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  • 14-02-2022 6:37pm
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    Hello Boards,

    I have an old email address which ends in It seems to be a microsoft outlook /old eircom email. I can send and receive emails on my pc. I can send and receive emails on my phone provided I'm on the home wifi system . I can receive but not send indigo mail on my phone. I need to send emails from this address on my phone and I'd appreciate any help in that direction.




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    MS Outlook - program(app) that is running on your PC. Indigo for decades belong to Eir

    According this old thread....

    So if your internet provider is Eir and mail works while at home, but your phone provider is not eir and it doesn't when not at home, last two posts by @Spear in that thread has good explanation.

    Perhaps someone else will give you more, i only can suggest to consider move your account to more up-to-date and more secure mail service provider.

    To answer your direct question(providing info in old thread is correct) - move your phone to Eir for mail to work from it.

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    Only seeing this now, but as says, you need to be on the Eir network to send directly through the mail servers. To send on other networks, you'll need to send through their outgoing STMP server.

    But you really should consider moving everything to a new mail provider. Eir's scummy policy of charging for mail accounts, and effectively extorting people who've come to depend on these for so many things, will eventually do the same to indigo accounts too.

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    sorry to jump on this and not start my own post but I have had a gofree.indigo email address going back years , more than likely when indigo started up!

    is everyone's gofree.indigo email address (those that still have one these days) working today (Thursday 18th May 2023) or has it finally gone now?

    I have had emails in the past saying gofree.indigo was going to be retired but they have looked scammy and never ever have come from eir / eircom

    EDIT: a few minutes after posting this, and its come to life again and getting my emails.