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Panda Power - fraudulent sales rep?

  • 15-02-2022 10:36am
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    In 2020, I switched our electricity supplier to "Panda Power". A sales rep had come to our door and the offer was very competitive, so I took it up. Everything went fine and in January of 2021, the sales rep called again and asked whether we wanted to go ahead and renew the contract and again they offered some goodies and I agreed.

    This year, however, I declined the renewal, as I wanted to switch to SSE Airtricity who offered a better deal. The switch went ahead and the new company set up a new contract.

    But then I got an email from Panda saying that I terminated my contract prematurely and would have to pay an "early termination fee". I immediately contacted them and said that I did not renew and they promised to look into their recordings and call me back. That call never happened, of course. Instead, I got the "final invoice" a few days later, containing the termination fee of ca. €50. I immediately replied by contesting that.

    Today, Panda's "Loyalty Team" came back to me with the recording they received from the Sales Rep of the renewal call. And indeed, on the call, I agreed to the renewal!

    However, that call recording was obviously from my renewal in 2021!

    I checked the length of the recording and found that it was 1min46 secs - and clearly the recording also did start a few moments into the call. Then I checked my call logs and found that I indeed received a call from the sales rep on the 13th of Jan 2022, however, that call was only 1 min 12 secs!!! (And in that call, I had declined the renewal. That call, however, was not recorded, iirc!).

    I took a screenshot of my call logs on the phone and emailed them back to the company with a note saying that this can't be the recording from this year's call.

    Now I'm waiting for their response ....

    Should I file a criminal complaint for fraud? Or should I take this up with the Regulator?


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    Well you’re getting no where going to the Gardaí except potentially laughed at.

    Obviously don’t pay and if payment has/is taken recall it or charge back. If panda keep insisting you renewed absolutely go to the energy regulator and lodge a complaint for them to investigate. Mind I would be inclined to do so regardless of the outcome.

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    Before going to the Energy Regulator you'll need to raise a formal complaint with PPP and exhaust that process. Keep everything in writing, tell them it's a formal complaint and ask for a case number or reference. Follow that up with the Regulator if you don't get a satisfactory response from PPP. Also, if you have any direct debit set up cancel it now. If a payment has already been made through SEPA then you can reverse that.

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    I was abbreviating Panda Power and added an extra P for posterity :)

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    Fraud - are your fricking serious?????

    Seriously??? Fraud????

    Maybe sue them for the distress while you are at it.

    Its an error. plain and simple - an error. People and companies make errors. I'll wager that you make errors too - should you be charged with fraud offences and face criminal proceeding because you make an error.

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    You need to massively wind in the tone of your replies to people on this forum.

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    I had a person call to the house recently (actually can't remember the company but it was for one of the pre-pay crowds) and he said sign up now and you'll get a €300 discount.

    I asked him to expand on that and he mentioned that they are offering a €100 welcome bonus and there's a €200 supplement from the Govt. coming.

    I thought it was fairly scummy the way he packaged this as if they were giving me an extra €200 off that I'll be getting no matter where I am anyway

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     A sales rep had come to our door

    Red flag the size of a bus.