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How to pay For Funeral

  • 06-02-2022 12:28pm
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    hello all

    so i am a lonely child (41) with a sole parent left (dad) , rest of family live in America. my dad is very old and i need to be thinking of a funeral which will only have myself and 1 or 2 people attending , can anyone recommend the cheapest funeral arrangements for 1 person in this situation i would also be interested in a Pay per week/Month option ?


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    There are a couple of threads on funeral costs already, but does your Dad have a life assurance or funeral policy? Also, if your Dad is a credit union member, most credit unions will make a substantial contribution towards a member's funeral costs. My mother's credit union contributed €3,250 towards the cost of her funeral in 2020.

    If he has shares in the credit union, (up to €23k) they are not held up for probate, and can be used by his nominated person to clear funeral costs. Make sure he has filled out a nominee form.

    You can contact a funeral director, they can walk you through it and make an advance funeral plan, which will also give you a ball park figure which you can start saving towards if none of the above are options.

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    Does your dad have any money in the bank at all? The bank will pay the funeral bill on receipt of the bill and death cert, assuming there are funds to cover it.

    If your dad isn't religious and you don't need a church service, then costs will be lower without transport to/from church, priest fees etc.