2022 3:14am
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    I just noticed, well at the time of writing that Xbox Series X is plentiful in supply at the moment. The PS5 situation with stock is pathetically bad. It's 2022 and you have to wait in a poxy online queue or buy an overpriced bundle with stuff that you don't need or want with everything priced to the max. Is it a case that the next gen console war is really this one sided, that most people want a PS5 and don't care about Series X? Or is it the case that Sony are making sweet flip all PS5 consoles and are just horrendously slow at making them? Look I'm not biased either way. I have a 360 and a PS4 so I just tend to go where the games I like are. Both consoles have something to offer but Sony seems to be getting the exclusives out faster but most of those exclusives (well the best ones) are coming also to PS4 anyway. I think the only game Xbox had that was next gen only was The Medium and it came to PS5 then later. I had been thinking about getting a PS5 for a while and then when I noticed the ridiculous fact that you still can't buy one in 2022 without waiting in an online queue and then likely still getting nothing or being ripped off with a stupid overpriced bundle which still gets sold out in minutes anyway and the fact I've a lot of games in my backlog anyway I decided screw it I'm not going to bother. I'll happily play what I have.

    Anyway sorry for rambling but back to the question why do people think Series X is widely available and PS5 is still nowhere (and when it does come in stock it's gone in seconds anyway)? Why is that?


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    I can't get an xbox in NZ currently or for the previous 6 months...

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    Sorry to hear that, hope you get one soon.

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    but seriously as I mostly play on PC and have a PS4 I will wait till the PS exclusives are only released on the PS5 which I find is typically around 3 years into the consoles life and then buy one

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    I have both and my PS is gathering dust.

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    TBH the last two years have made buying any type of gaming hardware a bit of a nightmare. Even the Switch had shortage issues at the start of the pandemic, years after release. The PS5, Xbox Series X and new PC GPUs (GPUs the worst of all, if anything) have been absolutely beset by availability problems far beyond what we've seen in recent times (consoles are often hard to get after release, but not to this extent). Mix in scalping to the chip shortages / shipping challenges and it's all an unholy mess. Availability issues have even hit the likes of the Steam Deck and Playdate.

    At least the improving availability of the Series X does suggest we're moving gradually in the right direction - you can guarantee both Sony and Microsoft want to put consoles on shelves as quick as humanly possible, and MS clearly made a smart move with the Series S seemingly being easier to manufacture and sell up until now. But there are still warnings that the underlying problems won't improve any time soon, and fresh supply problems caused by the Ukraine crisis certainly won't help. It's a distinct possibility - maybe even inevitability? - that we'll get to the end of the year without GPUs or PS5s being widely available for anyone who wants one.

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    I have PS5, Series X, 2 Switches and a PC (RTX 3080)

    My PS5 Has the least use, followed by the Series X, Switches then PC.

    The PS5 lineup of games so far has been nothing short of terrible, Ratchet and Clank was the only one I got use out of so far. but there are quite a few good ones still to come.

    Xbox similar issues but game pass makes up for it

    Switch is the best console released at the moment, every game is of a much higher quality than all the broken messes that get released on consoles these days. And I am not a nintendo fan at all, hate majority of their first party IP's but games like Triangle Strategy, Fire Emblem Three Houses, Pokemon Legends have drained more of my time than any PS5 or Xbox Series X game has

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    I think the Switch library is disappointing. It's mostly indie shovel ware and anime titles, with the odd overpriced, below par performance port of a game I can get for a tenner on other platforms.

    I'm not into first party Nintendo games. I only play the Switch on train/plane journeys.

    I have two mates who own a Switch and their opinion is the same.


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    A lot of people aren't getting my point.

    I was talking about right now.

    Right now Xbox Series X can be had online. They can be ordered and bought. That may change soon but right now and over the past week you can actually go on a website, click add to cart and buy one.

    With PS5 if you want one you can't do that. They are not on any websites, are always out of stock everywhere. Whenever they're in stock they are gone in seconds or before you even join the poxy queue. If you want to even get the chance to see a screen with a fooking add to cart button you need to join a queue.

    The situation never improved since launch.

    Cunts are still trying to scalp the PS5 and Cex are trying to scalp it for over 800.

    I don't understand it myself and think the world has gone full retard. Why is it still like that? It's the same as launch, might as well be launch day 2020. Sony are absolutely far, far, far, far worse than any other company in the history of mankind at getting their product out there and that's a fact.

    Plus Sony are censoring games. You want the shittiest most cut versions of Martha is dead, Devil May Cry 5 they're only on PlayStation. Terminator resistance is cut on all consoles I believe so I never bothered buying those games. It's absolute ballox that's what it is.

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    Sony look to be pushing any available stock to the US market.

    I see posts on social media saying that Best Buy, Target, etc have stock available to order.

    They can't get chip supplier, TSMC, to fab the PS5 processor in volume they need.

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    There are far too many elements to consider. There are massive chip shortages and component issues with many electrical goods, as well as the fact many factories are still playing catch-up from production slow-down from Covid.

    There's also the issue of demand. Both PS5s and XSX/Ss have had ebbs and flows when it comes to supply. PS5s are regularly made available. The issue is they sell out so quickly that it's still difficult to get one. You say Sony are the worst at getting the product out there, but they've sold approx 1.7x more PS5s than XSX/Ss, and even the XSX/Ss are hard to get. Yes, the last few weeks you can buy the Series X online. Few weeks before that though, you couldn't (I know because I was looking for one myself, and was refreshing Smyths/Argo/Gamestop and even Microsfot's stores themselves trying to find one).

