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Boards PW Draft 2022 - Write Up Thread

  • 12-03-2022 4:15pm
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    Howdy folks, here's where you can post your shows/PPV for the Boards PW Draft. Just a reminder of the rules below:

    • Posting is optional. Participants don't have to write weekly shows for their rosters if they don't want to. The only mandatory requirement is that you post a PPV card with matches for your drafted roster.
    • You can make up to 4 posts (Company outline, two shows, and PPV).
    • You can split your PPV into two posts for image reasoning etc if necessary.
    • The deadline for submissions will be confirmed once the final draft round is concluded. Typically 4 weeks are given for players to post their work
    • Please try to get at a minimum a PPV card submitted so people can vote for your work. It's not always about the most volume when it comes to winning, but without the PPV card being submitted you take yourself out of the running for the competition!

    Any questions about the write ups feel free to ask in the discussion thread or shoot me a PM.


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    First post is going to be a run down and what got us here and second will the PPV itself. Just some overview notes:

    Triple H has come in as the authority, his big signings are Drew McIntyre, Charlotte Flair and Jay White. There's a question over HHH's motives but is still outwardly a face in the run up to Bruisermania.

    Sherri Martel is still a part of All Star Bruisers even though she is no longer the authority. She is working under Triple H but forming a new stable that he seemingly he has no issue with; Nick Aldis, Sunny, Charlotte Flair and Io Shirai. LA Knight has been excommunicated from her good graces.

    Chad Gable has left All Star Bruisers and has left the Grecco Roman Title vacated.

    Road to Bruisermania

    1. Main Event - Hangman Adam Page vs Drew McIntyre

    The Hangman has held onto the title for a full year, beating all challengers. He and the new authority Triple H have clashed with Page not fully trusting him. Triple H's unwilling chosen one is Drew McIntyre, who became No 1 contender after beating Jay White after interference from Triple H, seemingly on behalf of White but went pearshaped.

    It's Page vs McIntyre for the title, Buckshot Lariot vs the Claymore.

    2. Triple H vs Jay White - No Holds Barred

    In a fury over HHH costing him the title match, White challenges Triple H at Bruisermania. He agrees if White can beat Ethan Page, Nick Aldis and Moose in a gauntlet match in which he does.

    It's the Switchblade vs the Cerebral Assassin, a modern day passing of the torch.

    3. Charlotte Flair (C) vs Kairi Sane - Gladiatrix Championship

    4 women entered a mini tournament for the title; Thunder Rosa (C), Charlotte Flair, Io Shirai and Kairi Sane.

    Thunder Rosa shockingly lost her semi final match for her own title after interference from Io Shirai (lost her own semi final to Kairi Sane earlier in the night), on behalf of Charlotte Flair.

    This is a major grudge match between Kairi and Charlotte given the latter previously nearly cost Kairi her entire career.

    4. Io Shirai vs Thunder Rosa - Cage Match

    Sherri Martel had been in the ear of Io Shirai in the run up to the 4 women tournament for the title, telling her she would hold herself back against her friend Kairi and thus lose the opportunity to fight for the Championship. This came to be as a plucky Kairi defeated Io in an awesome semi final match.

    The 2 friends embraced at the end until Io disgracefully attacked her friend from behind, Sherri coming out to nod in approval. Sherri whispers something in Io's ear before they both leave.

    Later on in the night Thunder Rosa looks to have Charlotte beat in the 2nd semi final until Io interferes costing Rosa her title.

    So that's what gets us here, grudge match between Thunder Rosa in a cage match against the woman who cost her the title.

    5. Jordan Devlin vs mystery opponent- Grecco Roman Title

    After Chad Gable left All Star Bruisers, Triple H signed 2 men to fight for the vacated title; Jordan Devlin and Josh Alexander. After a series of epic matches, where both men held the title, it was Devlin who ultimately came out on top.

    On a high after the series of matches, Devlin makes an open challenge for Bruisermania. Who knows who will answer.

    6. Nick Aldis w Sunny vs LA Knight w Madusa

    After Knight's humiliation at last year's Bruisermania, he was brutally excommunicated from Sherri's inner circle, with Aldis leading a brutal assault that kept Knight out for a year with a broken neck.

    Aldis had been feuding with Page for the Heavyweight Title in and out during the year with the assistance of Sherri and Sunny, but Page proved too strong for him.

    After his final defeat Aldis in a fury challenges anyone from the back for a bout at Bruisermania, and to his shock a fully rehabed LA Knight comes out...but he's not alone; Madusa is with him to make sure Sunny will be kept in check.

    Another grudge match that will lead to blood spilt, Aldis vs Knight.

    7. Eliminator Match for The Tag Team Titles - The OG Kingdom vs The North vs The Kings of Wrestling vs Moose and Rich Swann

    This is a simple story of men trying to find their place;

    The North reunite after their losses in singles matches.

    The Kings of Wrestling trying to find meaning in one last run.

    OG Kingdom looking to justify themselves amongst the best.

    Moose trying to hold onto the titles he won with Pillman JR at last year's Bruisermania, even calling in an old foe in Rich Swann to help him do it.

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    Injuries Sideline NCW Champion:

    After a tumultuous Natural Selection where Big E emerged as the new NCW Heavyweight Champion, vanquishing the NWO from the company for good, the new champion took on all-comers as he looked to cement himself as part of NCW’s legacy. A number of challengers were defeated by Big E over the next number of months, however a neck injury would sideline the champion. Big E was left with no choice but to vacate the championship but vowed he would return once medically cleared to return and pick up where he left off. Big E is scheduled to give an update on his condition at the upcoming Breakdown PPV.

    A New Champion Will Be Crowned:

    At the same time, Roman Reigns and his Bloodline stable would debut to much media hype. Reigns vowed immediately that the NCW ‘universe’ would acknowledge him as the new champion – but even the Tribal Chief’s arrival was completely eclipsed when Necro revealed his latest blockbuster signing to the flourishing brand.

    The glass would shatter and the world would stand up and take notice as Stone Cold marched to the ring in the middle of Reigns speech, give his traditional salute to the Head of the Table and proceed to level him with a devastating Stone Cold Stunner. The resulting beer bash was celebrated globally and Reigns would disappear until Breakdown to lick his wounds as Austin ran wild over NCW, stunning the life out of anyone who would cross his path.

    At the inaugural Breakdown PPV we will see the first ever Elimination Chamber match to determine the new NCW Heavyweight Champion. The Tribal Chief and the Texas Rattlesnake will be just two entrants into this match, joined by four others all vying for the title. Three of the entrants are as of yet unnamed however the Leader of the Undisputed Era Adam Cole (Bay Bay) has been confirmed having defeated Jimmy Uso in a qualifying match on Tuesday Night Destruction.

    An Undisputed Problem

    The Bloodline have issues from all sides presently – but the biggest thorn in the side of their dominance has – Undisputedly – been the faction led by Adam Cole (Bay Bay). Costing the Usos their NCW Tag Team Championships in the match with Imperium was not enough, Cole himself defeated Jimmy Uso in a qualifying match for Breakdown’s Elimination Chamber match.  The Bloodline have vowed revenge on the Undisputed Era and at Breakdown they will get a shot at it – Roderick Strong is due to face Jey Uso, whilst Fish and O’Reilly get a shot at making the Tag Team Championships their own.

    A Fighting Champion:

    Bianca Belair’s ascension to the NCW Championship has been flawless thus far. A swift defeat of The Man sent Lynch packing to FCW. Bianca’s first contender was Naomi however the GLOW bringer was unsuccessful in her first attempt. The second attempt would also fail, with her long time friend Cameron returning and causing a disqualification when it seemed that Naomi would be victorious. This would create some friction between the former Funkadactyls.

    Naomi’s final chance to win the gold will come at Breakdown in a one on one match with Cameron barred from ringside. Rumours are abound however there is internal pressure from within the Bloodline – failure will not be tolerated.

    The Forgotten Son:

    An interesting cog in the Bloodline ointment is Solo Sikoa, lesser known brother to Jimmy and Jey Uso… for now at least. After being traded from LWE to NCW Solo has arrived with an attitude. Will the Street Fighter align himself with the Bloodline or carve his own path here in NCW?

    NCW Hall of Fame

    After 7 years of being involved in the yearly PW Boards Draft a decision was made to honour the past of the company and open their own official Hall of Fame. The inaugural induction of Lou Thesz was greeted with mass acclaim, though some in the company wondered what Thesz might say if unleashed on a microphone once again, given his… tumultuous relationship with owner and colour commentator Necro. However Thesz proved all this worry to be nonsense when he showed that sometimes, a leopard can change his spots. Instead of the anger, rage and outright malice – Thesz returned to smiles, handshakes and a crowd chanting his name.

    Not deterred by his impending induction into the Hall of Fame, Thesz promised the fans one final run for the ages. Lou Thesz is due to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Breakdown PPV alongside long time NCW commentator stalwart Jiminy Billy-Bob.

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    So here is my 1st post outlining what's gonna be going down at RCW's Freedom Day PPV

    1. 2 warriors from different lands finally clash

    The match people will que around the blocks to see Okada having arrived in RCW in a whirlwind of fanfare a few months previous has captured the RCW World Heavy Championship from Samoa Joe in a barnburner of a match looks around at the locker room and see's no one fit to challenge him , so one day while catching some TV on some down time , he begins to watch Peacemaker where he see's John Cena acting up a storm , Okada instantly takes upon himself he's gonna try and get Cena to RCW

    1. The match that never saw the big time

    A match that has happened 5 times previously but many have said it has never seen the biggest crowds there has always been a competitor missing but this time for the very last time in these 3's careers Joe, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels all now in the twilight of there careers will run it back one final time in a steel cage pin falls only so two of these guys will have to be utterly decimated for 1 to win , a match for the ages

    1. Addiction is a bitch , Jeff Hardy signed with RCW and it was a fantastic night , back fit and healthy Hardy was just getting ready to line up his plans when a familiar music played and out came Alberto Del Rio , he challenged Jeff to match at the PPV and we'll soon find out why

    1: Facing the monster: having once again been abandoned by his partner, Frankie Kazarian once again finds himself an outsider , someone who has never quite capitalised on his singles career often the victim of a failed push or a dead storyline, Kaz has taken it upon himself to do the impossible and challenged the big red machine Kane , is this a mission too far or can he finally win a big one

    1: Daddy knows best ? Hook the meme champion of the internet , lot of people love him and he hasn't really done much yet, but having fallen foul of his father's training now they must face each other, tazz desperate to stay out of the ring for fear what he might do has hired Daniel Garcia another fantastic protege and up and coming star , with his father training garcia , Hook has turned to someone outside the wrestling business for help the Gypsy King Tyson Fury

    1. Who dares challenge the Cabana ! Carlito have somehow wormed his way into a position of power in RCW has surrounded himself with the Natural Disasters and Orlando Jordon (his yes man) and has put out an open challenge for someone to take him on and beat him at the PPV and he will surrender control who will it be we don't know yet

    1. Glorious Ziggles ! two men who have both had there share of successes but both of them under rated teamed together and won tag team gold , but the time has come they have outgrown each and now there is a chance for one of them to make one last play for the big time before there time runs out !

    1. Ride or Die , X Division Title is on the line and Darby Allinn will do absolutely anything to hold onto it, and he will have to when he faces the former Ring of Honor World Champion Bandido ! stay tuned folks

  • Moderators, Sports Moderators Posts: 22,670 Mod ✭✭✭✭Bounty Hunter

    Company rundown type opening post

    BWA Roster 2022

    Uhh whoops...I guess I shoulda said spoilers! But eh it's the journey that counts... so how did we get here?

    Well going in chronological order.:

    First we had the debut of Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen. Flair quickly made his way into the title picture after the draft decimated last years roster and he defeated Ricky Steamboat in an instant classic for the big gold belt.

    Lex Luger and Barry Windham (yes them... and yes I know they aren't on the roster, it's cool) became the tag champs and together the Horseman began to rule the promotion. Not least because they were the largest incarnation of the Horsemen ever with Arn & Ole Anderson as well as Tully Blanchard also involved.

    JJ Dillon was also supposed to be joining them in the BWA but Flair said he was leading the group and that the group no longer needed Dillon's tutelage. This arrogance alongside the Horsemen's attempts to control the company irked the one man you should want on your side, the man who had creative control in the BWA the past few years having run Dana White out of the wrestling business... Vincent Kennedy McMahon!

    McMahon starts using his power to take down Flair and co. He brings in big name wrestlers like Scott Hall, Mr Perfect, The Iron Shiek and more but some of the challengers he brings in struggle due to the Horsemen's numbers so Vince decides to target the collective.

    A mystery man is seen coming in to McMahon's office the night before the BWA Judgement day PPV and after he has left the former WWE chairman has a big grin on his face, rubs his hands together with glee and then announces a tag team title match for the following night between the newly signed Fabulous Freebirds and The Horsemen's Luger and Windham.

    Before the match all three Freebirds are in the ring and Michael Hayes takes the mic

    he isn't displaying his usual swagger. He says that they realized that something has changed in terms of the publics perception of them. Never before were they taken so late in the draft and he takes full responsibility for that, and that's why he says his group needed a new frontman, "We needed someone to save us" and we are going to prove our worth to him tonight.

    The commentators and the crowd are set abuzz wondering who they are referring to but their opponents come out and the match gets under way and it is a great one and goes almost 20 mins at which point Barry Windham is whipped into the ropes at such velocity that he goes over the top but as he does Lex tags himself in. Windham is stumbling around on the outside and walks straight into a... WAIT WHAT a Pop-up Powerbomb on the apron from Kevin Owens! What is he doing here!

    That looked devastating and understandably Luger is completely distracted in ring and walks straight into a Terry Gordy Torpedo Lariat before he lifts him up and gives Lex a powerbomb of his own and goes for the pin 1...2....3! We have new champs!

    "Is KO the new leader of the Freebirds?!" wonder the commentators as he rolls Windham into the ring where he and all three Freebirds start sticking their boots to them. They are absolutely destroying but oh here we go, it took a while but here come the rest of the horsemen! Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard first, closely followed by The World Champion Ric Flair (Brian Pillman has already had to go to a local medical facility after his match earlier in the night). Those 3 stand at ringside squaring up to the 4 in the ring and looking for their opportunity to enter the ring.

    Just before that seems like it will happen *The lights go out*

    There is still some emergency lighting and it's only because of that, that a hooded figure can be seen jumping the ring rail and striking the horsemen outside the ring with some sort of weapon. He throws Flair into the ring and as the lights return Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts grab the Brainbusters and throw them head first into the ring posts and ring steps respectively.

    They then re-enter the ring where it is now 5 on 1 (Flair) who is slowly getting back up but BOOM! the hooded figure clocks him with a Running back forearm dropping him back to the Matt. He then mounts Flair and strikes him again and again until the champ is a bloody mess in the middle of the ring. The hooded wrestler rises and stands above him, then Kevin Owens and the Freebirds (with heads bowed) who flank him throw up their own four horsemen-esque hand gesture but this rime a variation on the Rock on one seen below. A few seconds after which the hood is removed and the true leader is confirmed as Chris Jericho! who then throws it up himself.

    The next night on BWA Raw it's the draft and Vince McMahon announces that as they no longer held the tag titles but did hold his contempt for their faction trying to take over the promotion he had decided to not renew the contracts of Lex Luger & Barry Windham and that they had infact been traded to Monday Night Grappling with immediate effect.

    Later that night Jericho and his boys addressed the BWA universe for the first time and you just know the Horseman had something to say about that but in this opening post we are taking more of an overview so we will come back to that a little later. Instead we will focus our attention on how the traded superstars were replaced... with the arrival of Kevin Nash & X-Pac who immediately joined up with Scott Hall to re-form the NWO!

    Looking back on the mystery man who entered Vince's office Pre-Judgement day it is now obvious that was Chris Jericho and that he conspired to get the tag titles onto the Freebirds. Over the next few weeks he was getting a bit too pally pally with Vince backstage trying to use his influence to screw the Horsemen further. However Vince reminded him that he was owed after that official debut and said he was calling in that favor. Jericho agreed to his request as honestly he actually saw it as a plus for his stable. The promotion had lost it's Intercontinental champion in the draft and Vince was booking a match for the vacant title for that very night between Jericho's best mate Kevin Owens and Mr Perfect. The request was that the Rock Gods take the night off so as to ensure the match would fair. KO was getting a title match and Vince had even agreed to make sure the Freebirds also left the arena and didn't try to interfere to ruin Owen's shot so why wouldn't Jericho agree. Why not indeed!

    It was a great back and forth match but the result unfortunately for Owens was...

    Even more unfortunate for him was that he never stood a chance as the first time he actually looked like he was getting Perfect in a position where he might be out for the count what did we hear but

    Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & X-Pac made their way down to the ring. before they even get to Owens and Perfect the ref incredibly squares up to them and starts ordering them to get out of there but WHACK, big Nash right hand and a the ref bumps right out of the ring. Then the 3 men approach KO and Perfect who is now back to his feet and beside him. The two opponents look like they will team up to take on the interlopers unti CRACCK, Perfect smacks KO over the back of his head sending him stumbling straight into a Scott Hall clothesline before all three guys, scratch that 4 including Perfect (who had previously been in the NWO in WCW) stamp him into the mat then take turns hitting big moves on him including Nash's powerbomb and Hall's Razors Edge!

    They all TooSweet each other before heading to the back, nobody is there to help Owens who is a bloody mess in the ring.

    Mr McMahon comes running down the ramp with the announcers applauding him for wanting to check on and help KO given he was the one who put him in this situation tonight... but Oh no that's not what is happening as Vince grabs a Mic and almost gloatingly looks down at the battered and bloodied man bellow him and says "You thought I'd forgotten what you did! You thought you could just get away with it! Nobody puts their hands on me and gets away with it, not least you, you fat son of a..."

    McMahon overcome with rage starts to repeatedly crack the downed Owens head with the microphone in his hand until security are forced to drag the boss man away with the commentators suggesting it may be too late, he may have already done irrevocable damage to Owens.

    Lest you forget this is why Vince harbors a grudge. It never did lead to Vince confronting Owens over it, instead a program with Shane and Vince was off-screen

    On the very next show BWA Bounty Hunter is seen talking to Vince backstage. His actions above, trading away the former tag champs, bringing in the NWO and more are cited as examples of erratic behavior and the reason why they are considering removing him from his position of power. Bounty Hunter has enjoyed working with Vince these past few years and although he ins't supposed to tells him that they intend to replace him after the next PPV thinking that might give him the build to that PPV to convince them otherwise.

    Unfortunately it kind of has the affect of making him go the other way, a more kind of "You can't take power from me" kind of way. Especially seeing as they left him in charge for now and he can take advantage of that...and Oh boy does he!

    First he starts being flanked by Jimmy Snuka everywhere he goes, his hired goon who will do anything for MrMcMahon and acts as though he owes everything to him. He also brings in Snuka foul mouth tag partner The Iron Sheik as further backup.

    It is the presence of these two on top of everything else he had done that brings back a BWA legend from the past to try to plead with Vince to see sense and stop what he is doing to the promotion in the form of none other than Bruno Sanmartino

    When Bruno confronted Vince however not only did Snuka & the Sheik get physical with him but so did another man a man whose presence announced the arrival of a 4th major stable in the BWA this year as Andre The Giant debuted catching the living legend off guard and chokeslamming him through the announce table at ringside.

