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Tús and work?

  • 22-01-2022 8:29pm
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    Hi everyone. I’m new here and just looking for some advice if anyone can offer it. Please and thank you ☺️

    I’m due to start a Tús scheme on Monday. My ‘case officer’ found me a placement, which surprisingly is somewhere I think I’ll enjoy. It was all sorted and agreed, I was put on payroll and I updated with Revenue etc. But then the manager of the place who agreed to take me on, called my case officer and told her he doesn’t usually do schemes as all his staff are paid employees, so I can only assume he prefers this.

    I am meeting with this manager on Tuesday to discuss what I’m looking for in terms of commitments/hours/preferences etc. I know there are a few vacancies, just unsure yet if these are part time, full time or both. I think I have a good chance of securing an actual job there, given my experience.

    My case officer said I can do my Tús hours, and I’m free to do whatever other work I want on top of that. I’m not sure if that will be a ball ache with Revenue or anything, I’ve never done anything like this before.

    So my dilemma is this… could I see the manager on Tuesday and start on the Tús scheme, and if he has a full time vacancy, can I just sack Tús off straight away and start full time? I’m aware that I can find full time employment and end my ‘contract’ with Tús, but to me, my situation just sounds more confusing than straight forward. If I start full time, I need to get Working Family Payment sorted asap. I’m just so worried about finances and possibly being worse off that I am now with two kids.

    Part of me wanted to tell Tús I have found a full time job, as I feel I have a great chance of getting it. But the bigger, more cautious part of me, is telling me not to as I might not get the job and my payment would be messed up.

    I’m a ball of stress just thinking of it all, it’s just going round and round in my head. Maybe I’m panicking over nothing, just worried I’ll be struggling money wise for a few weeks as I already live week to week.

    Arghhh. Thanks for any advice.


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    Wait and see if you can get a full time job out of them.

    If you can then great.

    If they only offer part time- take it, and tell the Tus lot to find you some hours which fit around it.