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High-school coats dispute in England.

  • 02-02-2022 5:25pm
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    Some parents of pupils of a high school in Cheshire are furious at having to pay up to £100 for a range of items with the school brand, including a 'windcheater' jacket that the parents claimed is "not up to the job". Pupils have been left freezing at breaktimes and in class after their jackets were confiscated.

    "One parent said their child had become so chilly on a 'bitterly cold, freezing' day that they couldn't hold their pen in class. Another said their asthmatic son was put into isolation as a punishment because he went and got his own coat to put on. Another, who was unable to purchase branded items, said their children were put in detention and received demerit marks."

    After that article was published, there was another twist in the story.

    Obviously, the teachers themselves don't set the uniform policies at the schools in which they work. For that reason, I didn't put this OP in the Teaching forum.

    But why would the school punish pupils who, through no fault of their own, are technically in breach of the rule because their parents are unable to purchase items that have the school's brand? If pupils have been unable to do homework because of illness or a family crisis, teachers usually accept explanatory notes that are written by the pupils' parents. So why would a principal refuse to accept such a note in a case where parents are unable to purchase items or, as is the case with the same school, a pupil who is asthmatic wore his or her own jacket but was put in isolation, i.e. medical exemption? After all, I doubt that the school's board of governors would have said that the principal cannot accept such a note in those cases/


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    Arse hole parents who forget their authority stop at the school gate ,

    No mention of medical exemptions having athama doesn't mean they have to wear a warm coat 24/7

    Langley, Virginia


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    I don't care.

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    It's a bit of a stretch to call this a current affair OP......

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    It's about an ongoing dispute at a school. It could be relevant to parents here as well as in England. This isn't about being bleeding-heart liberal or being 'woke' - this is about fair procedure, i.e. taking a pupil's personal circumstances into account when deciding whether to punish that pupil.

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    Langley, Virginia


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    I used to have my school jumper knitted for me when I was a kid, probably a third of the class did, couldn't afford the official ones with the emblem.

    I assume that's definitely frowned upon these days 😀

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    Is discussion of current affairs outside Ireland not allowed on this forum?

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    I remember a story about some school having a rule about not wearing a coat in class, which is fair enough in normal times, but this was a year ago where windows and doors had to be left open for ventilation, and students were facing either a suspension or sitting freezing in a classroom ...

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    Only certain topics, usually immigrants or THE WOKE™ or whatever

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    Ah, I remember, many many years ago, our school changed their tie. Those who didn't wear them were put out of class. It was great craic, pitching coins and eating sandwiches. It only lasted a fortnight or so.

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    I know that the insistence that the only jacket that can be worn by pupils at school is one with the school emblem is not new. At the boys' secondary school that I attended, that rule was introduced when I was in third year. I'm unaware of the reaction of parents in general to it at the time but I didn't find the jacket uncomfortable.

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    My daughter started secondary school this year and the uniform and jackets/coats have to be the same as per the uniform. It is a god send as there is no drama in the morning about what to wear .. no competition between the have and have nots around brands and labels. Shoes are the same.

    Obviously there are two trains of thought on the issue but from experience I am delighted with the policy in my daughter’s school and she has no problem with it either