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What to do with old tablets

  • 23-01-2022 11:13am
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    I'm doing a clear out and have collected so much things that I don't need. I have two old tablets, both Samsung. One of them is 10 years old and another is from 2015. The last time I used them, they both worked but not sure about updating software and all that. Is there anything I can do with them? I'm absolutely clueless.

    What's the best thing to do? Wipe my information and donate?


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    A 10yr tablet isn't worth much. If it was a tablet that I used a lot, I'd ask how much is my data security is worth. Then consider destroying the tablet vs recycling it.

    If it's just been used for games and movies and nothing important, then just reset it.

    Most of our old ones the batteries are bad. Not that useful after and not worth saving unless its a recent one or a high model that's still fast

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    So the 10 year tablet, I can just bring to a weee center then?

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