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Christmas Forum 2021 : A Year in Review

  • 06-01-2022 11:07am
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    It's that time of the year where I post my thoughts about the previous 12 months (bare with it, it's a long one!) and encourage you all to do the same.

    Ironically I started last years review post with this "It's safe to say 2020 was a year like no other, one we will never forget." Little did I know the end of 2021 would end up being much worse that 2020.

    Forum wise we have had another record breaking year for the Forum, slightly nudging out 2020 by just 15 posts. An outstanding achievement considering the sh!tstorm we encountered in July which essentially left us offline for 8 days an unprecidented amount of time. Couple this with the fact this new playform just isn't as user friendly as the old and we are not found as easily as we used to be so the number of passerbys has decreased.

    With the future of boards at an all high uncertainity it really makes me appreciate the community we have here and hope that this survives in one form or another should the plug ever get pulled on us.

    After summer we looked forward to pubs, clubs, gigs all reopening and for a brief moment we seemed to be getting back to the old normal, even people had begun abandoning their work from home lives and began returning to the office. Then the next variant hit.... but this wasn't like 2020, while restirctions weren't as harsh as 2020 COVID seemed to hit much harder in December 2021 than 2020.

    It seemed if you didn't have COVID you were most likely a close contact, people's plans were being changed, cancelled and visits were almost impossible to navigate. Everyone tried their best to rally and keep Christmas going as much as possible.

    On a personal note, I became a father for the first time in December, I'm already counting down the years until Santa becomes the main focus of Christmas in my house. With a newborn baby on board we decided to have Christmas at home just the 3 of us, I got to cook Christmas dinner for the first time and I was delighted how it turned out. We were worried about Christmas day feeling just like any other day but we were wrong, it felt so Christmassy the dinner really makes it feel so special.

    Now to the negative, I debated about even posting this but I think it's important that we can admit that sometime Christmas can be a bit sh!t. I really felt this season wasn't the best, the newborn had us exhaused we were so out of sorts. All of our visits were cancelled due to COVID so I really missed seeing Family this year. I know we do look at Christmas with rose tint glasses but this one wasn't the best even ChristmasFM hit a dip this year.

    The positive is November 21 was a lovely month and is peak build up IMO, still hopefully for a much better year and Christmas in 2022. While 2021 wasn't the best year it still doesn't dampen by love for Christmas, we all know Christmas isn't just a day and there was still so many positives from 2021 and loads more to look forward to in 2022.... let's just hope this is the year COVID fecks off or gets so weak to the point they stop reporting on it!


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    Bressie summed up Christmas 2021 well on a TodayFM podcast.

    Christmas 2020 there was acceptance that vaccines were coming and 2021 would be better.

    2021 omicron outbreak was a last minute kick in the gut.

    He also said he’d recommend everyone to take at least Three days over Christmas to do absolutely nothing. The year is full on and Christmas should be used to recharge and rest for the upcoming year. I’m not the biggest bressie fan but all this makes so much sense.

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    Have taken a few days before posting in here as wanted to get my thoughts together and let the dust settle on Christmas 2021.

    I will be echoing the posts above, re @Loughc & @Posy, while the forum is made up of the people who post it in, the platform to allow us to do that is done by the mods creating an environment that people want to be involved in. Con'grats again @Loughc on becoming a father for the first time, it's one of the great joys in life and am I'm sure you are learning is very tiring however so rewarding.

    Looking back on 2021 as a whole, I don't have a lot to complain about (till the very end!) and we as a family had as good a year as was possible with everything that was going on. The first few months being in lockdown meant more time at home with the kids, spending time going for walks and generally not feeling under so much pressure to be doing things.

    We booked a week away in July with my folks and had a great time, the Air BnB turned out to be brilliant, part of a big country house, beside a lake, with a trampoline, tennis count and a working farm, so lots of animals which the kids loved.

    Got away a couple of other times during the summer to my sisters place in Wicklow, which is great as lots of walks, fresh air and just generally a quieter few days.

    As we moved in to autumn, Elf2 started school so that was the focus for a few weeks getting them prepared and settled in. It's always a busy time for us with birthdays and anniversaries. We started to think towards Christmas so decided to get a new kitchen before the festive season. It, like 2021, started so well and ended in frustration and anger! We got there in the end however not without delays and a lot of stress.

    With November we got into full planning mode, who was coming for Christmas day, what we needed to buy, sorting early Santa presents and generally just getting in a good position to enjoy the festive period. We went to zoo lights early Dec and had a few family birthdays and an early Christmas with my OH family on the 18th.

    Then it all started to go wrong.......OH started to cough on the 21st/22nd and was feeling a bit run down. It was our last day of work and we were both trying to get things finished up. I said, sure do an antigen test, whats the harm!! It came back positive :( queue scramble to get a PCR, which was for that night. The 23rd we were in limbo as didn't know what the result would be. I took the kids to town to see Santa and the Disney store, tried my best to make it a good day for the kids however in my mind I knew what was coming.

    OH didn't get her result till 4pm Christmas Eve, I had already rang my folks and sister to give them the heads up and then had to ring again to confirm that we couldn't host. It didn't hit me till later that night that the kids wouldn't get to see their grandparents on Christmas Day and it would be the first time I haven't seen my parents on Christmas Day for 21 year and I'm afraid to admit I welled up a bit.

    We put on a brave face and made the day as good as we could for the kids. My OH wasn't feeling great however got up and spend the whole day with us. We had a really nice day just the 5 of us and while it wasn't the day we had planned we made the best of it. She didn't hug the kids or me and stayed away from us as best as possible. Having to watch the kids open their present and not being able to near them was one of the hardest things she has ever had to do.

    From Stephen's day till the 30th my wife was in isolation in the attic, i had the kids all day, as we were in isolation we couldn't leave the house, so lots of Christmas movies and treats!

    Then on the 30th we all decided to do antigens so could see people for New Years- nope! OH, Elf1 and I came back negative however Elves 2 & 3 came back positive, isolation 2! Another few days at home, not seeing anyone, not going out, just to test center for PCRs. Elf1 and I did antigens again on the 3rd , i was negative, she was positive- isolation 3. Only been out to test center, again, last Sat. Hopefully she'll be clear by Wed and can go back to school.

    So 2021, started off in lockdown and ended in isolation. A strange year with a few highs and lows however a Christmas I will never forget. Roll on 2022 and lets see what you have to offer........

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