    This sparked a rivalry people thought they would never get to see with two of the biggest names in the history of the industry facing off against each other.

    It was also around this time that in order to distract The Horsemen and Rock Gods for Wrestling from trying to exact revenge upon him buy distracting them and pitting them against each other in the most extreme way possible. He decided that the Tag titles would be on the line under the freebirds rule in a War Games match with 3 men from the horsemen facing 3 men from the Rock Gods and 3 members of the NWO!

    As soon as Kevin Owens made his return to BWA TV the mad bastard that he is also booked himself in a street fight vs KO at the upcoming PPV.

    There is plenty more we could speak on as we have not even mentioned the likes of Ricky Steamboat and Kota Ibushi who wanted to stay out of the Faction Warfare, nor have the ladies of the BWA (Trish and Chyna) gotten a mention but them and more will be gotten to after this opening stall setting

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    Monday Night Grappling - Preview Show

    Monday Night Grappling announced its new season via a half-hour preview show held outside its company HQ, with a wrestling ring on display outside. An exhibition match was promised for the fans that attended, as well as a chance to witness an address by the returning Commissioner, Jim Cornette. The show began with a video package detailing the title picture at present:

    World Heavyweight Title

    After initially arriving into the company and having success with nephew Chavo as Los Guerreros, Eddie Guerrero eventually branched off into singles competition, becoming a fan favourite. This culminated in Latino Heat defeating Lex Luger to clinch the MNG World Title. He has held the title for the past 3 months heading into our season opener. There is no shortage of challengers after the gold…

    The World Title Challengers...

    The Olympic gold medallist, Kurt Angle, has been a wrestling machine, wowing fans with his performances. Goldberg has been unstoppable since entering the company and has yet to taste defeat, notching up a streak of 90-0 thus far. Much uncertainty also surrounds the shocking return of Shawn Michaels, back after leaving with the title ten years ago.

    Intercontinental Title

    While his partner, Lex Luger, had a run at the World Title, Barry Windham went on to have a title run of his own with the IC belt. Despite being a heel, he has earned the fans grudging respect with fine title defences, including technical classics and some intense bloodbaths. Can anyone prize this belt from him?

    Tag Team Titles

    After Eddie left for singles competition, Chavo Guerrero Jr turned to his TNA partner Hernandez and the two men would claim the belts. But the very night of their debut, Muhammad Hassan & Daivari won the tag titles and have held them ever since. They continue to run down the US and hit out at the hypocrisy of the country. Chavo’s defeat has seen him spiral into a crisis of confidence. It’s not clear what team, if any, can stop Hassan and Daivari.

    European Title

    The world's most dangerous man, Ken Shamrock, won a tournament to crown the new European champion. He has quickly become a fan favourite with his intense performances. 

    The Commissioner returns…

    Exactly ten years after the company’s first Draft win, their beloved Commissioner Jim Cornette is back in the promotion and has promised some good old fashioned ‘rasslin. Cornette has confirmed reports that he has acquired a 50% stake in the company. Rumours have circulated that the MNG owner, who owns the remaining stake, has struck a ‘deal with the devil’, and that a man Cornette despises will be his new co-owner of the promotion. Is it a publicity stunt by the company, or is there truth to the claim?

    Further names have been signed to the company and will be revealed in the shows to come.

    Exhibition Match

    As the above back story, video package ends, time now for our exhibition match. Out first comes a blast from the's the company's 2013 Tough Enough winner, Fibber Mac, and his handler, Old Donal.

    ***** Did you know...? 6 ft 7, 350 pound Fibber Mac won the first and only Tough Enough competition on Monday Night Grappling 9 years ago, earning the right to team with Finlay to take on British Invasion. The Irish duo would emerge victorious at the PPV. *****

    Fibber gets a muted response as it appears many of the modern fans have forgotten who he is. Not so with his opponent for this exhibition...

    Goldberg enters to a huge ovation.

    Exhibition contest - Fibber Mac vs Goldberg

    Poor Fibber probably should have stayed away. Goldberg spears him as soon as the bell rings and then hoists him up for the jackhammer.


    Winner: Goldberg

    Goldberg looks in the camera and asks 'Who's next?'. The commentators ponder if it will be the champ, Eddie Guerrero.

    *****commercial break*****

    Kelly Kelly: 'Hey fellas, are you tired of bodysprays that just don't seem to last? Not sure if you're boring women to tears, or if it's your pits that's making their eyes water? Well then you need new MNG Everlast Body Spray. Come on, don't smell like some BWA neckbeard. Their fans never get any pie! Smell like the best! Smell like MNG Everlast.'

    *****Final Segment*****

    A huge cheer erupts as Commissioner Cornette enters the ring in front of the fans. He is visibly emotional as the fans chant 'welcome back'.

    Cornette: ''Ladies and gentlemen, do not adjust your television sets, Jim Cornette is back in Monday Night Grappling. And I want to put emphasis on that word: grappling. You see, this is a wrestling show. And we’re proud of that. We don’t want any goofy, hokey, horsesh*t here. No, there won’t be a legless man winning a battle royal. There won’t be football field f*ckery. There’s going to be ATHLETES competing in CONTESTS.'

    (fans cheer)

    Cornette: '‘Now let me address this rumour about me having a co-owner. The reports suggest I’m going to have to work with someone that I hate. Well, goddamn, that doesn’t narrow things down much, does it? I don’t care who this co-owner is. Whether it’s Sh*tstain aka Vince Russo, Twinkle Toes McFingerback, Pockets, that bucky beaver lookin’ Kevin Dunn, the Hardly Boys, or whoever. I will not allow this company fall into the gutter.

    (Suddenly the lights dim, and heroic music starts to play…)

    Voice: ‘You're a disgrace…’

    (The fans chant holy sh*t as the figure appears on the big screen)

    Trump: ‘Good evening, my name is President Trump - the rightful president of the US by the way, it’s true - and I am also now the co-Commissioner of this promotion. The owner has handed his stake over to me. He knows the huge publicity I will bring. We’re talking big ratings. Huge ratings. Biggest ratings you’ve ever seen. You’ll never see ratings as big as I’ll bring. And the reason why I’m here is to get payback on you, Jim Cornette. I’ve heard the things you’ve been saying about me over the years and they’re really a disgrace. Just a disgrace. And I…

    Cornette: ‘Let me stop you there, President Pig Sh*t, cos you ain’t my f*ckin’ president or anyone else’s. And God damn I never thought I’d feel nostalgic for Sh*tstain, but I’m damn sure not going to associate myself with you no matter what. Thank you. F*ck you. Bye.’

    Trump: Wait a minute, Cornette. Don’t leave. If you leave, you’ll miss my big surprise. You see, I will take control of this company. I’m here to beat you like I always beat my enemies. And I’m going to do that by assembling as much talent as I need to from this roster. And my first acquisition are two men you know very well. Allow me to introduce...The MAGA Express.

    (Cornette is shocked as his tag team the Midnight Express appear on the screen alongside Trump)

    Bobby Eaton: 'Sorry, Corny. It’s nothing personal.'

    Stan Lane: 'It’s just business.'

    Trump: If you want to walk away Cornette, then walk away. I can control this company without you. In fact, you should walk away. You’re a nobody compared to me. The MAGA Express are just the beginning. I will assemble an army. And together we will make Monday Night Grappling great again!

    The message ends with Cornette left as something he has never been before: speechless.

    Tune into the first show of Monday Night Grappling as we recover the fallout from this dramatic announcement, and take our first step on the road to Grapplemania!

    The credits roll.


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    *pyros explode and the crowd roars as NCW Breakdown goes live*

    Necro: “Welcome one and all to another season of NCW – and this year we’re going for broke and kicking off with a PPV! The inaugural Breakdown PPV – where the main event is an Elimination Chamber match to crown a NEW NCW Champion! I’m Necro, some might call me the voice of NCW and alongside me tonight is my broadcast partner for many years at this stage… Jiminy Billy-Bob!”

    Jiminy: “That’s soon to be Hall of Famer Jiminy Billy-Bob to you, Necro! Finally some recognition for me carrying you for the past seven years!”

    Necro: “Yeah, Yeah – well deserved too. But we will talk about that later, let’s first run down the card for those at home…”

    Imperium VS ReDRagon – NCW Tag Team Championships

    Bianca Belair VS Naomi – NCW Women’s Championship

    Roderick Strong VS Jey Uso

    Big E provides an update on his status

    Lou Thesz & Jiminy Billy-Bob are inducted into the NCW Hall of Fame

    Elimination Chamber Match for the vacant NCW Heavyweight Championship: Roman Reigns VS Stone Cold VS Adam Cole VS ??? VS ??? VS ???

    Jiminy: “Yes it’s an amazing show tonight that’s for certain! Capped off by yours truly entering the Hall of Fame, of course.”

    Necro: “Are we going to hear about this all night?”

    Jiminy: “Yes, of course you are!”

    The crowd are on their feet as Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly come to the stage and make their way to the ring.

    Necro: “A chance now for the Undisputed Era – and ReDRagon in particular to get their hands on the NCW Tag Team Championships! They had the Usos dead to rights a few months ago but of course outside interference played a part and they came up short.”

    Jiminy: “As it always does when it comes to the Bloodline Necro! You’d think Cole and his buddies would know this, they weren’t exactly saints themselves in NXT!”

    The crowd boos loudly as Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel come to the stage and stand in their typical pose staring at the ring and O’Reilly and Fish within it.

    Necro: “The ever imposing Imperium surveying their next opponents – ironically enough they only have the championships because the Undisputed Era decided to get some payback on the Bloodline!”

    Jiminy: “They may have won the titles in controversial circumstances Necro but they will not be relinquishing them without one hell of a fight!”

    The Match (Yeah, no massive descriptive matches for the build up shows so sue me ):

    ReDRagon start on fire taking it to both Aichner and Barthel but a referee distraction allows them to double team Fish and seize the initiative.

    Fish is dominated by the Europeans who use effective tag team wrestling to keep him grounded and away from O’Reilly – however a tornado DDT to Barthel opens the door for the hot tag to O’Reilly – but as he hits the ring Rikishi and Jey Uso come down to ringside to a loud chorus of boos

    Necro: “Ah for crying out loud can’t these guys stay away for one match? What’s the deal here?”

    Jiminy: “I don’t want to say that the Undisputed Era bit off more than they could chew… but they did.”

    The referee admonishes Rikishi and Jey as Barthel hands Aichner one of the tag titles. O’Reilly turns around from arguing with Rikishi and gets clocked with the title. Barthel runs around and drags Fish to the floor as Aichner throws the title out of the ring and makes the cover. Rikishi and Jey back up quickly

    Necro – “This is daylight robbery!”

    1 – 2 – 3! Imperium retain the championships!

    Rikishi smashes Fish into the ring steps on the outside as Aichner and Barthel beat a hasty exit. Jey Uso enters the ring and nails O’Reilly with a superkick as Rikishi then follows and starts dragging O’Reilly towards the corner before ascending the second rope

    Necro: “Oh no – Rikishi looking to put O’Reilly on the shelf permanently here!”

    The crowd erupts as Adam Cole and Roderick Strong sprint to the ring and Rikishi and Jey Uso beat a hasty exit through the crowd.

    Necro: “Typical, they wouldn’t stand and face them man to man – cowardly from the Bloodline!”

    Jiminy: “In fairness, the message has already been sent Necro – why bother with any further physicality?”


    The crowd erupts as Big E’s music blasts around the arena – the former NCW Champ is here!

    Necro: “What an ovation for the former NCW Champion, the vanquisher of the NWO – quite easily one of the most universally loved superstars in history – Big E!”

    Jiminy: “Yeah we were all genuinely worried for Big E when he sustained a broken neck here in NCW, but just a few months on he’s back and ready to give us an update – what a man!”

    Big E takes his time coming to the ring, soaking up the reception from the crowd and savouring the moment. Eventually he gingerly steps under the ropes and enters the ring, mic in hand. He waits for a few minutes while the crowd chants his name and lets it wash over him before speaking.

    Big E – “From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you. For your messages, well wishes, some of you nutbags even tried to visit me in hospital! Big E is here to confirm that like Arnie himself – ‘I’ll be back.’

    Necro: “Wow, does this mean what I think it means?”

    Big E: “You know something guys? It absolutely kills me to see MY title on the line tonight inside the Elimination Chamber. Blood, sweat and a whole lot of tears went into me first winning that belt and then retaining it. And there are open slots in that match… but as much as I want to tell you I’m coming back and I’m taking that title – TONIGHT – I can’t. The doctors haven’t cleared me guys.”

    The crowd boos this news loudly.

    Big E – “I know, I know – but we have to listen to the medical professionals guys – they know best after all. What I AM here to say tonight to the eventual winner – I’ll be watching. And I’m putting you on no....

    The crowd reacts furiously as Big E is cut off mid-sentence by WALTER’s theme tune!

    Necro: “Oh just what the hell is this guy doing out here? There’s a time and a place…”

    Jiminy: “Perhaps he’s here to wish Big E well, Necro? That would be a good reason, right?”

    The NCW Rising Star Champion makes his way to the ring as Big E eyes him quizzically. He enters and is handed a mic and starts to speak

    WALTER: “Big E – “

    Big E: “Woah there now Wally, just hold your horses a minute – did you seriously just interrupt me? You’d better have a damn good reason for it buster!”

    WALTER: “Big E, while you have been recuperating at home I’m not sure if you have been watching. But there is a line, no, a structure – scratch that, a pecking order in place here in your absence. And Imperium have established ourselves at the top of the food chain here. So you can put whoever you like on notice – but the line goes through me.”

    Big E: “Oooh that’s big talk Walter but the way I see it – you could just enter the Elimination Chamber and prove your dominance… I don’t see you declaring your entrance into that match though.”

    WALTER: “Of course I COULD just walk into the Elimination Chamber and take that NCW Championship – no question. However – and I didn’t expect such understanding from a lower being such as yourself – I have no need to subject myself to such a barbaric structure. I am merely biding my time – another defence of this championship and I will have my title match – anytime I want.”

    Big E: “In other words boys and girls – big Waldo here is worried he won’t cut it and wants to steal the championship when nobody expects it. Top of the food chain – more like a coward if you ask me.”

    WALTER: “Silence! You talk like a man who wants to fight – yet you hide behind doctors and are not willing to back it up. And anyways..”

    Big E: “Listen here Walter you don’t want any of this. I might be injured right now but I’ve still got enough in me to drop you where you stand. So if you wanna do something about it – let’s go!”

    Big E drops his mic and squares up to WALTER – who smirks and stares down smugly at Big E

    WALTER: “You misunderstand my intentions, Big E. I am merely here with a gift for you. I did not come to fight…”

    Big E backs up a step and looks at WALTER who still has the same look on his face.

    WALTER: “My gift is allowing you to leave this ring unharmed. I suggest you take it, before your injury time doubles.”

    Big E’s face darkens and he starts shouting at WALTER when Aichner and Barthel slide in behind him.

    Necro: “Oh God – this was a set up – Big E watch out!”

    Big E turns around just as Barthel is running towards him – he manages to duck the clothesline and nails Barthel with a big right hand! Barthel goes down and Big E starts brawling with Aichner, knocking him back into the corner as WALTER watches with a smirk, unstraps his title belt – and nails Big E in the neck with it! Big E collapses to the mat clutching his neck as WALTER stands over him menacingly, before directing Aichner and Barthel to the outside where they grab chairs.

    Necro: “Oh no. Big E could already be seriously hurt here and Imperium are only getting started!”

    Jiminy: “This isn’t right, that man broke his neck a few months ago and now they’re targeting it again!”

    WALTER stomps on Big E a number of times, targeting the neck again as the crowd is furiously booing him. Aichner hands him a chair and the tag champions go to work viciously pummelling and stomping on Big E as Walter unfolds the chair and places it in the centre of the ring. He then calls on Aichner and Barthel to stop and motions to the chair. They drag Big E up and put him headfirst through it!

    Necro: “Ok no, this has to stop – they are going to end Big E’s career right now!”

    The crowd erupts as Too Cool race to the ring and start brawling with Aichner and Barthel!

    Jiminy: “Jesus I’m not a big fan of these dancing clowns but at least someone was on hand to stop this madness!”

    Scotty and Grandmaster are getting the better of Aichner and Barthel however WALTER simply picks up Barthel’s discarded chair and smacks Grandmaster across the back with it! Grandmaster is bent double from the shot and tries to turn around – WALTER nearly decapitates him with a vicious chop sending him crumpling to the mat! Aichner and Barthel overwhelm Scotty and lay him out with a powerbomb into German suplex combo! WALTER looks down at Big E with a smirk as the crowd boo them furiously. Imperium take up their typical pose in the center of the ring.

    Necro: “I don’t know when, I don’t know how – but there will be hell to pay for Imperium for this assault!”

    Jiminy: “I wish I shared your confidence Necro – these guys are simply unstoppable at present though!”


    A mixed reaction from the crowd to Naomi – her affiliation with the Bloodline clearly influencing them. She slides down the ramp and makes her way into the ring in typical fashion.

    Necro: “It’s now the last chance saloon for Naomi, having been unsuccessful on two occasions already for the NCW Women’s Championship!”

    Jiminy: “Look, Bianca is simply too good – even I can see that!”

    Necro: “Rumours abound that failure tonight would not be good for Naomi in terms of her connection to the Bloodline but she can’t let that distract her here.”

    The crowd pops huge for Bianca as she comes to the ring, swinging her braid and smiling as Naomi warms up on the ropes, a look of determination on her face.

    The Match:

    Naomi’s high flying offence sees her make a quick start to the match, seizing the advantage but Bianca’s strength and speed begins to show as Naomi tries to keep her down unsuccessfully. Bianca misses a big handspring into the corner and Naomi follows up by sending her shoulder first into the ring post to boos from the crowd. She drops her with a jawbreaker and climbs the ropes…

    The Tron pops up and Cameron is shown down on the floor motionless with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne standing above her!

    Necro: “That’s Toxic Attraction – what are they doing here?”

    Naomi looks on in shock, undecided on what to do – Bianca grabs her from behind and hauls her over her shoulders – Kiss Of Death!! She hooks the leg




    Bianca Belair retains!

    Bianca gets to her feet and the referee raises her hand – Bianca is attacked from behind by Mandy Rose!

    She sets Bianca and levels her with Bed of Roses!!

    Necro: “Now it all becomes clear… but what is that around Mandy’s waist?”

    She gets to her feet and unstraps the NXT Title from her own waist, then picks up the NCW Women’s Championship and poses with both!!

    Jiminy: “That’s the NXT Women’s Title – Mandy has brought it with her to NCW!”

    Mandy is standing in the ring in shock as Jade Cargill comes to the ring holding the AEW Women’s TBS Championship!

    Necro: “Three women at the peak of their careers, all champions! This is a highly combustible environment!”

    Mandy rolls out of the ring as Cargill gets in and backs up the ramp to loud boos as Cargill beckons her to come back – Mandy stands on the stage holding her NXT title aloft as Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne join her.

    Cargill sees Bianca stirring and trying to get back to her feet. She picks up the NCW Women’s Championship and stares at it for a long moment… and hands it back to Bianca, who looks at her warily – Cargill brushes past her and leaves.

    Necro: “Bianca Belair may have just seen her future tonight in both Rose and Cargill – both also wearing gold!”

    Jiminy: “Both women seem to be gunning for Belair’s title – and with Natural Selection just around the corner too!”


