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Cycling in Royal Canal from Dublin to Clonsilla by cargo bike?

  • 14-01-2022 11:38am
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    Hi Folks.

    Does anybody know if a cargo bike fits in those little gates that are found along the way from Dublin to Clonsilla?



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    you won't be able to do it on a cargo bike between castleknock and clonsilla, the deep sinking isn't suited to a cargo bike. it's an often muddy track with a large drop to one side.

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    You wont get past Ashtown either as there are kissing gates there. Theres google maps all the way a long the canal there.,-6.3309652,3a,75y,349.56h,85.53t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sKetcfLBCya5dkr2a0IUogQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

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    What bike do you have? I've gotten as far as the far side of the bridge at Castleknock station on a Bullitt but it wasn't easy.

    I just went around Ashtown kissing gate on the road. Other gates I was able to lift the bike through, and one gate i got past when i removed my saddle.

    There were people at various stages that offered me help to life the bike over though, which was sound. But I wanted to try and make it by myself.

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    There’s at least two kissing gates around Broombridge station as well. Obviously the person about has done it, but it’d be fairly awkward.

    I’ll second not even dreaming of going near the Deep Sinking on a cargo bike.

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    The two at Broombridge station can be bypassed easily by cycling the path under the bridge.

    And the next one along, I was able to remove my seat post, and reverse my bike under the barrier, so I could swing the gate and pass through.

    Not ideal, but I wanted the challenge.

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    Thanks for the help folks. I forgot about the Deep Sinking. I definitely will avoid that. I will be doing it with a Tern GSD.

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    Think that second one is the one I was thinking of. I wouldn’t be one for removing seat posts mid ride, fair play to you. It annoys me enough on the gravel bike, which I’m supposed to have to carry over things!

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    It wasn't too bad to be honest. But I came back a week later, and did it again. Then got to the bridge at Castleknock.

    Unloaded baby from the bike, manoeuvred through the gate at the start of the next bridge, grabbed baby, then couldn't get past the next gate at the other side of the bridge, and had to turn back, and manoeuvre through the gate again.

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    Saw this on twitter earlier. Two more kissing gates at Ashtown removed.

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    Handy for the scramblers now.

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    I haven't come across a scrambler there in years. But ******* usually have no problem getting scramblers into somewhere they want, even with kissing gates.

    mb: just edited out a term there; it may not have been intended in the use it's often used for, but could be misconstrued that way.

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    I commuted along there for a few years. It never stopped the scramblers or mopeds before. Or on one occasion a full size motorcycle.

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    Yeah, you're right. It occurred to me, but I was typing in a rush. Apologies.

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    It was very much doable with the GSD (Minus the deep sinking). Used the road for that.