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Any I-Pace owners?

  • 17-02-2022 11:07pm
    Registered Users Posts: 63 ✭✭

    I searched for a thread on this but doesn't seem to be one.

    I have been planning my move to EV's for a few months and now I've placed a deposit on an I-Pace Black for July. I'll add, if there wasn't such a waiting list for some of the other EV's I tested, I think I would have left Jag.

    Are there any existing I-Pace owners here and how are you finding your travels?


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,215 ✭✭✭Boscoirl

    Don’t own one. But have driven them regularly enough.

    in my opinion it’s the nicest cabin of any of the EVs I have driven

    the looks are a bit marmite. You either love or hate it.

    tech wise they struggle. They have one of the largest batteries (90kwh I think) of most evs but the wltp isn’t great.

    saying that. The longest trip I took in one was Nenagh to Spiddal and back leaving with 90ish % battery. Car said I’d 70km range left when I got home.

    it was 240km return trip with a mixture of motorway and R roads. Plus a bit of joy riding while in Spiddal showing off the car.

  • Registered Users Posts: 63 ✭✭verizon

    Yeah I think that's pretty much the consensus with all EV's, you either love it or hate it. The popular EV's out there today just didn't quite do it for me.

    I'm not overly happy that Jag haven't upgraded their efficiency after 3 years but in reality, mileage shouldn't be much of a problem apart from the rare holidaying in remote parts of Ireland. I don't see any current EV out there that completely mitigates the planning ahead charging problem either.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,215 ✭✭✭Boscoirl

    There was to be an updated model this year but it was shelved for what ever reason.

    probably to put more effort into the new EV models due in 2025

  • Registered Users Posts: 887 ✭✭✭higster

    Well wear and you will like it.

    Just bought a 2020 SE version. Overall, love it (moved from an e class merc).

    You will have the benefit of bigger charger capacity and new infosystem then what I have.


    1. Interior, classic "feel" and layout ie has buttons for climate but still has the bells and whistles (cameras, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry, powered boot etc). Quite and very very well built cabin (just feels "solid" all round). I am not a fan of the "here's the ipad with all your controls".
    2. Common enough on EV's but the torque, my god the is so much fun to drive, love the steering feel, cornering is brilliant and comfortable at same time. Best driving car I've ever had.
    3. Overall looks...I like saloons, don't like suv's, this is in between & not in your face that it is an EV (which weirdly enough I like)

    Don't like (bar the first line struggled to think of anything):

    1. Would expect more mileage with a 90kW battery. This time of year and mostly motorway driving just eats the kW's. But, have I ever had any (once I got over range anxiety including long trips). Lucky enough to have access to charger at work (free) and at home. Also, I'm pretty sure the vehicle software is not up to date which will give me some efficiencies I hope (going into garage tomorrow to sort it).
    2. Small thing: Back windscreen is small, no wiper, takes time to demist and needs a bit of a spin before rain/wet clears off it. But cameras are excellent so cover for this when needed (which is very seldom). Would recommend having the blindspot option though
    3. Small thing: Infotainment system can be tad slow, nothing major, a niggle. New cars have new system that has improved this seemingly
    4. Small thing: Boot big for normal use, no problem...but is just wrong "layout" to take golf trolley and golf bag without dropping one of the back seats/taking off the cover (once a week problem and 99% of time on my own in the car anyway)
    5. ...can't think of anything else that would be any different in any EV

    My wife likes it so much she is now probably going to go ev also. I've sat in Hyundai's, KIA EV6 (very nice btw), Tesla (did nothing for me), Volvo, Audi (etron gt would be nice but outside my price range, did not like suv's), BMW etc and the i pace is still the one for me (have seen the porche taycan from a distance and that does look lovely but very pricey when put on the "minimum" of extras).

    Now saying all that, depending on price and taking for a drive, I'll probably go for the Merc EQE in a few years (once all the glitches are sorted as it is a new model) and be back in a saloon (without knowing what new saloon ev's are due out at that stage).

  • Registered Users Posts: 262 ✭✭Eireann81

    @higster What's a realistic expectation of range at a continuous 120 km/h at this time of year?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 887 ✭✭✭higster

    Have had only 1 long'ish trip so far (140km each way), 5degrees, showers & windy, no precondition, AC heating on all the time, 100% SoC at start, 90% motorway and all that at 122km/hr (with a few "heavy acceleration for a laugh" incidents), 20inch wheels, full golf bag and electric golf trolley in the boot, i.e. worst case scenario...had it only a few days so was getting used to it so not sure how accurate but it would not have made it (280km), I chickened out and got a ~20min charge (50kWh charger) on the way back to get me home with ~20% in the "tank".

    The temp, ac on/off, wheel size and type of driving has a massive impact...this "predictor" is pretty accurate going by online chatter (ac on, all motorway at 92km/h, 22inch wheels, 5 degrees = 252km whereas ac off, urban at 27km/h, 25degrees, 18inch wheels = 482km)

    Planning on doing same trip again this weekend and see if any better (hopefully warmer and no heavy acceleration)

    edit: just had a look at this month to date stats using MyPace app and looks like should do 300km with 85% minimum of that motorway at 120km and above conditions.

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