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Running after ACL reconstruction

  • 06-02-2022 11:32pm
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    I used to enjoy running prior to having ACL reconstruction surgery 6 years ago. I tried running again after the rehab period post op, but had to give up due to chronic pain in my knee after the run was complete. I took up casual cycling in the meantime but really miss the running.

    I'm considering buying running shoes like the Under Armour Michelin thick sole shoes in the hope the extra cushioning might help. Has anyone any experience with these, or any tips on getting back out there?

    Just to add, when I don't run I have very little knee pain.


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    I had an ACL reconstruction myself about 8 years ago and was able to get back running completely pain free in my knee after the 6 months rehab. I'm obviously no medical expert but if you are still having pain running after all this time then I would be going to see one first to make sure everything is still ok. If have health insurance or the means getting referred for an MRI on the knee in questions might be a good start.

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    Thanks for your input, I meant to add, I did get a further MRI about 18 months after and the ACL graft was holding up well, there was a good bit of meniscus damage though from the original injury. I had further surgery to tidy this up but was warned there wasn't much that could be done with the meniscus.

    I train Krav Maga as well and find this not as severe on my knee as running, even though it involves a lot of kicking and twisting movements.

    I had all but given up on running but I was doing a strength and conditioning program that involved a timed mile run (which I done on a treadmill) and I realised how much I missed it. So I went for my first run outdoors on Saturday and the old pain is back already, even though I only done about 2k. I probably already know the answer to my own question deep down (forget about running) but I was hoping some miracle technology, like these super cushioned shoes, could help me.

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    I ruptured my ACL in 2016. I had it repaired in the April and went to SSC (Sports Surgery Clinic) for rehab to strengthen the knee and get me back running in a straight line pain-free. It took a long time even to walk without pain. In Jan 2017 I was allowed a walk-to-run plan. It took another few months to comfortably run in a straight line. 18 months from surgery to back running ok.

    I would go to a physio or see a S&C coach and get their advice before going for new runners. I know SSC can assess your running style and help you.