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Archive 81 [Netflix]

  • 05-01-2022 4:53pm
    Moderators, Entertainment Moderators, Science, Health & Environment Moderators, Regional East Moderators Posts: 16,963 mod The Black Oil

    As a video archivist investigates the secrets behind a mysterious fire, he becomes convinced he can save a young woman from the terrifying fate she met 25 years ago. A new supernatural thriller comes to Netflix on January 14th.

    Some camera footage and spooky goings on. Remember the size of cameras years ago?


  • Hmmm that promotion was a touch more spoiler'y than perhaps it needed to be, but I'm in for this. Looks intriguing.

  • Looks brilliant! Can't wait to see it.

  • 1: Well this show is creepy!

    It's also a mystery for the moment.. or as the main character put it "What the ****"?!!? ... "What's happening"?!?!

    The vibes I've been picking up are a mix of season one of Homecoming (Julia Roberts was in it) .. for the look and feel.. as well as season one of Dark for the mystery feel.

    At this point I don't remember more from the trailer than I've seen in episode one. As it's a mystery, it feels like going in blind would be good.

  • 2: Oh...kay .. less creepy now I think.. maybe. Seems to be more about the mystery now.

    Still not sure where it's going.

    Now that she's still alive. Before I thought this might be some sort timeloop/timetravel thing but not sure now. Maybe just a story.

    Haven't a clue what the story is with that statue or the ceremony. The show is definitely leaning into some religious symbology for sure though.

  • 3: That episode dragggggged out soooooo long. Getting the feeling, maybe.. depending on how the rest of the show goes.. that this might have been better a 6 episode than an 8 episode.

    But yeah, the ending,

    I'll givem this much, I jumped when the arm came outta the TV.


    😲 What's that noise

    in the bushes in the end credits?!!? 😱

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  • 4: 😱

    Beatriz! Noooo.. your face! 😱

    This show getting well back into creepy land but

    at the same time, I find myself trying to work out some kind of "how" for them to communicate past/present

    I mean like.. it feels like that's a theme in the show.. not being able to communicate directly all the time.. like even when he's talking to his dude on the outside.. he only gets small amounts of communication and only if he takes certain actions

    Richard Thomas (the LMG guy) seems to be doing a good job in his role. I still

    can't figure out his intent.. good or bad or mixed or whatever

  • On the 5th episode so far, it's absolutely brilliant!

  • 5: Felt a bit two sided in this one.

    Felt peak creepy not knowing what she was walking into in the addicts apartment.

    Then it coasted along after that with kind of an uneasy feeling... but after a bit I started wondering why Dan hadn't appeared yet.

    Then he did and yer man gave his story so now I'm confused. Should could go either way I guess.

  • 6: I don't know what's going on.. but I think maybe that's what they are aiming at.

    At first I was like.. ah right.. maybe this is all some dodgy mold -ey type thing and they are aiming to wrap up with that

    so I wasn't too bothered by the thing trying to get through the TV

    that all kinda combined to make me think it was dragging on a bit and maybe 6 episodes instead of 8

    but now he's found this basement and it looks like the Vos mansion and .. I dunno who even attacked him

    ... will see

  • 7: Hrmmm.. this could be building up to a season 2 or a wrap-up. If it's a season 2, then it'd need a pretty good hook for it.

    At a guess, the brother.. of Samuel.. might be now trying to recreate that same ritual himself.. just without including people. Looks like Samuel used the addicts.. Iris Vos (1924) might have used her party guests.. but Samuels brother.. well.. the other camera restoring guy mentioned lots of blood. So maybe Samuels brother has a lot of blood collected for the ritual. Maybe that's all it needs.

    Aside from that, it's still unclear what benefit they think they get from the ritual that they keep going back to it. Iris seemed to think it was a catch-all everything-power type thing.

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  • Finished! Solid kinda creepy fantasy horror. The sound effects / background music work on this was very strong.

    Maybe could've been 1 or 2 episodes less for the season but it felt fine in the end.

    For story, the scariness of the monster and other world lessened for me as it went along.. but those sound effects/music kept the creepyness level up.

    8: Well, I didn't see that coming! 😲

    Dans either stuck in the past or the other world. I'm strongly leaning to him being in the past though because of the lack of.. shimmering? .. effect that was kind of the how-to-spot the other world.

    So, by my reckoning.. Jess and Annabelle are in both timelines and aware, Davenport is awakening in 1994 and aware in the .. now? Dan is aware in 1994 and possibly Samuel too. Then in the future it's Melody and her Mom and Dans podcast guy.

    Really does feel open to another season to see where the go from there.

    Future: Well, I think there could be another season made.. or they could leave it there.

    Like.. they could do something to show what happens with Dan next. Leaving it there though kinda does lend to the Horror as part of the horror show.

  • Recommended slydice??

    Anything you'd compare it to?

  • I think the closest it reminded me of was the 90s show the Outer Limits.

    Though at the same time, I think there was a show called the Twilight Zone which I didn't really watch. I think it might have leant more into horror. So maybe it's closer to that one.

    I'm not mad for horror shows so I can't say for sure where to place this one. I let myself get drawn into it and so the sound and visuals worked well on me early on.

    The overall story was properly thought out. Just nothing mind blowing.. yet.

  • Excellent, I loved the outer limits.

    Where that was a different story every episode, I'm assuming there's some arching storyline here through the season?

  • Yes! That's the one and it might have done better to have been 1 or 2 less. I dunno.

  • Just finished episode 4. The ending of episode 3 was brilliant and it has really picked up in episode 4. Looking forward to the next few nights

  • I thought it was very good. It was noticeable that Matt McGorry hasn't had a lot of exercise since he played Asher in How To Get Away With Murder, he should probably get a Fitbit 🙃