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Poor water connection

  • 27-01-2022 12:55pm
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    The water pressure to our house is a trickle at best, its an old house and along with the house next door, both houses used to be owned by one person, so there's only one feed that comes under the main road (national primary) that services both houses. It wasn't too bad for the last twenty odd years as the house next door was vacant, but that house has been sold and been done up. Now, because their house is closer to the mains than ours, our water pressure all but disappears whenever they're using their water. I've had plumbers check and there's no leaks, they recommended that I apply for my own new water connection and its looking like it'll cost me in the region of seven to eight grand to do this.

    On the other side of the house is a farm field with cattle water troughs, someone suggested I could ask the farmers to make a new connection from the troughs straight to our house which I could do myself for a fraction of the cost, but I'm not sure if that would even be legal or acceptable to the farmer so I haven't asked him about it yet.

    Does anyone have any experience or advice with this type of issue?

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    How about fitting an accumulator to your mains so that when there is pressure, it fills up and creates a buffer for you. Just size appropriately, you only get 50% of the capacity you order in terms of good pressure. And you need space to put it, free from frost, inside ideally etc. Worth a chat with your local plumber?

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    Is the connection currently metered. If looking to have it meter a possible way to bring this to the neighbours attention. The fairest solution is that you both share the cost. You may need to frame this sharing the cost for a new connection for them and you take the current connection in full, with necessary upgrades.

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    If you have the room I'd be putting in a storage tank for a fraction of the cost, ask your plumber about it but its what my mother had to do when demand got too high in the summer months, a 2 thousand litre tank was plenty to keep a house going

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    I've already tried approaching the neighbours about upgrading the water supply and sharing the cost between us, thought it would make perfect sense, however they're not interested atm.

    I'm building up the courage to approach the farmer on the otherside. I had a look while out walking the dog and can see that the water mains runs across the road at the far side of his field, I could make a new connection there (if I could get his permission) to trench a new water pipe by the edge of his field along the footpath.

    Not sure, but even if I could run a new pipe across his field to the mains, I'd probably still have to pay Irish water to make the actual connection?

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    If the neighbours are being difficult with shared supply. You could also upgrade you current connection to see if that changes the neighbours attitude.

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