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What happens when you have a nightmare..... ? (re Ireland's modernization)

  • 28-01-2022 5:20pm
    Registered Users Posts: 979 ✭✭✭ Sugar_Rush

    ..... you wake up, your heart is pounding, you're sweating;

    And you're head's spinning.


    It must be my autonomous response to 10 degree weather in Ireland in the middle of winter.

    My body clock brought a knife to a gun fight, came physiologically unprepared.

    I guess times are changing, the chickens of the industrial revolution are finally coming home to roost (that's a reference to global warming in case anybody missed it).

    I think it's messing with everyone's head cause I was in Harvey Norman last weekend and some heavy set hill billy with a bowl haircut was hustling washing machines in the appliances department, adorned with two eyebrow piercings and I swear that sumbitch was wearing mascara, camply giving it "how may I help you sir?".

    What's the world coming to?

    Back in the Ireland of old a dude like that would be lifting washing machines out of the back of the loading truck, not up front, customer service, running game on Sunday shoppers?

    Is this the Ireland we live in now?

    lol, cause it feels trippy, like a slightly psychedelic nightmare.

    That being the case,

    ...... I guess my slightly panicked day to day physiological symptoms by way of this ungainly culture shift, ees normaal?

    If they don't resolve themselves shortly though I'm going to write a scathing letter to Katherine Martin and the Irish department of culture and heritage.


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