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Passat estate V6 battery

  • 13-01-2022 5:45pm
    Registered Users Posts: 631 ✭✭✭ boardtc

    Last week by passat estate 08 (v6) would not start or jump from my wife's car. The local garage did me a favour and sent a lad down with a portable jump yoke and it started straight off. The lad said it was an old battery and should be replaced. I had no bother with it until today when it won't start again now.

    Standard size I guess 24cm x 17cm:

    Any recommendations of a battery to look out for would be much appreciated? Or are they all much of a muchness?



  • Go to wherever your local car battery supplier is & order the same battery as you have. If the car is still driving bring it with you, they’ll probably fit a replacement for you if they have one in stock.

  • This is every day problem. People just do not care about car or car battery. And then they all are surprised how (less than 1 year old battery) batteries dies. About 90% cars what I seen had weak or almost completely empty batteries. Is it really so hard to top-up the battery by battery charger, if not enough driving? It is possible to do even on apartment building, remove the battery and charge it on balcony. Battery does not go bad so fast if you keep battery voltages over 12.4V. Fix the car, if there is parasitic draw.

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  • Funny, i've never cared about my cars battery. Life is busy and tedious enough without dicking around charging my cars battery if i dont drive it that often.

    A modern car battery could last a decade with any kind of regular use. There's hardly a justification to fuss over it, specially on an older vehicle when a replacement would be <€50.

    Go to any motor factors OP, most carry good brands with long warranties. VW dealers will actually be reasonable for that battery too, if you are near one.

  • Thanks, guys. After it failed the first time my wife shoed me Lidl were selling those portable chargers for €60 last week, maybe I should have got one but good news that a replacement won't be much more. The car is not getting a huge amount of driving WFH but the school runs are about 120k spread over 4 days a week so it should be grand. Just the wee bit of cold that's killing it I guess, but it never has been an issue since I got the car in 2013.

    Maybe a jump off a stronger battery will start it, my wife's is very week.

  • Part of your story is right, battery can last 10 years. Only the last 2-3 years it need every morning jump start :P

    I seen that kind of car and there was really over 100 DTC. That car owner was lucky, EEPROM(s) survived. That kind "playing" can corrupt EEPROM.

    7 years is more realistic than 10 years.

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  • Yuasa is a good brand, imo.

    Not your ornery onager

  • 5 years warranty talks itself. It is valid only if your car is healthy and you keep the battery charge level high.

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  • I brought one of the Yuasa silvers back to Halfords within the 5 years and they just swapped it, they tested it to confirm it was toast, and then no questions asked after that.