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Small airplanes around Waterford

  • 29-01-2022 4:07am
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    Anyone know why there are so many small planes over the Portlaw area of Waterford over the past year we have had planes pass over about 20 times in one day there a few weeks back they fly really low and seem to rev the engines up at random intervals i dont know if its always the same plane going in circles or a bunch of different planes but I'm guessing its the same plane a lot of the time seems a bit unnecessary especially at the weekend

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    Russian spies being inserted!

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    Waterford Aero Club have been flying in the area since 1982, its a non profit flying club for local people to enjoy the hobby of light aviation. There is a fly neighbourly policy on their website.

    Atlantic Flight Training Academy are a commercial school who are training pilots for commercial flying. They have a large number of aeroplanes and are flying all times of day. They are Cork based but have a satellite base in Waterford too.

    The majority of noise complaints have only began since the AFTA base has opened up in Waterford about 2 years ago so go figure that one out.