    It's unfortunate, and obviously frustrating, but there is such a huge demand for these consoles, particularly with people staying home more, that getting a console is more down to luck and good timing than anything else.

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    I have both, and the XSX is gathering dust (albeit Tunic will make me turn it on again). All depends on what you like. PS makes games that I prefer, the I love the DualSense so I will play most games on the PS5. Even with Gamepass, I'm likely to wait for a PS5 version just because of the DualSense, when used right it elevates the game above what the Xbox can (personal preference). Not saying I'm buying them on the PS5, just that I'll wait for them to come to Now/Plus.

    Out of the two, I feel the PS5 is the on that really feels next gen. Graphics obviously got an improvement, but it's the extra step that Sony did make it stand out (haptics). It's small and not properly implemented yet by most devs, but when it's right it makes the difference night and day to me. As much as people may not want to hear it, PS is more popular, sales are showing that. People are still holding out for getting a PS5 over the now available XSX. Just my 2 cents.

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    I think the main thing is kids don't know any better than what their mates have and parents are snapping them up knowing no different as to many of them playstation is gaming. So credit to Sony for snookering the market so well. I often find it odd how gamepass is not just marketed like crazy as once parents see value and understand crossplay it'll be chosen.

    I'm in the same boat as most here, the ps5 is gathering dust I don't think I've turned it on since mid Jan and until elden is done I don't see that changing.

    Side note astrobot was great for the haptics and initial entry into ps5

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    Horizon Forbidden West and GT7 came out and Ghostwire Tokyo is on the way. I don't understand how people have PS5s and they're gathering dust. Well for Horizon Forbidden West especially. Xbox has no exclusive games until December. If I got an Xbox it would likely be the one that would be sitting around gathering dust. There's no big exclusive games coming out for it til Stalker and that could get delayed again. Elden ring runs a bit better on PlayStation I believe but to get 60fps you have to play the Pro version on it which is stupid.

    Elden ring doesn't perform very well on anything. From Software are terrible when it comes to performance.

    Anyway in order to sell, Xbox definitely needs games of its own. They need to drop the compulsory online checks when you buy the console. Sony need to drop the censorship bs. Actually Microsoft are guilty of this too but not as backward as Sony. Also Sony need to allow people to play their older generation PlayStation discs. Taking out cd format support was a very mean thing for Sony to do and means you'll never be able to use your PS1 discs or of course play music CDs if you felt the urge so that's a bummer. I don't think Sony will ever do a proper backwards compatibility for PS2 or PS3. The whole streaming bs and charging to play older games makes me angry and I'd never go for it. Microsoft do backwards compatibility better but in the case of 360 there are a ton of games not compatible and Xbox original has only a few games compatible and not even the original Halo games because they want to resell you the same games in the Masterchief collection. The only console I can think of that did backwards compatibility properly was PS2.

    Anyway both machines have their flaws.

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    I didn't like the first Horizon and I don't like racing games, also games are very expensive on playstation while Game Pass is a bargain. I'm not really into "movie games" like The Last of Us or Uncharted. I'll probably get the VR so that's when it'll get some use. Series X is my first Xbox because of Game Pass, and GP is so good I've no reason to play playstation. Why pay €70-90 for a game when I have 300 games for €13 pm? There's loads of games I haven't tried on there that I'm interested in.

    Speaking of exclusives and racing games, Xbox released Forza Horizon recently with Forza Motorsport coming this year, Psychonauts 2, Halo Infinite just came out. Starfield is coming before before Stalker. I think Hellblade 2 and Avowed are exclusive and coming this year too.

    If you can afford it, why not get a Series S with Game Pass to tide you over?

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    Psychonauts 2 isn't exclusive.

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    Yes, Series S on a 1080p setup with game pass. If parents only knew.

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    I'm too into my discs, more of an old school type of gamer. I tend to buy games when they're out a while and go cheap, sometimes buy digital too but would hate not to have the choice. That's just the way I am. Anyway you know what, I'm happy with my PS4 to be honest. Still having fun with it. It'll tide me over. Cheers, enjoy whatever you like to play.

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    I didn't mean to offend anyone. Series S with Game Pass is a valid option.

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    I totally agree, my post wasn't meant to be sarcastic if that what you are referring to, maybe not. But anyway I definitely agree. Series S is the console of this generation. People will laugh, but what you get for 300 eur is a fantastic achievement. I am recommending it to most parents, the type who have no idea what type of TV they have or have no clue what 4k60fps means.

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    Just checked there, I've bought 6 games in the last 2 years. Everything else was gamepass.

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    I bought two. There's just so much left to try on Game Pass it's overwhelming, and they keep adding more. I don't get it when people dump on it. It's amazing.

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    I think so many people are stuck with the PS service (game tag, friends, digital purchases, digital freebies etc) that they can't get out of it if buying a single console so just go with the ps5.

    The consoles are pretty much on bar with each other and the myth around Sony games being the best stuff out there is also over hyped tbh. They are very good games but last few have been ubisoft collectathon clones (ghosts, horizon, days gone, spiderman).

    That being said I look forward to God of war sequel just hope they keep the game design as tight.