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Old Loan Haunting a Mortgage Application

  • 25-02-2022 4:26pm
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    Hi All,

    Im one of the lucky ones to have a tracker mortgage with AIB when I bought a house back in 2007, even though I got my fingers burned with negative equity. I brought on my own not long out of college, crazy I know.

    I have since got myself married and we are now planning hard for a move. As I am keen to keep my tracker, I was looking at the Mortgage Retention product but that means sticking with AIB. The kicker is that my wife had a 5K loan back in 2007, lost her job and never paid it back to the bank (AIB). She is keen not to deal with AIB for the new mortgage because of the shame, guilt, possible reject and/or potentially being hit up for the unpaid loan. I would of assumed that too much has time as passed that they would of written it off as a bad debt and keen for the costume but is her concerns well founded - perhaps AIB wont touch us as a couple because of this?

    Any views on what the AIBs stance might be would be appreciated as I cant see a discussion happening with AIB as it is.

    Thanks !


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    Have you checked if the loan is on the CCR or not?

    If its on the CCR, it will be a problem anywhere. If its not, it may not be an issue with AIB.