    The crowd pops loudly as Roderick Strong makes his way to the ring for a big match up with the Right Hand Man, Jey Uso.

    Necro: “These problems with the Bloodline and the Undisputed Era have been brewing for months now and tonight we get to see the latest chapter!”

    Jiminy: “It’s interesting Necro because theoretically the Bloodline should be getting the upper hand through sheer power and size in Rikishi, Reigns, and the Usos – but the Undisputed Era have been constant thorns in their sides!”

    Necro: “Yes the Bloodline has had their noses bloodied with the loss of the Tag Team Titles thanks to the Era, and as we saw earlier they’re not going to let that go!”

    Strong stares up at the stage intently, awaiting his opponent.

    The crowd boos loudly as Jey Uso comes to the stage in street clothes, a mic in hand.

    Necro: “What? He’s not even dressed for a match!”

    Jiminy: “I’m getting a very bad feeling about this Necro…”

    Jey: “Yo UCE, we already clipped your boys – tonight, the Bloodline crushes the Undisputed Era UCE!

    You get to be our first live example though boy – because in about Three Minutes…”

    Strong shouts up at Uso to get into the ring but he just laughs as Rosey and the Samoan Destroyer Umaga come from the crowd and enter the ring.

    Necro: “Oh my God… turn around Roderick!”

    Jiminy: “I don’t think that will do him any good at this stage Necro! Run for the hills Roderick!”

    Jey Uso smirks as Strong suddenly figures out the ruse and turns around – Rosey absolutely ploughs over him with a running tackle! Umaga is like a caged animal as Strong tries desperately to get back to his feet –


    The crowd boos loudly as Jey strolls down to the ring and Umaga and Rosey continue their brutal assault on Strong.

    Necro: “Oh God someone needs to stop this – Strong’s career is at risk here with these monsters!”

    A cheer emanates as O’Reilly and Fish sprint down to the ring but they don’t make it too far as Rikishi comes steaming out from the side of the ramp and smashes into Fish full force!

    O’Reilly stops to help but is jumped from behind by Jey who dazes him with a superkick before driving him headfirst into the steel ramp with a DDT! Rikishi continues the brutal assault on Fish, using his full weight and a sitdown splash onto his chest. Uso gets up and drags O’Reilly towards the ring where Umaga runs the ropes and absolutely wipes Kyle out with a dive through the middle ropes. Rosey has Strong positioned as Jey takes his time getting up the steps and onto the top turnbuckle – before crashing down onto a motionless Strong with a diving splash.

    He covers Strong mockingly as Rosey counts to three and a chorus of boos rings out around the arena as Rikishi tosses Fish into the ring and Umaga destroys O’Reilly with a hip charge against the guardrail.

    The four men stand tall over three of the unconscious Undisputed Era members.

    Necro: “This is disgusting! Whatever about a fair fight, this was nothing of the sort!”

    Jiminy: “The Bloodline just became extended by two huge members Necro… that is not good for the rest of NCW!”


    We come back to Sonya DeVille standing in the ring.

    “After tonight’s brutal assault at the hands of Imperium I can confirm Big E was taken to a local medical facility. He suffered no further damage to his neck but will undergo further tests. Imperium will be fined 5000 dollars each for their actions. They will also defend their titles at Natural Selection in a Triple Threat match with ReDRagon and Three Minute Warning – but this is subject to change as Too Cool will have an opportunity to be added to that match on Tuesday Night Destruction next week.”

    The crowd chants for Big E and Too Cool as she pauses for a moment.

    “Furthermore, Toxic Attraction will be in action next Tuesday as well when they take on the team of Naomi, the TBS Women’s Champion Jade Cargill and the current NCW Women’s Champion – Bianca Belair! This is ahead of a match that I have just got authorisation to announce at Natural Selection – it will be a Triple Threat – Unification Match between Bianca Belair, Jade Cargill and Mandy Rose. There can only be one women’s champion in NCW and at Natural Selection we will find out our true, undisputed champion.”

    Necro: “WOW! A Unification match signed and sealed for Natural Selection!”

    Sonya waits for the crowd to stop cheering before continuing.

    “But enough of the future for now – we are here to honour the past of NCW right now, this is our inaugural Hall of Fame induction ceremony! First, allow me to introduce one of the voices of NCW since it’s inception – Jiminy Billy-Bob!”

    Jiminy: “What no theme music? Awwww….”

    Necro: “Get up there and accept your induction you big fool!”

    Jiminy gets up and enters the ring as the crowd chant ‘Billy-Bob! Billy-Bob!’

    Sonya shakes hands with him and hands him his NCW HOF ring as Jiminy tries to speak, Sonya cuts across him

    “And now that is out of the way here is what we all came for – one of the greatest to ever lace up their boots and arguably the greatest to ever wrestle inside an NCW ring…


    The crowd erupts as Lou Thesz comes to the ring to his NCW theme, dressed in a very expensive suit. He makes his way to the ring as pyros explode and streamers fall from the ceiling.

    Jiminy Billy Bob is back at the commentary booth – “No music, streamers – I didn’t even get a speech Necro!”

    Necro: “You did get a ring, that’s not bad for an imaginary character, is it!”

    Jiminy: “low grumbling”

    Thesz enters the ring as the crowd sing along with the chorus and he shakes hands with Sonya Deville as she presents him with his HOF ring. Sonya hands him her mic and he waits for the cheers and applause to die down before speaking

    “Thank you. This is much better of a reception than the last time I appeared in NCW… but then again I was a different person then. Now… I just want to enjoy this. Enjoy being here, a part of the company that saw fit to give me that one last run as a champion. And perhaps I did not appreciate it fully at the time but in hindsight it was the greatest honour I have perhaps ever been given.

    And now I have returned to accept the first Hall of Fame induction in this great company. But this need not be the end of our association. Because Lou Thesz has one more match left in him. And that match…”

    The crowd boo loudly as Sheamus’ music hits and he comes to the ring, himself dressed in a suit!

    Necro: “What in the hell? Why is Sheamus here?”

    Jiminy: “Maybe to give me my speech time…”

    Sheamus enters the ring and Thesz looks at him incredulously. He grabs a mic and smiles at Thesz

    “Well if it isn’t a livin legend in the flesh, Lou Thesz – delighted to meet you fella! And look at ye there, dressed up to the nines and wearin tha flashy ring, isn’t this a great day for ye!”

    Thesz is a little taken aback but speaks nonetheless

    “I’m sorry, do I know you? I can barely understand you!”

    Sheamus’ face flashes darkly but he quickly goes back to his smiling persona.

    “Ah you’re havin me on now Lou aren’t ye? Surely ye know who I am, it’s not me first time in NCW either fella! And what better way to reintroduce meself but in a Hall of Fame ceremony? Sure I’m a legend of sorts round these parts meself. But in case ye forgot – allow me to remind you, I’m Sheamus, I’m a former Rising Star Champion like yerself there fella! I had a match of the year candidate like yerself against a fellow Irishman, Finn Balor!”

    Thesz still looks confused and consults briefly with Sonya Deville.

    “Ah yes, you were on the undercard when I was competing in the main event. In a losing effort as well I might add. So you thought you could interrupt me exactly because…what? You were on the same show as me previously? Listen my red-haired friend..”

    Sheamus loses his composure and squares up to Thesz

    “Listen fella, I came out here to be nice and congratulate you. To reintroduce meself to the NCW fans. But I see ye haven’t changed at all. And I’ll be honest with ye fella – you’re makin me angry. And you won’t like me when I’m angry.”

    Thesz stands his ground and makes a move to shoot on Sheamus – who flinches and backs up a few steps.

    Thesz – “Listen – fella – you come out here and interrupt my speech and threaten me? Just who..”

    Sheamus slaps Thesz across the face!

    Necro: “The absolute disrespect to a legend!”

    Thesz looks furious now and Sonya tries to reason with him as Sheamus speaks again

    “Listen I’ll get to the point seeing as yer getting all hot under the collar there fella – you want one last match? I want to be that last match and Brogue Kick yer ass into the retirement home. So how about it Lou? Lou Thesz, the livin legend against the Celtic Warrior Sheamus at Natural Selection?”

    Thesz recomposes himself and stares at Sheamus

    “You want me at Natural Selection – You’re ON!”

    The crowd pops as Sheamus and Lou Thesz stare each other down to end the segment.


    Adam Cole is backstage with Donny Parton.

    Donny – “Adam Cole – in just a few moments you will enter the Elimination Chamber – the first in NCW History – with a chance to become the new NCW Champion. But after the shocking attack on the rest of the Undisputed Era, how focused are you on the match?”

    Cole: “Listen, the guys are banged up but they’ve been through worse. You have to remember we went through War Games against foes every bit as tough as this Bloodline. They may have knocked some of us down tonight – but it all boils down to now. Because WHEN – not if – WHEN I take out Roman Reigns, Steve Austin and whoever else is in this match and have my hand raised…

    You can talk about your 3:16’s, talk about your Tribal Chiefs… Adam Cole BAY BAY will be saying I just whipped their ass and will be the new NCW Cha…”

    Cole is suddenly attacked from behind by Jey Uso! He stumbles but stays on his feet and is fighting back when Rikishi comes steaming in and the two men start double teaming him. Cole has his head slammed off an equipment crate and Jey Uso cracks him with a superkick as Umaga appears and hammers Cole with a Samoan Spike! Donny Parton runs off screaming as the Samoan Savage is joined by Rosey and the four men kick and stomp on a downed Adam Cole before Rikishi slams into him hip first against the equipment crate – Cole is busted open and slumps motionless onto the floor. The four men rise then as the camera pans to a smirking Roman Reigns who simply nods and says: “Let’s go to work.”

    They walk off towards the ringside area as Cole lies prone on the floor.

    Necro: “Another sickening attack by Reigns and his Extended Bloodline – there is no way Adam Cole will be able to compete in the match tonight!”

    Jiminy: “I think that was the plan all along Necro…”

    Ring Announcer: “It is now time for our main event – the Elimination Chamber Match! Six men will enter and four will be locked inside the pods surrounding the ring area – which is enclosed in a steel dome! At set intervals the pods will unlock at random until all six men are in the match – eliminations occur via pinfall or submission inside the ring and the match continues until only one man remains! That man will be crowned the NEW NCW Heavyweight Champion!”

    Boos emanate around the arena as Roman Reigns begins his slow walk to the ring. He stops at the top of the ramp and motions to the back – Umaga, Rosey, Rikishi and Jey Uso all come through the curtains and the boos rise in pitch and frequency as the five Bloodline members stand in a line and point up as Reigns pyros go off. Then the five men make their way into the Chamber.

    Necro: “Wait… what? No… Oh my God this was a set up all along? This was the masterplan!”

    Jiminy: “Good grief – how can anyone, and I mean anyone survive a match like this against 5 members of one faction?”

    Rosey, Rikishi and Jey enter pods in the chamber as Reigns smirks and the crowd boos him mercilessly. He stands with one hand on Umaga’s shoulder as the referees at ringside look at each other nervously. Umaga advances on one and they all suddenly snap out of it and start locking the others into their pods.

    Necro: “This can’t be happening, how is this allowed to happen? This makes a mockery of everything NCW stands for!”

    Jiminy: “I dare you to go down and tell them that Necro, just try it… oh please try it!”

    Reigns has a mic now and the other three pods are locked but he starts to speak

    “I told you all that come Breakdown NCW would acknowledge me. You fools didn’t believe me – I don’t make predictions. I AM the Tribal Chief. I am the Dog that runs this yard. This is my ring, those are my referees, this is my show! And in just a few short moments – it will be MY NCW Title! Stone Cold Steve Austin – don’t keep us all waiting now. Because just like everyone else – you are going to acknowledge me.”

    Reigns tosses the mic to a ref on the outside and enters his own pod, which is duly locked. Umaga stands alone in the centre of the ring, staring intently at the stage and waiting…

    The glass shatters and the crowd is on their feet as Austin bursts through the curtain! He surveys the ring and the five men in the Chamber before holding up his hand to the audience and going back through the curtain – he reappears after a few moments with a steel chair in hand!

    Necro: “Stone Cold just brought himself an equaliser!”

    Jiminy: “I don’t think it will be enough Necro but surprise surprise, it’s fine for Austin to bring dangerous weapons into an already dangerous environment of course.”

    Austin doesn’t waste too long, he marches down the ramp and up the steps of the chamber as the door is swung closed behind him!

    Umaga rushes forward and Austin immediately cleans his clock with a chair shot to the head before throwing off his jacket and entering the ring area. Umaga is staggering around dazed as Reigns looks on shocked at Austin’s arrival – Austin blasts Umaga again and this time he goes down!

    Necro: “That steel chair may make short work of the Samoan Savage!”

    The Match:

    The bell rings and Austin waits for Umaga to get back to his feet as Rosey and Rikishi try and get their pods opened early – STUNNER to Umaga!! Umaga is staggered by the Stunner and bounces off the ropes as Austin steadies himself – and hits ANOTHER STUNNER!! Rosey is now physically trying to break open his pod as Austin smirks at the rest of the Bloodline and pins Umaga




    Umaga has been eliminated!

    Austin kicks and stomps Umaga out towards the cage entrance then boots him down the steps as the Bloodline flip out in the ring and Austin grabs his chair and sits in the middle of the ring

    The counter begins counting down from ten and all four men in their pods look positively terrified at the prospect of facing the pissed off Rattlesnake!

    Necro: “The masterplan has been foiled by the Texas Rattlesnake – they assumed that they would have the numbers but now they’re literally just victims lined up for slaughter by Austin and his equaliser!”

    Jiminy: “Maybe.. but there’s still a four on one advantage here Necro – one mistake and Austin faces two, possibly three men at once – all here for one purpose and that’s to crown Reigns as the champ!”

    Rosey’s pod is finally opened and the big man exits as Austin gets off his chair, folds it up and slams it into his midriff! Rosey staggers back against the cage as Austin gets out of the ring through the middle rope and nails him with a solid shot to the head! Rosey slumps down and nearly falls back into his pod but Austin grabs him and tries to whip him towards the ring – Rosey uses his strength to reverse it and sends Austin into the ring himself!

    Jiminy: “I told you Necro – one mistake!”

    Rosey now enters the ring and tries to pick up the steel chair Austin discarded but is cut off by a Rattlesnake who bounces off the ropes and drops him with a Thesz press, raining punches down on the Big Dog’s brother. Austin gets off him and bounces off the ropes again, flips off Reigns and lands a double fist drop to Rosey’s face!

    Necro: “You were saying, Jiminy?”

    Rosey rolls around on the mat and tries to get up using the ropes – Austin picks up the chair and slams it into his gut again before landing a third STUNNER of the night – and dropping for the cover!




    Rosey has been eliminated!

    Austin again repeats kicking and punching Rosey out of the chamber but has to stop midway as the countdown begins again – Rikishi’s chamber starts to open across the other side of the ring! Austin picks up his chair and makes his way towards Rikishi who is trying to hold the pod closed!

    Necro: “With all the advantages, Rikishi has now taken to hiding inside his pod like a scared little lamb…”

    Austin tries to pull the pod open but Rikishi’s strength is too much. Austin looks around as the crowd boos Rikishi’s cowardice, picks up his chair and starts smashing on the protective glass in the pod door with it!

    Jiminy – “Good grief! This is just assault now!”

    The pod glass starts bending and cracking as Austin wails on it with the chair, bending the chair in the process as well as Rikishi is now lying on the floor of the pod to avoid the blows. Finally the pod’s protective screen gives and cracks enough for Austin to enter – he tosses his useless chair to one side now and tries to drag Rikishi up by the back of his head – Rikishi lashes out with a chain clad fist which catches Austin in the face sending him staggering back and onto the floor outside the ring.

    Necro: “Oh no… Rikishi was trying to loosen the chain all along and it has paid dividends now!”

    Jiminy: “Well if Austin can beat people up with chairs…”

    Rikishi finally steps out from the wreckage of his pod, still with the chain wrapped around his fist as Austin tries to get back to his feet, but he’s bleeding from that chain shot.

    Rikishi goes for another punch but Austin catches the fist and drives his shoulder into his gut, sending the two of them through the ropes and into the ring. Austin hits Rikishi with a few shots but he’s clearly dazed and Rikishi is able to get back up. He swings at Austin again but this time Austin ducks and hits a low blow, booting Rikishi between his legs hard! Rikishi drops to his knees and loses the chain as Austin wipes the blood from his eyes and starts hammering on Rikishi with hard right hands. He hits the ropes and is looking for a Thesz press – Rikishi counters into a Samoan drop and both men go down as the countdown starts up again. Reigns nods at Jey Uso inside their respective pods as the numbers begin to take their toll on Austin.

    Jiminy: “And here it is, already we’re looking at 2 on 1 with either the Tribal Chief or the Right Hand man yet to enter!”

    The countdown horn blares and Jey Uso’s pod is open and he flies out of it as soon as it is opened and enters the ring. Austin is slowly getting up as Rikishi still holds his nethers and Jey starts punching Austin – who fires back with punches of his own backing Uso up into one of the corners. Austin then drives his knee up into Jey’s gut as Rikishi starts to rise – Austin turns and plants Rikishi with a Thesz press – Jey dives out of the corner and hits a hard kick to the side of Austin’s head sending him to the mat. Jey helps his father to his feet and the two men stalk a dazed Austin as he once again tries to get to his feet – double superkick from Rikishi and Jey! Austin goes down hard this time and things look grim as Rikishi drags him to the corner and ascends the ropes – BANZAI DROP!

    He sits on Austin for the cover – 1 – 2 – Austin barely gets the shoulder up as Reigns bangs on the pod – “Don’t pin him yet!”

    Necro: “This has now become a systematic beatdown and torture of Austin… the plan is finally working thanks to Rikishi!”

    Rikishi shrugs and tosses Austin to the middle of the ring as Jey ascends the ropes and looks for the Splash – Austin moves and Jey hits the canvas hard! Rikishi tries to cut off Austin’s fightback but is forced backwards with punches – Austin drives his knee up into Rikishi’s gut this time and he staggers back into the corner – Jey is trying to get up but Austin cuts him off with a hard elbow to the temple! He doesn’t have much time to think though as Rikishi hits a hard clothesline which knocks Austin through the middle rope. Rikishi exits the ring and starts to pick up Austin, looking for the Rikishi driver on the outside area – Austin slips out the back and something is wrapped around his fist – the chain was on the mat where he was knocked down – Rikishi turns around and gets clocked in the jaw with it! Austin then levels Rikishi – STUNNER – A fourth STUNNER! Rikishi collapses into the ring through the middle ropes and Jey comes flying across the ring as Austin gets back to his feet – Austin lashes out with the chain clad fist and catches Jey in the gut which sends him slumping to the mat. Austin dives for the cover on Rikishi




    Rikishi has been eliminated!

    The countdown kicks in again as Austin now has Jey Uso measured and Roman is going crazy trying to get out of the pod – STUNNER to Jey Uso!!

    He covers Jey as the countdown clock hits 2




    Jey Uso has been eliminated!!

    Austin tries to quickly roll off Uso and get to his feet but turns around into an almighty Spear from a freed Reigns. Reigns then quickly cinches a guillotine on Austin and leans back with all his power

    Necro: “Oh God he’s so close but Reigns is deadly with this manoeuvre! After coming so close…”

    Austin tries to battle out, even hitting Reigns in the back with his chain wrapped fist but Reigns just tightens the guillotine and he starts fading – the referee checks his arm which is now limp… the ref calls for the bell!!

