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Returning an item to Dyson

  • 04-02-2022 8:35pm
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    About 2 weeks before Christmas, I placed an Order on for a hair straightener by mistake (I had meant to buy a hair curler). I realised my mistake almost immediately and I contacted Dyson by phone within half an hour of placing the order to try and cancel it. The person I was talking to in Dyson could see my order on the system and see that it obviously hadn't been processed or dispatched yet but they were not able to cancel it to stop it from being sent out...!!! Anyway, their advice was to just let the order get delivered and then return it. I wasn't that happy with that as it would mean that it wouldn't be back on my credit card untill after Christmas and I wouldn't be able to buy the hair curler that I had wanted, but I went with it.

    The hair straightener arrived just before Christmas. I didn't even open the box and I put it away to keep it safe. Now, since the first week of January, I have been trying and failing to get Dyson to collect the thing to take it back. I would even be happy to send it back to them at my own cost, but their process is that they send a courier to collect it. They have now given me 5 collection dates and failed to turn up every time. The last one was today - I checked with them as late as 10:30 this morning as I hadn't heard from any courier and the they guaranteed me 100% that the collection would happen today. Their own words..".....I have double checked the collection date for you and I am a 100% sure that the collection will take place today."

    Surprise surprise, it is now 8:30 at night and the collection hasn't happened. I am at a loss as to what to do next with them.

    I have never done a charge back on a Credit Card before - Would this be a situation I could actually use it ? I am guessing not to be honest with you but I am getting desperate...!!! I wouldn't care if it was just a few quid but it's €400.


  • Registered Users Posts: 505 ✭✭✭Paul MCM

    A charge back is normally for something that never arrived or was damaged and the seller refuses to engage with you.

    could you sell it on Adverts or Done Deal?

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,524 ✭✭✭Squatman

    MAdness. Send a strongly worded message to the folks at dyson. Claim your consumer rights are being ignored, and that you will be pursuing legal action if they will not collect adn refund this part

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,046 ✭✭✭silver2020

    Dyson customer service is appalling.

    I experienced crap service from them many years ago and have never bought their overpriced products again.

    My brother had an issue last year and it took the threat of small claims court to rectify the issue (battery not powering properly)

    The threat might be enough

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,074 ✭✭✭BnB

    OP here - I'm still plugging away with Dyson (but unfortunately still having the same results).

    They really have astounding levels of ineptitude. I used to hold up a certain Irish telecoms provider as the flag bearer for crap customer service but I have to say, Dyson have blown them out of the water.

    • On Monday, I got on the phone after the 5th collection date being missed the previous Friday.
    • I got through to someone who started off in the same seemingly infinite loop.. "Very sorry Mr BnA, I'll arrange a new date"
    • I cut her off there and asked her not to do that as we had already been down that road. I told her if she was doing that, I needed to know what she was going to do different to the previous 5 times that a collection date had been arranged.
    • She put me on hold for 5 minutes.
    • She came back - New plan - She's going to send me out a pre-paid label that I can use to send it in myself.
    • I told her that's fine - But I would still like an explanation for what happened the 5 times they had told me collection had been arranged and they didn't show up
    • On hold for 5 minutes again
    • Came back - I will have to get someone to ring you back in an hour.
    • That was Monday afternoon.
    • 3 days later - Obviously, nobody has called me back or sent me out a prepaid label.
    • Then today, I got an e-mail - Good News, we have arranged a new collection date for next Friday.
    • I e-mailed them back and said..but you told me Monday you were sending me out a label so I could send it back myself. You also said you would call me back in an hour (3 days ago)
    • Another e-mail - We will send you a prepaid label within 24 hours....

    Honest to God I am gobsmacked. It is like every phonecall and e-mail that goes into them just comes back with some kind of a random answer generator.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,046 ✭✭✭silver2020

    It's not as if they are a struggling company.

    They make MASSIVE profits of almost 25% NET after all costs. In 2020 this was £1.3 billion!

    Naturally that sickening profit is because the products are way overpriced and the customer service is appalling.

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