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Working With Limited Space

  • 11-01-2022 3:28pm
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    Hi all

    I play driving games (GT Sport F1 2021) on a PS5 in the main room of my house. I also have two kids who are liable to pull at anything and everything. So basically, I haven't got a wheel setup, though I'd really like one.

    Can anyone recommend a setup that could be put away relatively easily? Do'nt want to spend huge money if possible. Guessing one that works with a normal chair would be best, if not the most comfortable.



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    Apologies for the late reply.

    I recommend the GT Omega Racing Apex Wheel Stand, it can be folded and stood up vertically:

    Its only 15 euro more than the Classic Wheel stand and is a lot more stable and is future proofed for Direct Drive Wheels.

    Check out this test at 100% Force Feedback with a Direct Drive Wheel, its an extreme test as nobody uses 100% FFB with direct Drive wheels:

    As for the wheel pedals and shifter, the Logitech G29 is a good starter wheel thats compatible with the PS4 and its very reliable.

    I might have one for sale soon as I'm upgrading after having it a few years.

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    So people are alive in here ? :)

    Yes i second the GT Omega Apex, i had one with my old T300 but sold it after my T300 broke.

    I wish i kept it for my new DD wheel :)

    They are out of stock last i checked too but the classic version is in stock , not as strong but plenty strong possible overkill for a G29 etc.

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    What DD did you go for?

    I'm reinforcing my GT Omega Classic wheelstand at the moment with a cross bar and 2 bars at the sides to make it more stable.

    I have my eyes on the CSL DD.

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    I went with the CSL DD but went with the GT DD PRO bundle because it was in stock just when i was buying where as the configuration i wanted would be march for one piece July for another so you get the picture.

    I was 11 months without any wheel so i couldnt wait any longer.

    Its a total game changer to be honest,absolutely massive step up from gear or belt driven base.

    I went with the 5nm as im using a desk but ill grab a good stand as soon as i can but the 5nm is more than enough for me.

    Worth mentioning i noticed on their twitter a reduction of €100 for this bundle to offset shipping cost increases last week so i contacted them explaining i felt shafted as i only ordered mine on Dec 23rd so they refunded me €100 which is am well impressed about.

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    Awesome looking setup dude.

    I'm tempted to get the DD pro too due to the lack of availability of the CSL DD but then I'd be selling the pedals and rim for it, and it's probably not worth the hassle.

    I bought a Clubsport WRC rim this week from a sim racer in cork, was lucky to see it for sale on eBay and it was a decent saving and local so I jumped on it. Condition is really good too.

    The DD pro will have good resale value the fact is ps5 compatible.

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    Oh and dcullly not trying to be a scaremongerer but the plastic Quick Release Lite is breaking on some people using the CSL DD especially with the 8NM boost kit, and ended up bending the pins on their rim.

    It was never really designed for direct drive in the first place.

    Theres 2 videos which cover it here below. Youtuber GitGud used some lithium grease to stop it from creaking during use after someone suggested it in the comments on his channel.

    But he uploaded a video today saying the only sure fire way to not have an issue is to get the metal Quick Release hub. Which is a stinger as it's an extra 100 quid. I'm not sure I can trust the plastic Quick release especially if I get the boost kit power supply.

    Fanatec should really send out the QR Hub to customers but I haven't heard great things about their customer support.

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    Yeah im aware of this but ive also heard if you dont tighten it too much it should be fine with the 5nm.

    Mine has still maybe a half revolution to go to be fully tightened by hand and it hasnt budged yet so fingers crossed.

    I will buy the loadcell brake at some stage along with a mclaren V2 rim and a wheel stand then im sorted, i wont go down the rig route as ive a dodgy back and my current seat is tailor made for it plus its a tank of a yoke :P

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    That seat looks comfy out! I'm still using the Toyota Celica seat I bought off adverts a few years back and find it more comfortable than any SIM Rig bucket seat. Only cost me 20 quid too!