    The crowd erupts in fury as Reigns holds on for a little longer then rolls off Austin as his music plays...

    Ring Announcer: “Here is your winner… and NEWWWWWWWWWW NCW Heavyweight Champion… ROMMMMAAAANNNN REEEEEIGGGGNNNSSSSSSS!”

    Reigns snatches the title off the ref and puts his foot on the motionless Austin’s chest as he raises it in the air and his pyros go off to end the show.

    Necro: “This is not right – Reigns barely had to lift a finger and had his lackeys do all the hard work on Austin!”

    Jiminy: “We may not like it, but we have to acknowledge Reigns as our new champion – which is exactly what he wanted!”

    Necro: “Somehow I don’t think this will be the end of it though – tune in to Tuesday Night Destruction to see the aftermath!”

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    Baby Bros in LWE

    Will these besties turn up together tonight to the Oscars

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    Monday Night Grappling - Show #1

    The show is live from Los Angeles, California. Trump appeared before the intro with a pre-recorded message saying Jim Cornette has not showed up, and if he's smart he'll stay away. Trump vowed to assemble an army in the company that would act as his WALL. He tried to get the fans to chant 'Build the Wall' but this was met with jeers. He said tonight's main event would feature his MAGA Express team fighting to be number one contenders for the tag titles and he would confirm the challengers at the end of the show. The show's intro music played.

    Kurt Angle opened the show and revealed Trump had asked him to join his Wall stable. Angle said he refused. The fans cheered this but Angle told them not to get the wrong idea. He turned him down only because Trump couldn't guarantee him a title shot at Eddie Guerrero's World Title. Angle said Cornette had promised Guerrero creative control over who he would face. Angle said his loss to Eddie at Wrestlemania still eats away at him. He said he and Eddie had been in some great battles over the years and challenged him to one last match to settle the score. Angle said it's up to Eddie to determine who's next...

    Goldberg appeared instead and entered the ring, getting nose to nose with Angle. Goldberg said he too had been offered a place in Trump's Wall stable and also turned it down - not because he couldn't weasel a title shot from him, but because he has a conscience. Goldberg said if Eddie needs to figure out who's next, it should be the man who has a 91-0 record in Monday Night Grappling. Goldberg said he gave Eddie an assist when Eddie beat Brock for his first WWE title win and now it was time to return the favour. The two men began to talk trash...

    The champ Guerrero appeared and stood up on the ramp.

    Eddie Guerrero: Orale, viva la raza! It seems I'm a pretty popular guy in Monday Night Grappling. Everybody wants to take my title. Both of you make a strong case, and since I get to have a say in who faces me, maybe the two of you ought to face off for the honour!

    (The fans cheer as Angle and Goldberg lock eyes with each other.)

    A big cheer erupted as Shawn Michaels appeared on the titantron, dancing and strutting.

    Shawn Michaels: Well, well, well, Monday Night Grappling fans, long time no see. The last time I was in this company in 2012 - its first Draft win by the way, you're welcome - I screwed this promotion out of its World Title and walked out. (fans boo)

    But ol' HBK is all about forgiveness these days, and so I forgive all of you fans for forcing me to leave. Now Kurt Angle and Goldberg have made a compelling case to be your opponent at Grapplemania, Guerrero, but allow me to make mine...

    Michaels unveils the World Title belt that he took with him 10 years ago as Eddie smiles.

    Shawn Michaels: I was never defeated for this title, Guerrero. As far as I'm concerned, I am the rightful World Champion of Monday Night Grappling. So why don't we settle it at Grapplemania. A dream match for the ages: the Heartbreak Kid versus Latino Heat. Two men that were once deemed too small to make it in a land of giants. Two Texans that defied the odds to reach the top of their profession. Two men that battled back from personal demons to make it out the other side. Two of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots. What do you say, Guerrero?

    (The fans chant 'Eddie, Eddie')

    Eddie Guerrero: What do I say to a title vs title match at Grapplemania? I say you're on, holmes!

    The fans cheer as Michaels smiles. In the ring, Angle puts his head in his hands. Angle then hits Goldberg from behind with an Angle slam...

    Angle leaves through the crowd as Goldberg eventually drags himself up by the ropes. He has a smile on his face. The commentators speculate that Goldberg may have found an opponent for Grapplemania as well...

    *****Backstage Segment*****

    Trump meets with Kelly Kelly and says he's a big fan but he doesn't like her name. He asks her has she ever considered the name Ivanka. Trump says he remembered her strip show performances in 2006 on ECW and asked her to bring them back later tonight. She agreed despite not looking keen on the idea.

    MATCH #1 - Batista vs Boone T. Hunter

    Batista got a big reaction on his return to the company. His opponent was a jobber. The face announcer questioned the name given to the enhancement talent but the heel announcer said he was reading too much into it.

    Batista won in less than a minute with a spear and a Batista bomb.

    Winner: Batista

    *****Backstage Segment*****

    Trump met with Batista and said he knew Batista didn't like him and had said mean things about him in the past but that he'd also been told Dave had problems with Cornette since his OVW days. He offered him a place in his Wall stable and a huge new contract but Batista said despite his antipathy towards Cornette, he'd be selling out if he worked for Trump. He walked off.

    MATCH #2 - Ken Shamrock vs B. Kerr Joe

    The European Champion Ken Shamrock made short work of the enhancement talent as the face announcer again questioned the assigned name. Shamrock won with the ankle lock.

    Winner: Ken Shamrock

    After the match the lights went out. When they came back on, a masked figure was in the ring with a steel pipe. He bashed Shamrock over the back of the head and revealed himself to be...

    ...Dynamite King.

    The announcers noted this was a throwback to what he had done to Stone Cold Steve Austin many years before in the Draft.

    Dynamite King: Let me get this straight. Shawn Michaels, the man that walked out on this company ten years ago, gets a title unification match at Grapplemania, and yet the Dynamite King - the man that once defeated Stone Cold in the main event - gets forgotten about? It's a fookin' disgrace. If I can't get respect, I'll have to take it. This fella Ken Shamrock has been talking himself up as the world's most dangerous man. Bollocks. Put up your title at Grapplemania and prove it.

    Dynamite leaves as Shamrock has to be stretchered out of the building. The commentators wonder if Shamrock will be in a fit state to compete any time soon.

    *****Backstage interview with the IC Champion Barry Windham*****

    Windham put over his impressive title reign and said while Dynamite King would have been a worthy challenger at the PPV, it seems he and Shamrock are on a collision course. He issued an open challenge for next week to anyone who fancied they could take his belt at the PPV...

    MATCH #3 - Lex Luger vs Jay Peeliz

    The face announcer again questioned the enhancement name and said it was looking like Trump was taking shots at Draft rivals. The heel announcer dismissed this, saying Peeliz was a very common hispanic surname.

    Luger won quickly with the Torture Rack.

    Winner: Lex Luger

    Luger got a mic afterwards and said Trump had offered him a place in his stable, telling him he was perfect as a proud American and a narcissist. Luger told the crowd he had accepted Trump's offer, and they booed.

    *****Kelly Kelly Strip Show Segment*****

    Before the segment began we saw Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens in the crowd. The legendary tag team were given a big cheer since they were often billed as being from California. The announcers said they were here as fans since the last time they were on Monday Night Grappling they lost a loser leaves town match. Kelly came out and put on a brave face as she did her strip.

    Just when she went to remove her top, music hit...

    The tag team champions Muhammad Hassan & Daivari appeared and entered the ring. They got a microphone.

    Muhammad Hassan: Now we see the true face of this country. For years we warned about the United States' decline, and how this once great empire was sinking into an abyss of immorality. Do you like seeing this woman disrobe before your very eyes?

    (The fans cheer)

    Hassan: Even though you know it is degrading for her. No wonder you elected Trump. As bad as he is, he is just a symbol. A symbol of the very ugliness that is in every single one of you. No doubt Trump and all of you want the tag titles off of us, but we will stand up for true values.

    (He turns to Kelly)

    Hassan: You should be ashamed. We stood up to the evils of this country, but you go along with it. Like a coward. Why don't you cover yourself up, huh?

    Daivari begins ranting at her in his language as Kelly becomes upset. Bockwinkel and Stevens have heard enough and they run into the ring as the fans cheer. They comfort Kelly as Hassan and Daivari leave up the ramp. Hassan is heard screaming how it's not fair they aren't being escorted out as they don't work here. The heel announcer says the security here is as bad as at the Oscar's.

    MAIN EVENT MATCH to determine the Tag Team Title #1 contenders - MAGA Express vs Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

    The commentators spoke about rumours circulating that the winner here would likely be in line for a tag title shot. The MAGA Express - formerly the Midnight Express - entered first, followed by Hernandez. But Chavo was not there. Hernadez looked back concerned. The referee rang the bell and ordered the match to continue as a 2-on-1 bout, much to the announcer's and Hernandez's surprise.

    Hernadez put up a brave fight but the MAGA Express were too good as a duo and won with the Veg-O-Matic.

    Winners: MAGA Express

    *****Backstage segment*****

    We see Trump holding a championship belt in his hand. He is speaking to someone off screen. He thanks them for sitting this one out and helping his MAGA Express get the win. He declares this person the first ever MNG North American Champion. The camera pulls back to reveal...

    ...Kerwin White.

    Kerwin: It was my pleasure, Mr. President. And like I always say, if it ain't White, it ain't right. I'm off to the golf club to show my pals.

    He leaves with the title belt.

    MAIN EVENT SEGMENT - Trump confirms the Tag Team Title #1 Contenders

    Trump came out to jeers and hugged Lane and Eaton who were still in the ring. Trump said the MAGA Express had ditched Cornette to make it to the top, and boasted The Wall stable would dominate. Just as he was about to announce them as number one contenders, Jim Cornette appeared on the ramp to big cheers.

    Cornette: Boys, I'm disappointed. After everything we've been through, you align yourself with President Pigsh*t? You've made the biggest mistake of your careers. Pigsh*t promised you a title shot at Grapplemania but boys, I've got ownership rights too, and I'm afraid I've already made that match. You see there was a reason security didn't escort Bockwinkel and Stevens out of here tonight when they ran down. It's because THEY are the new number one contenders for the tag titles, not you!

    (The fans cheer as Lane and Eaton are irate).

    Cornette: And that North American title was not brought in by me to be handed out like a present. So I think the man who Chavo left high and dry - or Kerwin, as he now calls himself - I think that man deserves to be treated better. So at Grapplemania, I've made Chavo versus Hernandez for the North American Title. You see this company is built on respect for the business. And if I have to go down there and put manners on you, then I will.

    Trump: Big words for one man. How are you going to take us on all by yourself?

    Cornette: Oh, I'm not by myself. You see Stan, Bobby, while I've always said you boys are the best tag team of all time, there has been one team that has caused you more problems than anyone. A team that knows you two better than anybody. A team that I had the pleasure of inducting into the WWE Hall of Fame a number of years ago: The Rock 'n' Roll Express!

    Lane and Eaton are shocked as Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson run down and exchange rights and lefts. Trump bails from the ring as a bunch of his secret service agents usher him away backstage. Cornette screams abuse at him from ringside.

    Then, running down the ramp, Lex Luger appears - who announced earlier tonight he was joining Trump's Wall stable. He begins to beat on Ricky and Robert. The 3-on-2 numbers are too much now as Luger and the MAGA Express take control. The MAGA Express grab Cornette and throw him into the ring where Luger looms over him. The commentators wonder if anyone will come to Corny's aid...?

    A huge cheer erupts as Batista runs down to the ring. Despite his differences with Cornette it seems their common hatred of Trump has taken precedence for Dave. Luger and the MAGA Express leave the ring as Batista helps Cornette up. Cornette can be seen thanking Trump when suddenly...

    Batista nails a Batista Bomb to Cornette and leaves him laying. The fans boo as it appears Batista has sold out after all. Luger and the MAGA Express enter the ring and all four men put their firsts together as it seems we now have all members of Trump's Wall.

    The camera cuts backstage to Trump surrounded by his secret service agents watching the events on a monitor. 'I win' he says smiling as the credits roll.

    Join us next time for the go-home show for Grapplemania.

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    Show 2: Tuesday Night Destruction

    *pyros explode and the crowd roars as the go-home Tuesday Night Destruction kicks off*

    Necro: “Welcome everyone to another episode of Tuesday Night Destruction – just six days away from Natural Selection – the pinnacle of the NCW calendar!”

    Jiminy: “And we have a new NCW Heavyweight Champion, Necro! Roman Reigns is due to speak ahead of his huge match at the PPV!”

    Necro: “Yes we’re not sure what form it will take but Stone Cold will get his opportunity for revenge after the disgraceful actions of the Bloodline at Breakdown!”

    Jiminy: “You say disgraceful, I say effective Necro. Roman choked out Austin in the middle of the ring – something no one has done before!”

    The arena erupts in a chorus of boos as Rikishi comes to the stage, alone for once. He smirks at the reaction before heading down to the ring.

    Necro: “Oh look, the self-appointed Godfather of the Bloodline, Rikishi. I’m surprised he’s by himself – it makes a change!”

    Jiminy: “Lighten up Necro, the Underboss is here!”

    Rikishi grabs a mic to a loud chorus of ‘You Suck’ from the sold out crowd in the arena.

    Rikishi: “Oh shut up you inbred idiots! Tonight I am here in front of you all to conduct some family business!”

    Necro: “Family business? What’s he rambling on about?”

    Jiminy: “Shush Necro!”

    Rikishi: “Jimmy Uso – my son. Get your ass down to this ring now! And bring that no hoper wife of yours with you!”

    Jimmy Uso and Naomi come to the stage, Naomi looks distraught and tries to pull Jimmy back but he shakes his head and the two slowly come down to the ring. Rikishi eyes them impatiently

    “I haven’t got all day. Jimmy, Naomi – I WARNED you both there would be consequences if Naomi failed at Breakdown… again, I might add.”

    Jimmy: “Look, Dad..”

    Rikishi: “No, you will shut your mouth and listen to me for once in your god damn life. I warned you both… and now Jimmy – YOU are going to have to pay the price. We can do this the easy way…”

    Rikishi pulls out a set of documents

    “Or we can do this the hard way. Let’s cut to the chase. Jimmy, let’s not make any scenes in front of these hicks – just sign the papers, cut her loose and we all go back The Bloodline’s locker room. It’s that simple, Jimmy – divorce Naomi and this ends now.”

    The crowd boos as Naomi is in floods of tears and Jimmy stares emotionlessly at Rikishi. Rikishi continues to speak:

    “You know it’s the right thing to do. She was never good enough for this family. Think of your heritage and the wrestling pedigree of the Anoai’i family – Yokozuna, Afa, Sika, The Rock – ME – and of course the Tribal Chief, the current NCW Heavyweight Champion – Roman Reigns. She can’t hang on your coat-tails all of her life. Just sign the divorce papers, and we can forget all about her.”

    Rikishi hands Jimmy the documents and he takes them as Naomi is now in the corner, a little away from Jimmy and still crying. He looks down at the papers before looking over at her, then takes another glance at the papers before he finally speaks.

    Jimmy: “What are you doing Dad? What is all this about? You say it’s about family, huh?”

    Rikishi: “Exactly, it’s all for the family. Everything we do is for…”

    Jimmy drops the papers and slaps Rikishi hard across his face, causing him to drop the mic in shock

    Jimmy: “Family? You talk about family, about greatness? Shut the hell up Dad! Naomi IS MY family – OUR family. She’s our family every bit as much as you are, as Jey is – HELL even Roman! So you know what Dad? I AM choosing my family – and that’s Naomi!”

    The crowd pops as Jimmy stands in front of her and stares down his own father.

    “And if you – or anyone in the back there has an issue with that – they can go Straight. Through. ME.”

    He drops the mic and Rikishi picks up his own, a look of anger on his face now.

    Rikishi: “Ok then. I am very sorry to hear that. Sorry, but not surprised. You always were the lesser of my children. But if you’re not in…”

    Solo Sikoa slides into the ring behind Jimmy who is staring at Rikishi in confusion.

    Necro: “Oh My God. It’s Solo Sikoa – the younger brother of Jimmy and Jey!”

    Rikishi has a smug look on his face as Jimmy starts to turn – he gets absolutely planted with a superkick from Sikoa! The crowd boos loudly as Rikishi and Sikoa then start stomping on Jimmy . Naomi rushes forward and tries to pull Rikishi off him but he pushes her back and plants her with a kick of his own!

    Necro: “Rikishi you sick son of a bitch, that’s your daughter in law! He just laid her out cold!”

    Jiminy: “I’ve a feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better Necro…”

    Sikoa drags Jimmy to a corner and Rikishi hits a Banzai Drop on him before he gets to his feet and grabs his mic again, as Solo continues the vicious attack.

    Rikishi: “Jimmy, if you can hear me – I expected this. We always have a plan B, you should know that by now, but you’re too stupid to figure it out. You don’t really know what family means, Jimmy. You definitely don’t know what the Bloodline means. At Natural Selection though Jimmy, my boy, my son – you might finally understand. You will understand, at the very least – the need to bleed for your family. Because it will be you – against your own brother Solo Sikoa – in a FIRST BLOOD Match! But that is then, and this is now. And tonight isn’t really your lesson Jimmy – it’s Naomi’s. Hold him down and make him watch, Sikoa!”

    Sikoa holds Jimmy’s head up as Rikishi starts to drag the already motionless Naomi to the corner and ascends the middle rope – Roderick Strong is now sprinting to the ring with a steel chair in hand!

    Necro: “Finally, someone to even up the odds! My God he was going to do it, he would have crushed her chest!”

    Strong slides into the ring and throws the chair at an onrushing Sikoa’s head, where it connects and sends him crumpling to the mat. Rikishi is down now and the two men trade blows in the centre of the ring, but back up is on the way as Umaga, Rosey and Jey Uso come to ringside now!

    Strong is getting the better of Rikishi and whips him to the ropes, tries to lift him for the Strong Slam – Jey nails him with a superkick and drops Strong! They start beating him down as the crowd boos the Bloodline furiously

    They suddenly erupt as Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish make their way from the back to join the melee! Fish has a kendo stick with him and he rolls into the ring and starts wailing on Umaga with it as O’Reilly and Rosey brawl as well. Adam Cole enters the ring last, a plaster on his head from the assault last night still and stares down Jey Uso who goes to attack him but Rikishi pulls him back and the Bloodline exit the ring quickly. Strong is back to his feet and the four Undisputed Era members in the ring stare down the Bloodline on the ramp. Cole gets on the mic

    “Where you going Jey? You son of a bitch – get your ass back into this ring! You think you’re the right hand man? Well let’s see how tough you are at Natural Selection – because I’m going to make you my BITCH!”

    Necro: “Cole laying down the challenge, will Uso accept?”


    Ring Announcer: “The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall – if either member of Too Cool can score a victory over either member of Imperium, Too Cool will be added to the title match at Natural Selection!”

    The crowd boo loudly as Barthel and Aichner come to the ring with their titles over their shoulders.

    Necro: “No sign of WALTER after his heinous assault on Big E at Breakdown.”

    Jiminy: “Look, that was all a big misunderstanding Necro. Walter has promised to clear the air with everyone later tonight!”

    Necro: “Oh yay.. more Walter ranting…”

    Imperium are entering the ring as Sheamus’ music hits and he comes out to the ring in full attire to loud boos as well.

