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Is change still possible?

  • 27-01-2022 5:34pm
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    I am considering my next move but my problem is that my wages are so low that I can't save and move to the bigger cities or afford an expensive degree! Most postgrads for people with a Bachelor in the Arts are in the bigger, more expensive cities and I can't get funding for a second undergrad.

    Do you think a change may be possible in my current situation or is it too late for me?

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    Change is totally possible. What is it that you'd like to be doing?

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    Thanks for your answer! I would like to teach my subject, I have looked into OT, Speech and Language, Nursing and Medicine - seem all impossible, my student financing wouldn't be enough for those postgrads! I was thinking maybe Social Care but I guess I would have to wait and see how the online programmes would do with CORU registrations . Otherwise I am interested in biology. I am interested in anything that has some meaning, would allow me to do some good but that has a bit better conditions than childcare!

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    You seem much more focused on getting a postgrad than on finding a new role. Would it be correct to say you're not so much looking for a career change but rather that you want a postgrad? I'd see those as two different objectives.

    There are plenty of changes you can make to your career without having to go back to education; but if it's the education itself that's your ultimate goal then you are going to have to find a way to fund it.

    The areas you mention are mainly healthcare based, which are going to involve a lot of practical classes, internships, etc. that make those courses very expensive.

    Hopefully someone else here might have insight about course admissions/funding but I don't know much about that.

    What I would say is that it's worth sitting down and considering whether you definitely want to go into healthcare. One of my main struggles in my career was that starting out I didn't really know much about different industries; my idea of a career was very much shaped by school/college so I thought I needed to get a specific qualification and then go into that specific career. You really really don't. Your arts degree may feel useless but there are plenty of jobs that just require a college education, it doesn't matter what field you studied.

    If you're not happy in the creche, leave it. Why not go online and apply for some jobs outside your existing experience? Even if just temporarily while you build up some savings for a postgrad?

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    Thanks so much for your reply! I think I am focusing so much on education because I feel I don't have many transferable skills in fields other than care/education and those require qualifications. During my uni-years I only worked in schools, so I have never seen the inside of an office ;).

    I wonder what sort of jobs I could apply for without experience?

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    My wife is doing a Fetac level 5 health carer course at the moment which the government pays for. She has a Bachelor Of English and as the kids are getting older now she wants to return to the work force and has found that her degree isnt worth the paper its printed on. Her goal is to get back into work in the carer field and then specialise, potentially doing nursing eventually. A lot of employers will sponser further education and qualification if its relevant to them so thats the approach she has decided on.

    Maybe a route to consider OP?

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    I got a job straight from school with no experience and did all my third level part time. This was in the 90s and there are much more opportunities now than there were then. Childcare doesn't normally involve late nights or weekends so can you not do a part time post grad or whatever course you like? There are plenty of options available

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    Thank you so much for your replies - I guess I will look into job offers in my regions and part-time courses. I was looking also into 'second chance' grants - are they only awarded for people who didn't complete their degree in the first place? Or to anyone who is out of education since 5 years?

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    Keep an eye on springboardcourses; most applications open during the summer. Level 6 are free and others cost 10% with 90% government funding.