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New insurance for brand new car

  • 29-01-2022 3:07am
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    Hi, I am getting a brand new car and I just got my reg today.

    I will be collecting the car on Wednesday so I need to sort out the insurance and I have to take out a new policy for the car.

    I noticed that the reg isn't showing up on any of the insurance sites.

    As far as I know I need an insurance when I collect the car. I don't think the insurance company process the transaction without a reg that they can find?

    How long does it take for new reg to show up usually?




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    Do you have an existing policy?

    Not your ornery onager

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    No I was only a named driver. That's why I'm not too sure how I can get a policy until the insurance company knows the reg.

    I guess if I have an existing policy I could simply call them update the details but that's not an option.

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    Reg should show up on their system in less than a week from it being issued, I'd actually expect it to be there on Monday. Delay collection of the car until you have insurance ready for it.

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    I'm hoping so. Originally it was meant to be collected on Monday and wanted to push it to Friday after finding out this hassle. But the dealer said they have more cars coming in so Wednesday.

    No idea if I don't have this sorted by Wednesday what the dealer can do.

    I'm guessing there's no drive away insurance like in the UK?

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    It's easy for insurers to manually override their system and put you on cover immediately. You need to phone them and they will do it there and then

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    Just give the details of the make and model and they'll be able to put it in to generate the price. You should then be able to confirm the reg before collection from the dealer so you can ring the insurance company with the reg and they can start coverage.

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    I rang up 123 today to see. The car is relatively new its the Ioniq 5. They only have UK models showing up on their system and the person over the phone was estimating the quote based on that.

    I was ok with the quote and she said she can call back on the day of collection to confirm the details like proof of named driving expereince (which I'm waiting on) and hopefully the reg is on their system.

    Am I leaving it a bit close or is this pretty standard?

    I assume if I have proof that I have taken out an insurance like a confirmation email and don't have the actual disc I'm still ok to drive the car off?

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    Whomever is selling you the car will not check if you have insurance, so you can still collect the car without it. The issue would be that you cannot legally drive the car on the road without insurance. The insurance company should still be able to put the car on a policy as long as you give them the registration number on the day. Having an email confirmation should be sufficient proof if you are stopped, however.

    A similar situation happened to me previously, where the car had been registered 3 days prior to changing my insurance but they still manually entered the registration number on their system as an override. I once, even insured a vehicle based on it's chassis number but I am not sure if companies do this any more.

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    You don't have to sis play your insurance disc within 10 days of purchasing the policy.

    The best way is to get few quotes online if possible, or over the phone if not. Then ring them just before collecting the car to go ahead.

    Alternatively wait until the reg is recognised and buy online before collecting the car.

    Either way you won't get the disc on time so when stopped you will be asked to bring the cert to the Gardaí station within 10 days.

    Perfectly legal to drive without insurance disc in first 10 days.

    Some companies can send all paperwork by email so if you have access to colour printer you can print cert and disc yourself.