    Necro: “Oh and just what is he doing here? Is there ever a time that he turns up where he’s actually wanted?”

    Sheamus grabs a mic as he stands in the ring alongside Aichner and Barthel.

    “Hold up, hold up cut the music there fella! Sonya sent me out here and we’re making this a six man tag! That’s IF Too Cool can find someone who will put up with their ridiculous dancing! Now get down to this ring so we can slap the heads off ye lads!”

    The crowd roars as Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty Too Hotty come to the stage in typical fashion. They begin to make their way to the ring but stop suddenly as Scotty has a mic

    Scotty: “Sheamus, you really should just talk less. The moment you opened your mouth we were inundated with offers to help us shut you – and those two douchebags beside you up! But there was ONE request that we simply couldn’t turn down.. he is after all, a Hall of Famer! Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for our tag team partner… and the first EVER inductee into the NCW Hall of Fame… LOU THESZ!”

    Sheamus expression drops into shock as Lou Thesz comes from backstage to a thunderous ovation and nods at Too Cool. Together the three men make their way to the ring as Sheamus shouts profanities towards Thesz – as they roll in however Sheamus, Barthel and Aichner quickly roll out!

    Necro: “This match just got a little spicier with the addition of both Sheamus and Thesz – Thesz and Too Cool are an absolutely intriguing combination don’t you think Jiminy?”

    Jiminy: “A few years ago this would have been impossible – Thesz really has let his standards slip!”

    The Match:

    Thesz starts the match and wants Sheamus who teases tagging in but then drops down from the apron as the crowd boos. Aichner tries to grapple with Thesz but he overpowers him and makes a fool of him with a helicopter on the mat before slapping him around the head. Aichner gets up all flustered and tags in Barthel as the fans chant for Thesz – Barthel tries to lock up with him and Thesz again scores a takedown and another helicopter to the delight of the fans!

    Necro: “These guys think they’re the pinnacle of mat wrestling – Thesz just took both of Imperium to school!”

    Thesz tags himself out and Scotty and Barthel then lock up. The match continues but Imperium’s strength starts to show and Scotty starts to get dominated. Sheamus even gets in on the mix and hits an Irish Curse backbreaker on Scotty leaving him laying, before posing and mouthing off at Thesz. Sheamus even lets Scotty start crawling to the corner and as Thesz reaches out for the tag, he drags Scotty back easily and then slaps Thesz across the face hard!

    Necro: “Absolutely disgusting from Sheamus – the disrespect of that slap!”

    Sheamus lets Imperium beat up on Scotty in the corner as Thesz tries to get in the ring, distracting the ref. As things settle again he drags Scotty up but gets clipped with an enziguiri which sends him through the middle rope to the floor! Scotty drags himself slowly to the corner as Sheamus gets back into the ring – and makes the tag!

    Thesz comes in on fire and blasts Sheamus down with a shoulder tackle before knocking both members of Imperium off the apron. He then turns around and measures Sheamus as he tries to get back to his feet – Thesz Pre – Sheamus counters with a knee and rolls out of the ring. Thesz gives chase to the outside but Barthel tags in as Sheamus rolls back inside. Thesz catches Sheamus but Barthel takes him out at the knee from behind. Thesz stumbles a bit as Sheamus escapes again and Barthel whips Thesz against the ropes – and gets dropped with a Thesz Press! Thesz then tags in Grandmaster Sexay who ascends the ropes – Hip Hop Legdrop from the top rope! Sexay makes the cover… 1 – 2 – Scotty hits a bulldog on an incoming Aichner – 3! Too Cool are going to Natural Selection!

    The crowd pops as Scotty is celebrating with a W – O – R – M!! He hits the Worm on Aichner and both of Imperium lay prone on the mat with Sheamus nowhere in sight. Too Cool’s music hits and they begin their celebratory dance as Thesz watches on awkwardly.

    Necro: “An absolutely huge win for Too Cool and Thesz and now a celebration to match it!”

    Jiminy: “Well at least Thesz isn’t dad dancing with these two… oh God I spoke too soon didn’t I?”

    The music is cut as Scotty and Grandmaster Sexay motion for Thesz to join them as the crowd chants loudly for Thesz. He shakes his head and the crowd starts to boo… Thesz simply shrugs and enters the ring as Too Cool’s music starts to play again. Grandmaster Sexay hands Thesz a pair of sunglasses and he puts them on before taking up the centre of the ring with Scotty and Grandmaster either side and begins to…



    Necro: “Oh Come ON! What a cheap shot by Sheamus!”

    Jiminy: “He was saving us all from more dad dancing, Necro. I for one applaud his actions!”

    Sheamus stands over Thesz with an evil smirk momentarily as Scotty and Grandmaster are slow to react before exiting the ring and making for the back as they check on the fallen Hall of Famer.

    Necro: “Ok, Sheamus won this round but by God there will be hell to pay at Natural Selection for that!”


    We come back to WALTER standing alone in the ring with a spotlight on him, the NCW Rising Star Championship on his shoulder.

    “I suppose you are all expecting an apology from me for what happened at Breakdown? When I crushed Big E and put an end to him in this company. Well I will only apologise for not doing it sooner! Big E and all like him are a disgrace to the noble art of professional wrestling. They think that props and gimmicks like Booty-Os and hip gyrations are more important than the performance inside the ropes. Big E defeated Hulk Hogan last year – that performance should have catapulted him to the very top of this industry… but look at him now. He is finished. And at my hands. So treasure the final moments you had with Big E – because they were his…”

    YO WALTER! Yeah, up here you big sack of s***!

    The crowd pops as Big E appears on the TitanTron with an uncharacteristically angry look on his face.

    “You think that’s it? That I’m just gonna pack up and go home because the big bad WALTER took me out? You don’t know me – you don’t have any idea what I’ve been through to get to this point. But let me tell you something – WALTER – you will learn, oh yes you will. At Natural Selection I’m coming for you. I said at Breakdown I’m not medically cleared – and that’s still the case. But I don’t give a damn anymore. No WALTER – you didn’t finish me. You awoke a fire in me that I didn’t realise I had. So I’ve signed the waivers, my medical status is no longer NCW’s concern. At Natural Selection WALTER it’s going to be you and me – in an UNSANCTIONED MATCH! I’m gonna break you in half, take your undefeated streak – and your damn title! And when the dust is all settled WALTER, you will regret the day you ever came across me you son of a bitch!”

    WALTER looks slightly taken aback initially but simply stares at the screen before speaking again.

    “I told you at Breakdown Big E you were at the back of the queue – but if you really want your career ended so badly then I ACCEPT! Let me make this clear though Big E – there will be no mercy at Natural Selection for you. Your career will be finished by my hands, and the greatest thing is that none of the blame will be on me… It will be entirely YOUR fault.”

    WALTER and Big E stare at each other intensely as the crowd chants for Big E.

    Necro: “Big E and WALTER in an Unsanctioned Match – it’s on at Natural Selection – I have to say this doesn’t seem like a good idea from Big E. He broke his neck not four months ago and is coming back against medical advice.”

    Jiminy: “Fools rush in, Necro. This is going to end badly for Big E. He’s essentially given WALTER carte blanche to do whatever he wants to him at Natural Selection.”


    Ring Announcer: “The following six-woman…”

    The crowd boos as Sonya DeVille’s music cuts off the ring announcer midflow.

    Sonya: “I apologise for the interruption but unfortunately due to… other circumstances – Naomi is no longer a part of this match. Instead Naomi and her partner Cameron will take on Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne at Natural Selection! The following contest will now be a HANDICAP Three on Two match!”

    Mandy, Gigi and Jacy come to the stage to boos as they look very smug about Sonya’s announcement. Sonya and Mandy share a passing smile as they make their way down to the ring, Mandy showing off the NXT Women’s Championship.

    Necro: “One leg of the tripod for Natural Selection is here with her backup – and they will surely be feeling confident after Naomi has been ruled out of this match following the attack earlier in the show.”

    Jiminy: “I don’t condone what happened to Naomi at all Necro, but if you’re Toxic Attraction right now you’re definitely feeling luck is on your side!”

    Jade Cargill comes to the stage to a mixed reaction from the crowd, with her AEW TBS Championship wrapped around her waist.

    She makes straight for the ring and Gigi and Jacy beg her to get in by herself…

    The crowd pops huge as Bianca comes to the stage next swinging her braid and the NCW Women’s Championship on her shoulder.

    Necro: “And here are our other two legs – all set for action tonight but more importantly for the Title Unification match at Natural Selection!”

    Jiminy: “Jade Cargill is an amazing specimen Necro, my money is on her!”

    Bianca heads down the aisle and eyes Cargill warily as she comes to a stop beside her. The two stare at each other for a moment before looking at the three women in the ring. They nod to each other briefly and slide inside the ring – Bianca takes down Jacy as Cargill does the same to Gigi Dolin and Mandy stands there in shock! The two champs pop up and all three stare each other down in the centre of the ring. Mandy raises her NXT title first to boos before Cargill raises her title to a mixed reaction – Bianca is last to raise her title to loud cheers – Dolin and Jayne take both the champs down from behind!

    The Match:

    Bianca starts the match but is being dominated after the sneak attack and constant switching of partners by Toxic Attraction. Mandy spends very little time in the ring, mocking Bianca briefly when she does before switching out quickly. Just when it seems Gigi has Bianca on the ropes though she counters with a big spinebuster and makes the hot tag to Jade who comes in and blitzes through all three women. She sets Dolin up for Jaded but Mandy gets in the ring and shoves her backwards, Bianca blind tags in as a result.

    Cargill looks a little peeved as Bianca hits Mandy with a shoulder tackle knocking her into Jacy and sending the two out of the ring before she picks up Gigi on her shoulders and walks around the ring – KISS OF DEATH! She goes for the cover but Cargill is close by and slaps her on the back for the blind tag back in before shoving Bianca out of the way and making the cover

    1 – 2 – 3! Cargill and Bianca win!

    Cargill has her hand raised as Bianca picks herself up and gets in Cargill’s face about the shove. The two women look set to go at it when Mandy and Jacy attack them again but Cargill quickly deals with Jacy as Bianca hoists Mandy for another KOD – Gigi grabs Mandy off Bianca though and pulls her to the outside as the crowd boo Toxic Attraction. Bianca smirks at a shocked Mandy on the outside and starts pointing at the Natural Selection sign – Cargill blasts her from behind and lays Bianca Belair out with Jaded!

    Cargill gets back up and poses to boos from the crowd with her own title and Bianca’s as Mandy is on the outside clutching her championship and staring angrily at the ring

    Necro: “Well as we probably should expect the tentative alliance between Cargill and Belair has imploded, come Natural Selection it’s winner take all!”

    Jiminy: “Yeah it was never going to last was it? There’s too much at stake! I told you though Necro, Jade is my pick!”


    The entire arena erupts in a cacophony of boos as Roman Reigns and his Bloodline begin their slow march to the ring.

    Ring Announcer: “Please welcome the NEWWWWW NCW Heavyweight Champion… ROMMMMAAAANNNN REEEEIGGGNNNSSSSS!”

    Necro: “Well we’ve been waiting all night for it and now he’s here – our new NCW Champion.”

    Jiminy: “You could be more enthusiastic about it Necro! It’s the Head of the Table, The Tribal Chief after all!”

    Necro: “Yes, well I would be had the title not been won in such controversial circumstances. Having the entire Bloodline in the chamber alongside you isn’t exactly a fair fight.”

    Jiminy: “Whatever happened, happened! Roman is the champ now and that’s the way it’s going to stay for a LOOOONNNGGG time if his previous reigns are anything to go by… hehe see what I did there, Necro?”

    Reigns has a mic and lets the boos wash over him as a loud Austin chant breaks out. He smirks at the rest of his Bloodline before speaking.

    “NCW Universe – and everyone in the back – you are now on Bloodline time! And that means that it’s time for one thing. That’s right it’s time to ACKNOWLEDGE ME.”


    “Steve Austin? I left him a bloody mess at Breakdown guys, come on! I choked him out in the middle of the ring! Hell, we took care of ALL our problems. The Undisputed Era – we SMASHED them! There’s nothing left to prove here in NCW – your Tribal Chief runs this show and everyone on it! But once again, Adam Cole… you and your band of misfits involve yourself in Bloodline business. And so we need to prove – again – at Natural Selection that we are the dominant force here. So not only is Jey Uso – my Right Hand Man – gonna finish off Adam Cole. No No NO… Three Minute Warning are going to do what they always do and crush the competition. Imperium – SMASH them. Too Cool – STACK them. And as for Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish – PIN them and take back the NCW Tag Team Championships as Bloodline property. Not only that but Roderick Strong – the runt of the litter – wants to challenge our GodFather? The Underboss… RIKISHI – he will have no problem caving in your chest. And when all is said and done…”

    *glass shatters*

    The crowd comes unglued as Austin storms the stage with a bandage on his head and a pissed off look on his face. Reigns looks a bit taken aback in the ring as Austin paces back and forth on the stage and Jey Uso and Rikishi start lifting the second rope, daring him to come to the ring.

    Austin gets on the mic:

    “I have to admit it Roman, you got one over on old Stone Cold at Breakdown. Filling the Chamber with your family members – a part of me admires that move. Hell, if you sorry sumbitches pulled that trick with anyone else Stone Cold would probably shake your hand. But Roman Reigns – you made a fool out of Stone Cold. Choked me out after I put an almighty ass-whooping on your Bloodline.

    And nobody gets away with that – AH AH! At Natural Selection (WHAT!)  – you son of a bitch (WHAT!) – Stone Cold Steve Austin  (WHAT!)  – The Texas Rattlesnake (WHAT!)  – The Bionic Redneck (WHAT!)  – is gonna pay that back with interest. Because you see Roman Reigns (WHAT!)  – old Stone Cold went to NCW headquarters for a little chat with the board of directors. And after I was done (WHAT!)  – stomping a mudhole (WHAT!)  – kicking them (WHAT!)  – biting them (WHAT!)  – beating the holy hell out of them (WHAT!)  – they agreed to my request. At Natural Selection Roman, you will defend that title against Stone Cold Steve Austin!

    But it won’t be a singles match (WHAT!)  – a tag team match (WHAT!)  – a Rikishi thong on a pole match (WHAT!)  – a match to remove Jey Uso’s tongue from your ass (WHAT!)  – AH AH! Stone Cold sees that the rest of the Bloodline is kind of busy, but Roman Reigns (WHAT!)  – at Natural Selection (WHAT!)  – you’re going to get an almighty ass-whoopin from the Texas Rattlesnake (WHAT!)  – in an I Quit Match!!

    That’s right Roman – the match that made Austin is the one that’s gonna break you. And seeing as you are so proficient at choking old Stone Cold out now, it seems right up your alley too!

    At Natural Selection Roman Reigns says I Quit – and that’s the bottom line – cos Stone Cold says so.”

    Necro: “An I Quit Match? My God the brutality it would take to make either of these men say those words…”

    Jiminy: “I’m not sure there’s an arena in the country that will contain these guys Necro!”

    Reigns shakes his head and speaks:

    “What are you doing, Austin? We just took out some trash in Jimmy and Naomi earlier tonight, and still the Bloodline is stronger than it ever could be.

    You just don’t get it – he needs to realise that times have changed and the Big Dog runs the yard in NCW now.

    Adam Cole, we smashed him. Undisputed Era – smashed them. Stone Cold Steve Austin – I smashed you already. And now you think you can dictate terms to the Head of the Table? This is not the 90s. Vince McMahon isn’t here getting beat up by you in the ring and jerking you off in the back Steve. There are no happy endings of any kind Austin.

    You seem to forget that in that I Quit match you talk about – the one that made you as one of the guys? You passed out from blood loss – just like you did at Breakdown, to me! So what happens when someone like Roman Reigns – in his physical prime – gets to do the same sort of stuff to a broken down has been like you Austin? You want me in an I Quit Match Stone Cold Steve Austin?

    That’s fine, you just signed your own death warrant. And at Natural Selection when you lie broken and battered in the ring at the hands of the Head of the Table – when you look up at the lights, flat on your back after having been dissected piece by piece, limb from limb – Stone Cold Steve Austin - You WILL Acknowledge Me.”

    Austin fires back:

    “Why wait till then Roman? I don’t normally play friendly with anyone but there’s a group of guys who want to see all of your asses beat just as much as old Stone Cold does… So I’m done talkin.”

    The UE enter from the crowd and together with Austin they surround the ring as Reigns is freaking out inside it.

    Necro: “Oh my – Austin and the Undisputed Era set a trap for the Bloodline!”

    As one Austin and the UE slide into the ring and the brawl begins!

    Austin lays out Solo Sikoa with a stunner and starts trading blows with Reigns as the Undisputed Era  brawl with the rest of the Bloodline.

    Austin has Reigns backed up against the ropes but Solo tries to pull him out – Jimmy Uso joins the melee and starts fighting with his brother on the outside!

    Security floods the ring to try and control things as Destruction draws to a close.

    NCW Natural Selection Confirmed Card:

    NCW Heavyweight Championship – I Quit Match

    Roman Reigns (c) VS Stone Cold Steve Austin

    NCW Women’s Championship Unification Match

    Bianca Belair (c) VS Jade Cargill (c) VS Mandy Rose (c)

    Rising Star Championship – Unsanctioned Match

    WALTER (c) VS Big E

    First Blood Match:

    Jimmy Uso VS Solo Sikoa

    NCW Tag Team Championships – Fatal 4 Way

    Imperium (c) VS Too Cool VS ReDRagon (Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish) VS Three Minute Warning (Umaga & Rosey)

    Adam Cole VS Jey Uso

    Lou Thesz VS Sheamus

    Rikishi VS Roderick Strong

    Naomi & Cameron VS Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne

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    Monday Night Grappling - Show #2 (Go-Home Show)

    Tonight's show is from Las Vegas, Nevada. It was announced before the show that a BWA talent was going to be in attendance tonight with the permission of that company. The announcers wondered who it might be...

    Trump opened the show with The Wall stable: Batista, Luger, and the Maga Express. Trump said 'Jackass Jim' had been humiliated last week by Batista, who got on the mic and called himself the biggest and best heavyweight in wrestling history. He said Cornette never respected him in OVW, and said ten years ago, on Monday Night Grappling's first draft win, he refused to put Batista in the title picture, just like this year. Batista said The Wall were taking over and he wanted to be on the winning side. Trump got the mic back and said the world had seen 'Jackass Jim' was a loser and he was history.

    Up on the titantron, footage of a limousine was shown driving to the arena:

    The camera cuts to inside the limo and we see Jim Cornette, sporting a neck brace after the Batista Bomb last week, alongside Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson. Cornette had a tablet with a live feed of Trump's speech.

    Cornette: Hey, Donny Dipsh*t. Not only am I not history, but I'm about to be painful part of your future. I, Jim Cornette, co-Commissioner of this promotion, am on my way to that arena personally, along with the Rock 'n' Roll Express to issue a challenge to you for Grapplemania. As for you Batista, it's fitting that you end up in The Wall because I always thought you had the personality and brains of a brick.

    Trump: You are such a jackass. It's incredible. I have four wrestlers with me. You have two. What are you going to do?

    Cornette: You always did have a problem with math, Donny. Allow me to introduce you to a friend of mine...

    (The camera swings around and we see who is sitting across from Cornette and the Rock 'n' Roll Express...)

    A big cheer erupts from the fans as the camera zooms in on Lex Luger in particular.

    Cornette: Hey, Lex. Yokozuna has some unfinished business with you.

