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New Mum Back at Work

  • 17-01-2022 11:41pm
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    Hi hoping to get some feedback.

    I am a first time Mum who had their baby in 2020 just as Covid hit. I have been back at work now after maternity leave for about a year and am struggling.

    I work in a very fast paced environment surrounded by work colleagues who are younger than me and at a different stage of their lives & so have been able to give more time to their job & career progression in the last two years than myself. I have just been trying to keep my head above water.

    Colleagues on a similar level to me & have been able to contribute more are now being promoted, I am delighted for them but also worry about what that says about me. I am really trying to do my best however being a new Mum during Covid & dealing with all the stresses that creates has made me have to step back in terms of striving for a promotion. A promotion for me would be terrifying right now as I am finding it really tough however as everyone gets promoted around me I am starting to feel that people think I have no career aspirations. I do but I just have other priorities right now that are more important. My family life is more important than a promotion.

    I guess due to people being promoted around me with a greater drive to succeed right now it is making me feel pressured in my work place to work towards the same goal however I am really not in the right place for that right now. I don't have the energy and I am not willing to do the extra hrs to achieve this right now.

    Just wondering if there are any others Mums out there dealing with this internal dialogue and also keen to hear other people's opinions.


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    I work in a similar environment, with two small kiddies, also had my youngest in 2020 and can totally understand where you're coming from.

    The worst thing you can do for yourself is compare your performance or career trajectory with others. Everyone has different short/long term goals and it sounds right now like you need to do your set work/hours and finish up - That's perfectly okay.

    Have you chatted with your manager at all about your concerns? Are you happy with your own performance? You mentioned that you're struggling, is this with the workload assigned to you or is this more of a comparison with colleagues?