    The Wall members express concern as we go to a commercial break.

    MATCH #1 - Hernandez vs Nick Roe

    The babyface announcer asked his heel colleague if that enhancement talent named seemed suspicious. He said no. Kerwin White, handed the new North American Title by Trump last week, came out on a golf cart and observed from the top of the ramp. He wore a MAGA cap, sipped a latte, and occasionally practised his golf swing.

    Hernandez beat Nick Roe after 3 minutes of a one-sided match with the Border Toss.

    Winner: Hernandez

    Hernandez got a mic and said Chavo either had a screw loose or had sold his soul. Hernandez said Chavo had turned his back on his roots and at Grapplemania he would take the North American Title for the Latin people. Kerwin laughed and held up the title, screaming 'This is White Privilege.'

    *****Backstage Segment*****

    The Wall members were shown expressing concern to Trump backstage. Luger said he thought his days of facing Yokozuna were behind him. Eaton and Lane said Cornette might have further surprises in store. Trump yelled at them to keep their sh*t together, reminding them they still had a man advantage over Cornette's men. Batista agreed, and said Cornette was all talk but deep down Cornette was scared.

    MATCH #2 - Dynamite King vs Fyuri Osred

    The babyface announcer said that enhancement name was ridiculous. The heel announcer said Fyuri Osred was a highly rated Icelandic talent. Dynamite won in less than a minute with a piledriver.

    Winner: Dynamite King

    Dynamite got a mic and repeated his challenge to the European Champ, Ken Shamrock, to face him at Grapplemania. He said there were rumours Shamrock was trying to chicken out of facing him on medical grounds after the beating he gave him last week.

    Shamrock appeared on the titantron from his home in California. He said the doctors had cleared him but had advised him not to take the match against Dynamite. But Shamrock said he had gotten a second opinion: from the son of a b*tch he sees in his reflection every day, and that man wants the match. Dynamite laughed and gestured that the belt was going around his waist. Shamrock said at Grapplemania a British Bulldog was going to get put to sleep.

    *****Commercial Break*****

    Kevin Nash, a member of the BWA talent roster, came out to a mixed reaction. He said everyone could relax. He wasn't here for an invasion, he was here for a friend, Shawn Michaels. He noted HBK was in a unification match against Eddie Guerrero at the PPV and asked Eddie to please come down, promising he wouldn't lay a hand on him.

    Eddie appeared and entered the ring cautiously. Nash told him that at one point he had referred to Eddie and other wrestlers of his size as 'vanilla midgets' in WCW and that there was heat between them. Nash said he regretted making those comments about Eddie as he had gone on to prove himself one of the greatest and charismatic wrestlers ever. But, Nash said, as great as Eddie is, he is no Shawn Michaels. Nash said he had known Shawn both as a friend and a foe and he had no doubt that Michaels was going to beat Eddie at Grapplemania.

    Eddie Guerrero: You don't believe in me, huh? You think I'm not good enough? I've been hearing that my whole life, esse! I know Shawn Michaels is one of the greatest. I know this is the biggest match of mi vida. But I believe in me, Nash! I believe! And I know mi raza believes in me! (The fans cheer)

    At that point, a murmur goes through the crowd and as the camera pans out, we see Michaels in the ring. He floors Guerrero with Sweet Chin Music.

    Michaels and Nash smile and do the TwoSweet gesture. They hug and leave together. Michaels is heard saying to a camera that the Kliq run wrestling and maybe after Grapplemania he'll meet up with Nash in the BWA. The announcers wondered if Michaels was plotting to do what he did to the company ten years ago and leave with the title?

    *****Backstage segment*****

    HBK tells Nash he loves when a plan comes together. Nash gets into a limo and asks if Michaels is coming. Michaels says he has to wait for a friend but he'll join up with him later. Nash gets in the limo and leaves. Michaels gets on his cellphone and tells this person to make it a perfect night.

    MATCH #3 - Kurt Angle vs Mr. Gua-Pa

    The heel announcer said it was a great honour to have the talented Chinese luchador Mr. Gua-Pa in attendance. The babyface announcer said he needed a drink. Angle toyed with his opponent and won with an Angle Slam and Anklelock.

    Winner: Kurt Angle

    After the match, Angle said he knew Goldberg would be itching for payback after he gave Bill the Angle Slam last week and Angle challenged Goldberg to a match at Grapplemania. Angle said Goldberg was one of the most dominant men in the history of wrestling but 'I'm not just anybody'. Angle said if Goldberg has the balls to face him, he'll make Goldberg tap out.

    Angle walked up the ramp and was hit by a Goldberg spear at the top. Goldberg had a mic and said he accepted the challenge and Cornette had informed him by phone that the winner of their bout would be the official number one contender.

    *****Commercial Break*****

    Footage of Kelly Kelly at a fashion show aired in which she thanked Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens for saving her from Muhammad Hassan and Daivari's verbal tirade last week. A video package then played on Hassan and Daivari's tag title reign and putting both men over. When it finished, Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens were being interviewed backstage. Stevens said Americans valued freedom and that in the USA a woman should be free to do and wear what she wants. Bockwinkel called the tag champs pathetic humanoids and vowed to take the titles on Sunday.

    Barry Windham's IC Title contender confirmed

    Windham came out and reminded the fans he had issued an open challenge to anyone that wanted a title shot at the PPV. Windham said he had been informed by co-commissioner Trump that a former IC champion had declared an interest. He called that person out...

    Marty Jannetty made his debut and declared his interest in becoming IC champion. The camera cut back to Shawn Michaels in his dressing room, watching on, thus revealing that Jannetty was the friend Michaels was staying around to cheer on.

    Windham said he'd be willing to take Marty on at Grapplemania when someone else's music hit...

    Rob Van Dam appeared to a huge pop and reminded everyone he was also a former IC Champ, having won the belt 6 times in WWE, and having held it before in Monday Night Grappling. He said co-commissioner Cornette had made a number one contender match right here, right now for the chance to face Windham at Grapplemania. Michaels was shown backstage looking furious.

    MAIN EVENT MATCH - Rob Van Dam vs Marty Jannetty (number one contender to IC Title)

    Windham sat ringside for commentary as RVD and Jannetty put on a great match. RVD got the pin by connecting with the five star frog splash.

    Winner and number one contender for the IC Title: Rob Van Dam

    RVD went over to Windham at ringside and said he respected the wars Windham had been in as champion. He challenged Windham to an Extreme Rules contest at Grapplemania. Windham accepted with a handshake. Backstage, Michaels was furious that Jannetty had lost and stormed out.

    *****Backstage Segment - HBK leaves*****

    Michaels stormed out to the parking lot and ran into a worker. He asked where the limo driver was. The worker said he wasn't sure as he was here a few minutes ago. Michaels said he wanted to go now as Jannetty had dropped the ball and he wasn't going to wait for him. The limo then pulled up and Michaels got inside.

    Michaels sat down and poured himself a drink. Then the doors locked and the limo started bouncing up and down, spilling Michaels' drink all over him. Michaels screamed at the driver to stop, calling him an idiot. He demanded the driver roll down his window and turn around. When he did, we saw who the driver was...

    'Orale, Shawn. I'll be your driver for this evening' says Eddie before bouncing the limo some more. He exits the car, walks around and begins hammering Michaels with rights and lefts. He then suplexes Shawn on the back of the limo before standing over him with his title. 'When you face Latino Heat, Shawn, it's always a bumpy ride!' Security run down to intervene as Eddie leaves with his title.

    MAIN EVENT SEGMENT - Cornette's challenge

    Trump's Wall stable came out and said they were ready to hear this challenge from 'Jackass Jim' but so far the only limo on the show was the one Michaels just landed on. Trump said Batista was right that Cornette was all talk.

    Then Yokozuna's theme hit and out stepped Cornette, the RNR Express and Yokozuna.

    Cornette: Oh I may run my mouth, President Pigsh*t but unlike you I speak the truth. I promised you a challenge and I'm going to deliver it. You don't like me, Trump, and I damn sure don't like you. We can't co-exist clearly. So let's settle it all at Grapplemania: a match between my Camp Cornette stable, and your Wall of Shame outfit. For control of the company. But it won't just be any match, it will be a WarGames Match!

    Trump: Oh this is going to be so easy, so easy. Okay, Jackass Jim. If you want to have a handicap match at Grapplemania, go right ahead. 4-on-3 sounds good to me. Your funeral.

    Cornette: 4-on-3? Who said anything about 4-on-3? I told you that you weren't good with math Donny Dipsh*t, but even you are going to be able to work this one out. Because it's going to be an even contest at Grapplemania. My friend Yokozuna isn't the only man that I managed who agreed to come back. Ol' James E made one more phonecall. A man who I'm sure will take issue with your claim Batista that you're the biggest and best heavyweight of all time. I guess it's time to introduce him. Or should I say...IT'S VADER TIME....!

    The Wall are in shock as Vader appears alongside the other Camp Cornette wrestlers. They run down and a big brawl ensues as Trump runs off, flanked by his secret service guys. The show goes off the air with fights breaking out everywhere as the announcers push that Grapplemania is not to be missed!

    Final card for Grapplemania:

    Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Shawn Michaels (c) (World Title Unification match)

    Camp Cornette (Rock 'n' Roll Express, Yokozuna and Vader) vs The Wall (MAGA Express, Lex Luger and Batista) for control of company in a WarGames match.

    Goldberg vs Kurt Angle (Number one contender match for World Title)

    Barry Windham (c) vs Rob Van Dam (Extreme Rules match for Intercontinental Title)

    Muhammad Hassan & Daivari (c) vs Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens (Tag Team Titles)

    Ken Shamrock (c) vs Dynamite King (European Title)

    Kerwin White (c) vs Hernandez (North American Title)

    We sign off with our theme song for Grapplemania:

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    The show is live from the Houston Astrodome with a sell-out crowd on hand to watch the action. Our announce team, Dick Heel, and Babe E. Face, welcome us to proceedings as we get the first match under way...

    Kerwin White (c) vs Hernandez (North American Title)


    Chavo Guerrero developed a confidence crisis after losing the tag titles he held with his partner, Hernandez, so Chavo returned to his Kerwin White persona, cosying up to Donald Trump, and abandoning his partner Hernandez against the MAGA Express. For this, he was rewarded by being handed the newly created North American title.

    Jim Cornette didn’t appreciate a title being handed out like a present and has made a title match involving the man Kerwin walked out on. Hernandez has accused Chavo of turning his back on the Latin people and has vowed to take the title for them. Which man will prevail?

    The match:

    Several white, middle-aged golfers formed a row along the ramp and applauded as Kerwin came out, who drove down to the ring on his golf buggy. Hernandez entered waving a Mexican flag.

    Hernandez dominated the early exchanges with some big power moves. Kerwin took over with a rake to the eye and got some heat.

    The finish of the match saw Hernandez go for the Border Toss. Kerwin wriggled free and, while facing the ref, kicked backwards a low blow on Hernandez. He then rolled Hernandez up and using his feet on the ropes got the 1, 2, 3.

    Winner by pinfall and still North American Champion: Kerwin White

    Kerwin afterwards picked up the Mexican flag Hernandez had brought down and he threw it to the floor as the Hispanic fans booed.

    Why I went with this feud: Having Trump on the roster seemed a perfect opportunity to revive Chavo’s Kerwin White character. I think he could be a solid, midcard heel and facing off against his former partner seemed the right way to begin.

    Why I booked it this way: Kerwin just got the title, so it’s premature to take it off him. I see more mileage in him having the belt as an obnoxious heel.

    Ken Shamrock (c) vs Dynamite King (European Title)


    Dynamite King attacked Ken Shamrock on his return to the company, bitter that he was overlooked by management despite having once closed out a Grapplemania PPV against Stone Cold. He took his frustrations out on the man dubbed the world’s most dangerous man and wants his title. Shamrock has defied medical advice not to compete, wanting revenge on Dynamite.

    The match:

    Dynamite entered first, being raised up on a platform while wearing a crown and robe. Shamrock didn’t bother getting an entrance and immediately ran down when his music hit, unleashing a flurry of offence.

    Shamrock had the better of it early on but Dynamite took control and hit a series of diving headbutts targeting Shamrock’s head. The finish saw Dynamite hitting two piledrivers on Shamrock who was unable to beat the ten count. The announcers said Shamrock should perhaps have listened to the doctors and not taken this match.

    Winner by KO and new European Champion: Dynamite King

    Why I went with this feud: I liked the idea of pairing Shamrock with Dynamite since these are two men considered to be two of the toughest in the business. I think they would mesh well together.

    Why I booked it this way: Dynamite talked a big game and needed the win, and with his history in the promotion he would help elevate the European belt. Shamrock isn’t hurt too much since the fans know he wasn’t 100 per cent, and it would set up a rematch down the line.

    Barry Windham (c) vs Rob Van Dam (Extreme Rules match for the Intercontinental Title)


    Despite being a heel, Barry Windham has earned the fans grudging respect with fine title defences, including technical classics and some intense bloodbaths. Rob Van Dam earned his shot by beating Marty Jannetty, and challenged Windham to an Extreme Rules match, which the champ has accepted.

    The match:

    RVD entered to a big pop, while the reaction to Windham was more mixed. The early stages were mat-based with Windham taking control with some power moves. As we passed the ten-minute mark, Van Dam hit a springboard kick and went outside to get a steel chair. He hit a series of moves with it, including a rolling thunder, but only managed two counts.

    As Van Dam went for a springboard moonsault with Windham on the chair, Windham moved and Van Dam hurt himself. Windham took over with a series of chair shots, hitting a DDT to Van Dam that busted him open. The fans got behind Van Dam even more as he refused to give up, bloodied as he was.

    The finish saw Windham hit a piledriver on Van Dam who kicked out. Windham tried again for a piledriver – this time on the steel chair. Van Dam fought out and hit a low blow and hit a DDT on Windham onto the chair. Van Dam went and got a table, set it up in the ring, and put Windham across it. He then hopped to the turnbuckle, hit a five-star frog splash on Windham, and covered him for the 1, 2, 3.

    Winner and new Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam

    Van Dam helped Windham up after the match and the two men shook hands as the fans cheered. Windham left the ring to allow Van Dam have his moment.

    Why I went with this feud: Simply put, I think these two would have one of the best matches on the card.

    Why I booked it this way: Windham had a long reign, so fans would be ready for a title change. He would turn face after the end of the match.

    Goldberg vs Kurt Angle (Number One Contender match)


    Both Kurt Angle and Goldberg were seen as top contenders for Eddie Guerrero's World Title, but the return of Shawn Michaels, a man who ten years ago walked out on the company with the title, and the lure of a title unification match, proved too much for Guerrero to turn down. Angle would take his frustration out on Goldberg, laying him out with an Angle Slam. Goldberg would respond the following week laying Angle out with a Spear. Co-Commissioner Jim Cornette has made this a number one contender match for the World Title.

    The match:

    The men got nose to nose at the bell and Kurt tried a collar and elbow tie-up but Goldberg shrugged him off. As Kurt got back to his feet, Goldberg took him down with a spear. He then hoisted Angle up with the jackhammer.

    Heel Commentator: That’s it! This one’s over early!

    Goldberg made the cover.



    But Angle got the shoulder up as Bill looked surprised.

    The fans were on their feet as Goldberg signalled for another jackhammer and hoisted Angle up, but Angle slipped out and from behind hit a series of German suplexes. He pulled down the straps and went for an Angle Slam and connected. He covered - but Goldberg kicked out at 2.

    The next ten minutes saw Angle methodically work over Goldberg’s leg, sending it into the ring post, dropping elbows on it, placing it on the bottom rope and dropping down on it, and so on. Goldberg sold the punishment as the announcers put over how Goldberg had not been so vulnerable before. Angle pulled his straps up, then back down, and signalled the end – he got Goldberg in the ankle lock but Goldberg countered, using his free leg to kick Angle into the turnbuckle. Goldberg then crawled to the other side of the ring.

    He got to his feet and prepared for a spear but as he ran, Angle leapt over him and Goldberg crashed shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. Angle hit a second Angle Slam and this time was able to lock in the Ankle Lock. Goldberg writhed in agony and crawled for the rope but just as he was about to get there, Angle pulled him away towards the middle of the ring and sat down in the hold, squeezing ever tighter. After about a minute, Goldberg stopped moving.

    Face Commentator: I think Goldberg has passed out here. Kurt’s screaming for him to tap but Goldberg is motionless.

    The ref orders Angle to break the hold, so he can check on Goldberg. He raises his arm once, twice, but at the third time Goldberg revives. Angle shakes his head and goes back to the leg again but Goldberg reverses into a cradle.



    Angle kicks out. But barely. Angle then charges but is hit by a desperation spear by Goldberg. Both men are down now as the ref begins a count. At the 9 mark, both men stagger to their feet. Goldberg readies for a third spear and connects. He then signals for a jackhammer, while hopping on one leg as the announcers ponder if he can hit it after the damage he sustained. Goldberg lifts Angle up and connects with what is the second jackhammer of the night. He covers Angle…




    Winner and number one contender for World Title: Goldberg

    The announcers put over that this was the toughest win of Goldberg’s career and that Angle pushed him more than anyone ever has.

    Why I went with this feud: I think this would be an intense contest, and Angle could probably give Goldberg the best match of his career.

    Why I booked it this way: I went back and forth on the outcome of this but I think there’s more mileage in keeping Goldberg’s undefeated streak, and certainly until he's in the title picture.

    Shawn Michaels backstage promo:

    Michaels vowed tonight he would unify the World Titles by defeating Eddie Guerrero. When what happened ten years ago was brought up when he walked out on the company with the belt, he smirked and said there is a lot of interest in him from other Draft promotions. Michaels introduced Marty Jannetty and promised he and Marty would celebrate together with his other pals. He made the Kliq gesture and left.

    End of Part One...

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    Muhammad Hassan & Daivari (c) vs Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens (Tag Team Titles)


    Muhammad Hassan and Daivari are tag team champions and have continued to run down America at every opportunity. When they began running down Kelly Kelly and the way she uses her body for the fans in the crowd, she was defended by legendary tag team of Nick Bockwinkel and Ray Stevens. Cornette made them number one contenders.

    The match:

    Bockwinkel and Stevens came out to a big pop as returning heroes to the company. Hassan and Daivari got the biggest heat of the night so far. Kelly was shown watching on a monitor backstage.

    The early stages were dominated by the challengers and a series of quick tags saw them working over Daivari. Hassan would eventually distract the ref allowing Daivari to rake the eyes of Stevens and make a tag. It was more competitive with Hassan in there but Bockwinkel would get the better of it, getting nearfalls from a piledriver and elbow drop.

    Hassan removed the pad off the turnbuckle and the ref went to fix it but in doing so, the ref took a bump and was down. Hassan directed Daivari to get a chair, and he took out Stevens and Bockwinkel as the fans booed. Kelly backstage shook her head watching on the monitor as Hassan and Daivari set up both men for a Conchair-to.

    Hassan laughed as he prepared to make the strike when Kelly came running down to the ring. As he reared back with the chair, she grabbed it off him. Hassan and Daivari were shocked at this and began to laugh. They slowly approached her as she motioned them to back off with the chair.

    Face Commentator: This poor woman is being threatened by these brutes. This is terrible.

    Heel Commentator: Well go on and help her, if. I’ll back you up…from my seat here.

    Kelly waves the chair over her head as Hassan and Daivari near her…and she brings it down on Bockwinkel and Stevens.

    Face Commentator: Wha? What the hell was that? What the hell is going on? Kelly just struck Bockwinkel and Stevens. Why?

    Heel Commentator: I’m in shock, as are the fans. I think Hassan and Daivari are too.

    Kelly then gets the ref and slaps him a few times. She instructs Hassan to make the pin. Hassan then covers Bockwinkel as the ref makes the count…




    Winners and still MNG Tag Team Champions: Hassan and Daivari

    As their music plays, Kelly gets a mic.

    Kelly Kelly: Hassan, Daivari, I bet you’re wondering why I helped you. I bet you’re wondering why I attacked the two men who stuck up for me against you. But you see, I realised you were right. I have been DEGRADED by these pigs out here all my life. I have had them LEERING over my flesh like I’m a piece of meat, as opposed to a human being. You were right about the ugliness of America. You were right that I should have covered myself up.

    Kelly motions for someone to come down as a ring crew member enters and hands her a bag. She opens it up and is wearing a burqa. She puts it on, as it covers her from head to toe. Hassan and Daivari smile and raise her hands aloft as the fans boo, some even throwing drinks and garbage.

    Face Commentator: I don’t believe this. The poor woman must be brainwashed to be aligning herself with these men.

    Heel Commentator: Poor woman? Didn’t you here what she said? She wants respect from these idiots.

    Why I went with this feud: The last time I had Bockwinkel and Stevens they lost a loser leaves town match, so I wanted them in a tag bout on their return.

    Why I booked it this way: I liked the idea that Kelly felt she was ogled by the fanbase, and that this was the bigger form of disrespect towards her. She would be aligned with Hassan and Daivari going forward, and having her wear a full veil would infuriate US fans, particularly in the southern states. Bockwinkel and Stevens wouldn’t be too hurt by the loss since they were cheated. I’d ultimately have them win the belts down the line.

    Camp Cornette (Rock 'n' Roll Express, Yokozuna and Vader) vs The Wall (MAGA Express, Lex Luger and Batista) for control of company in a WarGames match.

    Background: Donald Trump was made co-Commissioner without Jim Cornette's knowledge, and set about attempting to control the company, even luring Cornette's beloved Midnight Express (now MAGA Express) into his Wall stable, along with Lex Luger and Batista. He wants to destroy Cornette after all the stuff he has said about him. Cornette has vowed not to let the company fall into Trump's clutches and brought back the Rock 'n' Roll Express, as well as his former associates Yokozuna and Vader. A WarGames match has been made to determine the sole owner.

    The match:

    The rules were that each team would enter every 5 minutes and a coin toss would determine the order. There would be one ref permitted inside and pinfalls and submissions counted. Trump entered first to jeers and was surrounded by security guys. Cornette came out next to a big pop and tried to get at Trump but the security separated them.

    Bobby Eaton of the MAGA Express and Ricky Morton of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express kicked the match off. Morton had the better of the opening five minutes.

    Stan Lane of the MAGA Express was next out and with his introduction, the MAGA Express took control, beating on Morton who got a big reaction with his selling. Cornette called the MAGA Express traitors as they beat on Morton to Trump’s approval.

    Robert Gibson was next out and with him it became a fair fight. The next five minutes saw these two teams put on a tag team clinic.

    Luger was next out to jeers and began to once again turn the momentum in favour of The Wall. Morton by this point was bleeding as a result of taking a Veg-o-Matic from the MAGA Express.

    The momentum changed with the next entrant: Yokozuna. Luger’s face showed fear as his old rival made his way down. Yokozuna entered and began taking everyone down and hit a Banzai Drop to both members of the MAGA Express. He went for one on Luger, but Luger hit a low blow and then hit a scoop slam to Yokozuna that was met with boos.

    Batista was the last member of The Wall to enter and he delivered spine busters to Morton and Gibson, and hit a Spear on Yokozuna. Batista signalled for a Batista Bomb on Yokozuna as the announcers wondered if he could hit it. But Yokozuna brought out a low blow of his own, taking Batista down. The Wall then set upon Yokozuna as Batista struggled to his feet and began directing the beatdown. The fans began chanting for Vader as the clock ticked down.

    We were now in ‘The Match Beyond’ after Vader entered to a big pop and smashed Eaton and Lane with stiff forearms. He then took Luger down with a belly to back suplex. Batista hit Vader from behind with forearms of his own but Vader threw some haymakers back as the two men exchanged brutal shots. Cornette and Trump were seen mimicking each shot outside as they roared their men on.

    Vader took Batista down and went for a Vader Bomb but Batista moved at the last second. Batista then signalled for a Batista Bomb and managed to hit it on Vader as Cornette shook his head in dismay. Batista covered…



    But Yokozuna broke up the count. Yokozuna and Luger then fought their way into the other ring as the two Express tag teams followed.

    Batista got to his feet and signalled for a Spear. He made a charge at Vader but Vader sidestepped it, sending Batista into the ring post. As Batista staggered backwards, Vader took him down with a chokeslam. Then he climbed the turnbuckle. He was some way away from Batista but Vader came off the ropes with a moonsault that landed. He made the cover:




    Winners: Camp Cornette

    Cornette jumps for joy as he is now sole owner of the company. Trump shouts that it is ‘bullshit’ and a conspiracy. Security again intervene as Cornette attempts to get at Trump as Cornette tells him he’s gone.

    Cornette enters to hug Vader but Trump sneaks past the security and into the ring. He goes to throw a punch but Cornette senses him coming via the crowd reaction and takes Trump down. He begins throwing rights and lefts as Trump covers up. Trump’s security rush into the ring as Cornette is seen grabbing at Trump’s hair, even ripping a clump out of it. Trump is gasping as he gets up. Cornette then gets a mic.

    Cornette: Hey Donny Dipshit, time for you to get the hell out of my company, asshole! Here’s a line you stole from Vince McMahon that you’re going to be on the receiving end of for once. Read my lips: YOU’RE FIRED.

    The crowd chant ‘Hey, hey, hey, goodbye’ as Trump goes to leave. Batista at this point has revived and Trump gets in his face, telling him to attack Cornette but Batista shakes his head. ‘It’s over, Donald.’ Trump tries to get the other Wall members to do so but they don’t want to risk their jobs. ‘That’s what I get for trusting a f*cking democrat’ he says to Batista and slaps him. Batista shakes his head and kicks Trump in the gut. He hoists him up and delivers a Batista Bomb as the fans cheer.

    Why I went with this feud: As soon as I had the chance to do Cornette vs Trump, it felt like a no brainer. There would be genuine hatred here. A WarGames match felt like a fitting way to do it, offering the chance to pair old rivals like the two Expresses, Luger and Yoko, and a new rivalry in Vader and Batista.

    Why I booked it this way: I wouldn’t want Trump on the roster in the long run but he would be useful as a short-term heel. Cornette winning was the plan for this one. The way it played out at the end would set the stage for a Batista face turn.

    Eddie Guerrero backstage promo:

    Eddie said tonight was the biggest match of his life and he was going to unify the titles. As he was talking, Kerwin White was seen running alongside a stretcher that turned out to have Donald Trump on it. Kerwin was distraught and Eddie told him to stop this foolishness. He said Michaels might have Jannetty intervene tonight and he needed Chavo, his 'familia', to have his back. Eddie said Trump was now history. Trump groggily came to and said he still had a Trump card to play. Kerwin followed as Trump was carried off.

    Eddie Guerrero (c) vs Shawn Michaels (c) (World Title Unification match)

    Background: Shawn Michaels returned to the company ten years after abandoning it, challenging Eddie Guerrero to a unification match at Grapplemania. He has hinted he will once again walk out with a win. Guerrero has pledged to win the biggest match of his life and keep the title in the company. Two Texans with similar histories of overcoming personal demons will collide in their own state but only one can take the belts.

    The match:

    Guerrero entered first to a big pop. Michaels entered next to mostly boos, although he had some fans.

    The first minutes of the contest were fast-paced, with both men taking the fight to outside the ring. After ten minutes or so, Michaels took control and dictated the pace.

    Both men attempted to bend the rules to their advantage. Michaels raked the eyes and held the ropes while he had Guerrero in an abomdinal stretch. Guerrero put his feet on the ropes when going for a pin, and at one stage pretended he had suffered a bad leg injury in order to sneak a pinfall. The announcers said both of these men were willing to lie, cheat or steal to win it.

    The turning point occurred around the twenty minute mark when Michaels went for a big superplex, but Guerrero countered it mid-air into a springboard pin. He got a two-count.

    As both men got to their feet, Michaels landed a Super Kick and both fell to the mat. Michaels eventually draped a hand over Guerrero, but he kicked out. Michaels then went to the corner and started ‘tuning up the band’. He attempted Sweet Chin Music, but Guerrero ducked and began hitting the Three Amigos.

    Guerrero now signalled for the Frog Splash. He went up the ropes but Michaels recovered and this time connected with the superplex. He then did a nip up and began tuning up the band again. Michaels went for the kick but Guerrero caught him and turned it into his Lasso from El Paso submission manoeuvre. Michaels writhed in pain and his hand came out as the fans begged him to tap…but Michaels got to the ropes, forcing Guerrero to break the hold.

    Guerrero hit a scoop slam and shimmied his shoulders, again signalling a frog splash. He went up top and this time came off the ropes…but Michaels moved out of the way as Eddie hit the canvas. Michaels once more again signalled for Sweet Chin Music. This time he hit it and covered Eddie for the…



    Thr-no. Guerrero got the shoulder up as the fans cheered and chanted his name. Michaels couldn’t believe it. He went up top to hit the diving elbow…but now Eddie moved. Michaels was motionless as Eddie climbed the ropes and connected with the Frog Splash.

    Eddie covered for the…



    Thr-not quite, as this time Michaels got the shoulder up. The fans were standing now and applauding both men. However, coming down the aisle now was Marty Jannetty.

    Face Commentator: We haven’t seen him since Eddie laid him out on the go-home show.

    The ref remonstrated with Jannetty and told him to leave but there was a ref bump as Michaels reversed an Irish whip, sending the ref down. Jannetty entered and began a 2-on-1 beatdown. We saw Kerwin White watching on backstage, seemingly conflicted. The fans chanted ‘Chavo, Chavo’. Kerwin threw off the MAGA hat and ran down.

    He entered the ring and clotheslined Jannetty over the ropes as the fans cheered – but then he turned and hit a brainbuster to Eddie, laying him out.

    Face Commentator: Damn it, damn it. This idiot is still on the Trump train.

    Heel Commentator: Him and millions of others. I guess Kerwin was the ‘Trump card’ mentioned earlier.

    The fans booed as Kerwin left the ring and walked up the aisle. He screamed they deserved this for what they did to Trump. Back in the ring, the ref had recovered. Eddie slowly got to his feet, not taking his eyes off his nephew – he turned around and was hit by another Super Kick from Michaels who made the cover.




    Winner and new Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion: Shawn Michaels

    The fans boo as Michaels held the titles aloft. He began waving and saying ‘bye, bye’ to the fans as he stands on each turnbuckle.

    Face Commentator: History has repeated itself. Michaels is apparently going to once again take our World Title away from the company.

    Heel Commentator: Trump had the last laugh. He may have lost control of the company but Cornette now has a company without a champion. Who would have thought Trump would leave a legacy of chaos and ruin behind him?

    Michaels begins laughing and pointing at the fans and starts writing various things in the air with his hands, such as ‘NWO’, ‘BWA’, ‘BCW’, and so on. Cornette comes out.

    Cornette: Shawn Michaels, ten years ago I stood here and pleaded with you not to leave this company with our World Title. Now I'm asking you one more time, please do not take our World Title away from us.

    Michaels (having got a mic): Sorry Jimbo, you lose once again. I’m gone. Maybe I’ll rock up to whatever promotion President Trump goes to next. But I’m outta here. I'll leave you with two words: Suck It.

    Cornette: I’m sorry you feel that way, Shawn. But never let it be said that ol’ Corny doesn’t learn from his mistakes. You see you can forget about Trump cards because I have an ace up my sleeve. There was a reason I made a number one contender match on this PPV card, Shawn. It was for a situation just like this one. You see our number one contender deserves his shot for the title, and he’s not going to have to wait for it. He's getting it RIGHT NOW.

    Goldberg enters to a big pop as Michaels shakes his head, screaming this is a screw job. Goldberg is hobbling slightly, after his match earlier. A ref runs down and the match is made official.

    Goldberg vs Shawn Michaels (c) (Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)

    Michaels backs off and tries to talk Goldberg out of it. ‘I won’t quit, okay’, he says, but Goldberg keeps advancing. Michaels goes for a chop block, and takes Goldberg down. He begins targeting the leg Angle worked over earlier tonight. Michaels climbs up top and hits a diving elbow on Goldberg. He then signals for Sweet Chin Music as the fans chant Goldberg’s name.

    Michaels goes for the kick, but Goldberg ducks and flattens him with a spear. He signals for the jackhammer, while hopping, as the commentators ponder once more if his leg will hold. It does, and Goldberg connects with the jackhammer. He covers…




    Winner and new Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion: Bill Goldberg

    The fans cheer as Cornette enters the ring and holds up Goldberg’s hand. The show goes off the air with confetti falling and pyro going off.

    Why I went with this feud: Guerrero vs Michaels would be a dream match and I think they would have great chemistry. I knew I wanted Michaels in a top spot as it allowed me to reference ten years ago when Michaels screwed the company and left with the title.

    Why I booked it this way: I liked the idea that Cornette learned from what happened last time, and ended up having the last laugh. It wraps up the storyline from ten years ago. Michaels would spend the next weeks, saying he was screwed, and how that’s not right, which would be ironic coming from him. Eddie would end up in a feud with his nephew, who was the only true MAGA believer on the roster. The Wall members were with Trump only for the money and personal gain. I’d have Goldberg hold the title for a while, and do a rematch with Michaels, before entering into feuds with the likes of Luger, Vader, Batista and Yokozuna, and have a summer rematch with Angle.

    That’s it from me. Thank you to Necro for running the game, and thanks for reading.

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    the Iron Sheik & Jimmy Snuka vs Ivan Koloff & Ahmed Johnson

    There is a clear advantage for Sheiky Baby and Snuka here who are on top throughout and dominant. They were also by far a more cohesive team with Koloff & Johnson screaming blame and complaints at each other when they can't get on top or tag the other person in. This boils over when Ivan Koloff tags out in an overly aggresive manor leading to Johnson saying one negative thing too much to his partner as he enters the ring which resulted in the Russian bear hitting him with his Russian Sickle Lariat. He then exited the ring and did not even look back as he headed backstage. Ahmed Johnson is then hit by a superfly Splash before Snuka tags in The Iron Sheik whose Camel Clutch leads to his opponent tapping.

    winners: The Iron Sheik & jimmy Snuka

    Ahmed Johnson looks seriously p*ssed off as the announcers remind everyone this match had a loser leaves town stip attached to it and wonder if that means Koloff is gone from the BWA too.

    The fireworks go off and it is time for what is usually the biggest show of the draft although this year it's kicking off the BWA's calander year and kicking off the show is the potential show-stealer that will no doubt start things off with a bang and get the crowd on the edge of their seats.

    Kota Ibushi vs Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

    A wrestling clinic! (but it was mostly edited out due to new boards ugh)

    Ibushi looks in shock as Ricky battles his way back to his feet as the two exchange extremely loud chops and eventually ducks one and grabs the Japanese superstar in a sleeper hold that he transitions into a Dragon Sleeper. A rope break eventually forces this to be broken.

    Steamboat stays on Ibushi as he gets back up but BOOM!, big roundhouse out of nowhere, followed up by a Bastard (Cradle tombstone) driver before he finishes things with a Golden Star Press from the top rope.

    Winner: Kota Ibushi

    Afterwards the two combatants embrace and Steamboat leads the crowd in a round of applause for Ibushi as the crowd talk about the crowd being the true winners tonight and how they hope they get to see more of Ibushi in the BWA going forward.

    The next night on BWA Raw in a segment where Steamboat is again putting over his opponent, Ibushi officially signs a BWA contract for the next year. After he does so they are interrupted by the NWO -Wa Wa wow wow Wa Wa wow wow- which leads to Steamboat & Ibushi teaming up to fight them. The match hass a dusty finish but could this be the start of a new team? Could it be hte start of a new feud?

    Up next we had the battle of the Babes as Vince McMahon tried to title it when originally announcing the match but that never really got over...

    BWA Womens title match: Trish Stratus vs Chyna

    edited down...Trish grabs the ref and starts screaming at the him for not counting fast enough, she then turns and strikes Chyna who is getting back up and drops her like a sack of potatoes!

    She makes another pin and this time the ref counts very quickly and we have a winner!

    Winner: Trish Stratus

    After the match the commentators suggest that was a fast count and show the replay at which point it can be seen that she took, as they say "something which looks like it could be brass knucks" out of the refs pocket before striking Chyna who is livid. She hasn't seen the replay like the announce team but is trying to convince the ref that Trish (who has already absconded with the belt) did something untoward.

    On BWA Raw after having seen the footage an irate Chyna demands a rematch against Trish who he keeps refering to as "Vince's girl" saying he had obviously used his infleunce with the official. Trish does everything she can however to avoid giving Chyna that rematch however saying she has to earn it first, and should be at the back of the line after losing to her

    Speaking of McMahon and his influence surely nothing dodgy will go down in this Vince McMahon Street Fight. That sounds like the kind of fight that will be 100% on the up and up. Well oddly it seems that might be something Kevin Owens might actually believe as before the match we see him tell Chris Jericho that he wants to do this one on his own and does not want any help from him tonight, stating that Jericho's focus should be on capturing the world title later in the night first and foremost.

    Street Fight: Vince McMahon vs Kevin Owens

    Vince looks Jacked when he comes out here and Owens looks a little taken aback and almost intimidated at first.

    wa wa wow wow wa wa wow wow

    Winner: Vince McMahon

    As verbose as ever Ol Vinnie Mac is beaming the next night before he is confronted in the ring by Chris Jericho (KO is absent after what happened the night before) but as they did the night before the NWO come out and take care of those that oppose McMahon who then continues his promo with the likes of Hall & Nash flanking him and reveals himself as if it is needed at that point as the real leader of the NWO.

    IC Title: Mr Perfect vs Brian Pillman

    winner: Brain Pillman

    A shock win from the imperfect one leaves Curt Hennig stunned in the ring, he kicked out a millisecond too late and now Pillman is dissapearing with the Intercontinental title belt into the back. Hennig is so devestated by this loss that he refuses to call himself Perfect anymore and instead seeks out the man who he called the perfect tag partner for him, Scott Hall, and reforms his old tag team to get him back on track but even then he vows that when he feels Perfect again he will come for his IC title and revenge on Pillman

    We are then treated to a great promo video all about the greatest legends in Wrestling history and how it amazed people even to this day that Andre The Giant and Bruno Sammartino never went one on one. Back in the day good guys rarely faced off against each other especially ones as popular as these two because promoters were afraid one might lose it's shine and drawing potential, but in the BWA we are determined to give you the best matches no matter what and it didn't hurt that Andre had aligned himself with Vince McMahon the ultimate heel who Sammartino had beef with in terms of making this match official.

    The Giant rarely speaks but does so before this one and addresses how Mr McMahon just aligned himself with the NWO, a stable he wanted nothing to do with and somewhat turns himself face in doing so but does say he still wants to face Sanmartino, not because he is going to stand in his way as he tries to get his hands on Vince but because he is a legend

    Bruno Sanmartino vs Andre the Giant

    Winner: Andre The Giant

    The face turn from Andre is cemented as Bruno graciously accepts the defeat and shakes the hand of the giant after the bell. Despite the loss Bruno's path is no clear to go after Vince while Andre the face may head towards the main event after such a huge win

    War Games: 4 Horsemen (Ole, Arn & Tully) vs NWO (Nash, Hall & X-Pac) vs The Freebirds

    Winners: The NWO

    With Vince behind them and now victorious here will the NWO run wild on the BWA?

    World Title: Ric Flair vs Chirs jericho

    winner: Ric Flair

    Jericho came incredibly close but Flair proves himself to be that level above... the GOAT?

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    Match Background wrote:

    At BWA Wrestlepalooza Ivan Koloff turned on Ahmed Johnson costing them in their losers leave town tag match vs The Iron Sheik and Jimmy Snuka. He then refused to accept reality and turned up on BWA Raw saying that his fate should never have been tied to Johnson, a man who was never even drafted to the company. He called him a loser, and demanded that the BWA management gave him a chance to prove his worth without someone else dragging him down. Before they could make a decision however Ahmed Johnson jumped the guard rail and assaulted him. Johnson also blamed Koloff for costing him his BWA contract and he wanted retribution. Thus it was decided they would each get one final chance, against each other, where the loser would never be seen again in the BWA!

    Ivan Koloff vs Ahmed Johnson

    match info goes here

    winner: Ivan Koloff

    Match background wrote:

    The powers that be decided they should have a PPV that could highlight the strength of the tag teams in the BWA and thus it was decided that at Survivor Series there would be an elimination style tag team tournament, in which the winners would have to overcome three other teams (in 3 tag matches) to prove themselves worthy tag champions.

    The first of the 4 quarter finals came about after Vince McMahon's reveal as the leader of the newest incarnation of the NWO, left the remaining members of his corporation (Snuka and the Iron Sheik} somewhat miffed and at odds with McMahons new running buddies. They believed they could prove themselves the superior tag-team to Vince even with the NWO currently holding the tag titles.

    The Iron Sheik & Jimmy Snuka vs The NWO (Kevin Nash & X-Pac)

    short conclusion to match details here

    Winners: The NWO

    Match background wrote:

    After the NWO had emerged from War Games with the tag titles everyone had an excuse for why they hadn't been victorious with The Horsemen blaming the Freebirds and perhaps unsurprisingly the Freebirds saying that if the the Horsemen were not involved they would have brought home the gold. To that suggestion however Arn Anderson simply said "go on then prove it!" he challenged them to eliminated him and his brother Ole from proceedings and go on to win it all if they could aka to face them in the tournament...and Michael Hayes and co accepted.

    Arn & Ole Anderson vs The Freebirds

    short conclusion to match details here

    Winners: The Freebirds

    Match background wrote:

    Mr.Perfect wants revenge vs "The imperfect one" Brian Pillman after losing his IC title match and gets the perfect partner in order to get it after being told Pillman had entered himself and Blanchard into the tournament and would not be defending the intercontinental title on this show.

    Curt Hennig & Scott Hall vs Brian Pillman & Tully Blanchard

    Scott Hall truly looks like the perfect partner here although Hennig seems to be struggling with his confidence when going up against Pillman in ring but it didn't matter as Hall pinned Tully

    Winners: Hennig & Hall

    Match background wrote:

    Owens tries to convince Jericho not to be too dejected after coming up just short in his world title quest vs Ric Flair telling him that he still has him and that with him by his side they can achieve anything... For example winning the tag team titles! The idea seems to kick Y2J out of his funk and after picking up a few tag wins over lesser teams they are entered in the tournament. They are full of confidence until they learn that their QF opponents would be a brand new team, the only team in the tournament to have never tagged together before but still a blockbuster team... that being the two men who faced off against one another and won each others respect at Wrestlepalooza Ricky Steamboat & Kota Ibushi... boom! these for in a tag match is an instant classic waiting to happen that has the fans tongues wagging in the build to the PPV!

    Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens vs Ricky Steamboat & Kota Ibushi

    undone by being too honorable, Steamboat/Ibushi wrestled impeccably in a MOTN contender but lost due to nefarious means employed by Jericho & KO

    Winners: Jericho & Owens

    Later in the night The NWO face The Freebirds, while Perfect & Hall will take on Y2J & KO in the Semi-finals

    Match background wrote:

    Trish and Chyna build to the rematch centered around Trish doing everything she could to avoid even having the match in the first place

    The Rematch: Trish Stratus vs Chyna (BWA Womens title match)

    match details

    Winner: Chyna

    The Fallout wrote:

    A new champion but technically that makes it 1 win each between these two ladies, could there be a rubber match on the horizon. If so Stratus will need to find some way of equaling things up as that display was somewhat one-sided

    The Freebirds vs The NWO (Kevin Nash & X-Pac)

    short conclusion to match details here

    Winners: The NWO

    : So it will be Y2J & KO vs The NWO a little later on tonight!

    no interference today - Andre standing at gorilla

    Vince McMahon vs Bruno Sammartino

    match details

    defiant till the end

    Winner: Bruno Sammartino

    The Fallout wrote:

    Vince McMahon has been defeated and his confidence has no doubt been dented, but he does have the NWO behind him so no doubt will be able to bounce back to somehting big while Bruno gets the win against the man he came back to face but could there be something else big on the horizon for Sammartino after this

    Bruno Sammartino is interviewed back in the dressing room and states that he will return the favor for Andre later in the night saying no Horsemen is getting involved in the main event and that after tonight the champion will be a righteous champion.

    Tag Title Tournament Final

    Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens vs The NWO (Kevin Nash & X-Pac)

    How the tag titles were won

    Winners: Jericho & Owens

    The Fallout wrote:

    The New tag champions Y2J/KO alongside their Freebird brothers saw act like they run the tag division going forward but The NWO having now lost their belts, especially after Perfect lost his at the last PPV and McMahon lost earlier tonight have a lot of self evaluation to do going forward

    Ric Flair vs Andre The Giant

    Andre dominates in many peoples eyes, he puts in a hell of a performance but Flair digs deep and somehow pulls it out of the bag and impressively somehow makes the big man tap!

    Winner: Ric Flair

    The Fallout wrote:

    defeated a GOAT contender in Y2J last PPV and a Giant without backup this PPV... is he the greatest ever

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    The build to this wrote:

    The Freebirds and the Tag champs seem to be dominating the tag division while The horsemen and The NWO have been struggling big time in that division. The NWO lost their titles in the last PPV and lost a rematch since, meanwhile Mr Perfect has been struggling with an element of depression since losing his IC title to Horseman member Brian Pillman and stopped calling himself Mr Perfect. Pillman however wouldn't even give him a rematch (although he did say that if he could get a win in this match he could be added to the IC title later in the night) Having eliminated the other horsemen from the previous months tag title tournament however the NWO targetted them. they saw them as the perfect opportunity to bounce back.

    Tully, Arn & Ole vs Nash, X-Pac & Curt Hennig

    A great tag match is concluded when Hennig hits his perfect plex for the first time in months and get the 4 count as a result

    Winner: The NWO

    Why it was booked this way wrote:

    The NWO are bouncing back, Hennig's story continues and he is added to the IC title match later while the Horsemen still have Flair (and to a lesser extent Pillman) leading the way in the entire promotion but could that change tonight vs Hall, could this be the start of the NWO turnaround into promotional domination!

    backstage segment

    The build to this wrote:

    Vince McMahon had a big loss to Bruno Sammartino last PPV and his group the NWO lost their tag titles to Y2J & Kevin Owens who themselves are part of a bigger faction which includes the Fabulous Frreebirds who are lead by Michael Hayes. Hayes in particular has taken great joy in his former bosses fall from grace and took shot after shot at him whenever the opportunity arose which was something that Vince was not willing to accept thus this match. Vince challenged the leader of the Freebirds to a one on one contest but everyone knew it wouldn't be as simple as that, no McMahon bout ever is. So Hayes got Gordy & Roberts to back him up while McMahon had his henchmen Jimmy Snuka and The Iron Sheik

    Vince McMahon vs Michael Hayes

    w/The Iron Sheik & Jimmy Snuka w/The Freebirds

    A great bloody mess of interference and spots sees Vince triumph as he is an expert in such situations

    Winner: Vince McMahon

    Why it was booked this way wrote:

    The freebirds are more of a tag team and Hayes will be rarely used as a singles guy and generally are more so backup to Jericho/KO in the Rock Gods stable atm but Vince is a marquee name who like the NWO earlier could use this return to form a lot more, it also does further that stables overall storyline

    backstage segment

    The build to this wrote:

    The Rock Gods and Jericho & Owens have dominated the tag division since the last PPV and talked about how there were no challengers worthy of them until these two legends interrupted one of their promos and challenged them. Andre was in the main event last month, like Jericho the month before him and he and Bruno had faced off at Wrestlepalooza when the two earned each others respect and then they were seen working together again at the following PPV stopping anyone from interfering in each others matches. Owens and Jericho are brash and arrogant and believe they, the new generation of legends as they call themselves have what it takes to defeat the old school duo and accept the challenge

    Tag Title match

    Andre The Giant & Bruno Sammartino vs Y2J & Kevin Owens

    Winner: Andre & Bruno

    Why it was booked this way wrote:

    This would probably be the first of a series of matches between these two which could eventually end with the the legends putting a younger duo over even if it isn't the not quite so young Jericho but this could be a great spot for these two for a while before they perhaps go back to singles competition be that challenging a potential new champion of in legends/icons matches.


    backstage segment

    The build to this wrote:

    We see Chyna forced into a rubber match but being somewhat dismissive of Trish's chances after their last bout, saying that unless she cheats she has no chance. Meanwhile we are informed that Trish has gone off and trained on a specific plan for how to defeat Chyna

    The Womens Title Trilogy rubber match:

    Trish Stratus Vs Chyna

    Trish infuriates Chyna avoiding everything thrown at her and then catching her in a new submission hold that Chyna is forced to tap to!

    Winner: Trish Stratus

    Why it was booked this way wrote:

    The story is all about Trish learning to overcome a bigger opponent and having to work on her actual in ring skills to be able to do so.

    backstage segment

    The build to this wrote:

    Ibushi and Steamboat have put on some classics with each other, Pillman has won the title from Hennig who earlier tonight won the right to finally get a chance at getting his title back but to do so it will have to be an incredible performance as Pillman had already accepted the challenge of Ibushi and Steamboat because he wanted what (made others again think he was mad) the hardest challenge he could have. After his win earlier tonight Hennig also once again refers to himself as Perfect in an interview an says he will give the perfect performance tonight with 2 wins

    Intercontinental Fatal Four Way Title Match:

    Kota Ibushi vs Pillman vs Steamboat vs "Mr Perfect" Curt Hennig

    This has classic written all over it and is another example of how strong a roster this is when these guys aren't in the main event nor were any of them for the past 2 PPVs

    Winner: Kota Ibushi

    Why it was booked this way wrote:

    Kota is a massive star, he signed for a full year to the promotion and will put on more classics defending the IC title going forward. Meanwhile Pillman and Stemboat can take this loss and still move on to good mid card feuds given their characters but's the hope that kills you and he finally got his chance to turn things around only to take the pin and his story arc going forward would be about him having a crisis of confidence

    backstage segment

    The build to this wrote:

    Scott Hall was the star of the War Games match 2 PPVs ago, 1 PPV ago he was called the perfect tag partner but his team mate let him down. He has been on fire in the BWA and again people have been referring to him as the greatest wrestler to have never won a world title but he hates that moniker saying all it means to him is that he's not done it....yet! Because now he is challenging for the big one! but what a challenge it will be vs the man who beat someone claiming to be the GOAT in Chris Jericho at Wrestlepalooza and then a literal Giant in Andre last month in Ric Flair. Is Flair the greatest to ever lace his boots up? he says he will show that he is tonight

    BWA World Heavyweight Title Match

    Ric Flair vs Scott Hall

    A 30 minute classic where both men are taken to the limit

    Winner: Scott Hall

    Why it was booked this way wrote:

    The greatest to never win a world title does just that and against arguable the greatest of all time. RIP Scott Hall

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    Singles Match

    Rick Rude vs. Giant Baba

    Winner: Giant Baba

    Singles Match

    Karl Gotch vs. Harley Race

    Winner: Karl Gotch

    Ladder Match for the 2DW Women's Championship

    Manami Toyota vs. Lita

    Winner: Manami Toyota

    Tag-Team Match for the 2DW Tag-Team Championships

    Demolition vs. Harlem Heat

    Winner: Harlem Heat

    2 on 1 Handicap Match

    Money Inc. vs. Dusty Rhodes

    Winner: Dusty Rhodes

    O'Connell Street Fight - Loser Leaves Town

    (2DW Commissioner) Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton

    Winner: Randy Orton

    Singles Match for the All Ireland Championship

    Antonio Inoki vs. Mistuharu Misawa

    Winner: Mitsuharu Misawa

    Singles match for the 2DW World Heavyweight Championship

     Undertaker w/Paul Bearer vs. Macho Man w/Miss Elizabeth

    Winner: The Undertaker

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    LizLinear Wrestling Entertainment (LWE)


    WrestleMayhem ( live from Madison Square Garden )

    PPV Card:-

    Chad Gable Vs. Dean Malenko

    Ronda Rousey Vs. Shayna Baszler - Submission Match

    Chris Sabin and Justin Gabriel Vs. Wardlow and Christian Vs. Joey Mercury and John Morrison (C) for the tag titles

    Kevin Hart with Santina Marella in his corner Vs. Grayson Waller (if Kevin wins then Santina gets a role in his next film and Kevin a title match of his choosing, if Grayson wins Kevin gets his agent manager to sign him and get him a lead film role)

    Mercedes Martinez Vs. Ivory (C) for the women's title with Pat Afee as referee (Pat and Ivory have been battling for control as GM of LWE)

    Austin Theory Vs. Tyson Kidd (C) for the IC title

    Seth Rollins Vs. The Rock (C) for world title in a ladder match

    (Seth's entourage / bodyguards Otis, Nia and Taminia are at ringside with him)

    More Detail to Follow


  • Registered Users Posts: 85,547 ✭✭✭✭JP Liz V1

    LizLinear Wrestling Entertainment (LWE)


    WrestleMayhem ( live from Madison Square Garden )

    LWE has run into a chaotic mess, the owner has wanted to put all the titles on her obsession Christian so the board have Liz removed and in psych hold with Christian obtaining a restraining order. He wanted to leave the promotion but wrestling fan boy Pat Afee came in with cash injection and promised to put the promotion back on top. He got big names like The Rock, Wardlow, Seth Rollins, Ronda Rousey and Seth Rollins in. Ivory who was now the women's champion has gone to see the board to persuade her to run LWE. She confiscated Theory's phone and selfie stick. She demanded Santino Marella only dress as Santino not Santina and wanted The Rock to cover up his struddle. Pat and Ivory argued over who would run the promotion. A tournament was rang for the world title which The Rock won so he the LWE world champion. Kevin Hart visited The Rock as they were friends and Hart confessed he always wanted to be a wrestler even though he was small be begged Dwayne Rocky to help him. Kevin meet with Pat who was a fan and said he would see what he could do but Ivory did not want him there. Pat and Ivory clashed many times.

    Seth Rollins became the no. 1 contender for the LWE title with help from his bodyguard Otis. Seth got in the ear of Nia Jax to turn away from The Rock and join him. He used his charm on Nia and it worked as she joined Seth. Taminia was angry with Nia asking why but Seth again was able to charm her also and she joined him.

    Chad Gable Vs. Dean Malenko

    Dean has been a mentor to Chad but Chad wanted to go out on his own which lead to this match with Chad won

    Ronda Rousey Vs. Shayna Baszler - Submission Match

    The former friends and former women's champions feuded when the promotion only talked of how great UFC fighter Ronda was so Shayna challenged her to a submission match which was grant and in the Shayna won making Ronda tap out.

    Chris Sabin and Justin Gabriel Vs. Wardlow and Christian Vs. Joey Mercury and John Morrison (C) for the tag titles

    Christian was getting very unhappy in the promotion and despite losing to The Rock, Rollins, Theory and even Waller recently he decided to partner up with Wardlow when he asked him as he knew Christian had vast tag team experience and championships in other promotions. Wardlow put up a good show on his own as Christian left him alone during the match heading away backstage. Wardlow nearly had Mercury pinned but Morrison saved him. Morrison pinned Gabriel in the end to retain their titles.

    Santino keep dressing as Santina which annoyed Ivory but Pat liked. Grayson attacked Santina beating him badly backstage. Kevin Hart tried to help but Grayson threw him in a trash bin. Pat gave Hart a match.

    Kevin Hart with Santina Marella in his corner Vs. Grayson Waller (if Kevin wins then Santina gets a role in his next film and Kevin a title match of his choosing, if Grayson wins Kevin gets his agent manager to sign him and get him a lead film role)

    Kevin got the win with help from Santina who gave a stink face to Grayson. Pat watched from the ringside announce table happy at the result. Santina was practicing his Oscar winning speech and MTV award winning speech for his big role. Pat asked Kevin what title he would like to compete for and he said of course the big one, the world title. Pat shook his hand.

    Mercedes Martinez Vs. Ivory (C) for the women's title with Pat Afee as referee (Pat and Ivory have been battling for control as GM of LWE)

    Mercedes has beaten Nia and also Taminia to challenge Ivory who felt as she had to manage the promotion so she should not have to compete but Pat said she would defend with him as referee. Pat did slow counts, looked away making Ivory mad that she attacked him. He did not want to fight her but she keep at him until security pulled her away. The match was DQ but Ivory retainined.

    Austin Theory Vs. Tyson Kidd (C) for the IC title

    Kidd as champ was facing the self proclaimed selfie social media king. After a tough match Theory won to become the new IC champ.

    Before the match Nia was talking backstage with Simone Johnson who had a meeting with Pat for a try out to surprise her dad. He did not know she was there.

    Main Event

    Seth Rollins Vs. The Rock (C) for world title in a ladder match

    (Seth's entourage / bodyguards Otis, Nia and Taminia are at ringside with him)

    Seth and his cohorts outside cause major distraction for The Rock while attempting to get the ladder up in the ring. Seth knocks the ref out. The Rock knocks Seth out. Nia is in the ring now and she attacks The Rock but gets a Rock Bottom. Otis and Taminia come in the ring and out runs Simone to help her dad, she faces Taminia while Otis attacks The Rock. Simone runs at Taminia and they role out side brawling. Seth and Otis are attacking The Rock in the ring who is worried about Simone. He manages to knock out Otis and goes outside to take out Taminia. Seth comes outside and grabs Simone to kiss her but she low blows him. The Rock rolls Seth back in the ring and they go out at it. Kevin Hart and Santina come to help Simone and cheer on The Rock.

    Eventually The Rock climbs the ladder and retains his title.

    The Rock, Simone, Kevin and Santina celebrate in the ring.

    Music hits and out comes Christian with a chair quick into the ring. He hits Santina, Kevin with the chair. The Rock is preparing him for a Rock Bottom but he reverses to Unprettier. Simone rolls out of the ring and watches in despair as Christian attacks The Rock LWE champion with the chair many shots. Christian smiles that it is his time as the show ends.

    ( Apologies for Delay )