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Team Ingebrigtsen

  • 04-01-2022 10:27pm
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    I'm sure lots of you have followed this family especially with Jacob being such a prodigy

    and the Seb Coe of current running times. I think he will surpass him and most other running legends as well.

    Anyway for those of you who havn't seen it, there is a YouTube channel where they follow

    the three brothers, the sister and their dad who trains them all.

    Its supposedly finished now but there's 5 seasons worth of videos to watch and I found it very enjoyable.

    Their father is really the machine behind them all but Jacob is an outstanding talent with an endless supply of motivation.

    Just type in 'Team Ingebrigtsen' to bring up the channel. Enjoy!


  • Registered Users Posts: 2,484 ✭✭✭Laineyfrecks

    I'm currently isolating so have binge watched this today, almost finished Season 2. It's a very interesting watch, hooked now! The talent in one family(with lots of hard work & determination) is unbelievable!

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,284 ✭✭✭ariana`

    I watched a couple of seasons back when it started but I didn't see it through. I think it raises the ole "nature Vs nurture" debate. No doubt there is talent/nature at work but there is also an inordinate amount of nurture too! They were pretty much being coached from birth. It's amazing to see the results of course but it's not very unsurprising given the conditions, Jakob (and Filip & Henrik) has been training like a professional for most of his life. What other 9/10 year old is running 120-140km/wk and doing daily lactate threshold tests. Not to take from his talent of course, he obviously has the competitive edge, drive, motivation etc and those are instincts you can't teach. It will be interesting to see when Jakob peaks. Having started at a high level so young I wonder will he have longevity. I must dig out the next season, not sure when I stopped watching, thanks for the reminder OP.

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    Yeah, I was off work for three weeks so it was great to kill some down time.

    Yeah NP, enjoy the rest of it...

    I won't disclose the episodes to you, but I can see from the father's response to the two youngest kids that he's making a point

    on camera that he's not a 'pushy' parent. It must be coming up for debate as well. The kids seems to enjoy their lives though.

    They all seem very balanced, united and majorly competitive.

    Jacob is also being studied for having such a high VO2 max threshold.

    Now, whether that's just natural or from the nurturing is another question. Probably a bit of both. He's on another level.

    I don't think Jacob will fade out young from injury. He seems to have more discipline and seems like a more 'intelligent' runner than the other two brothers. He only trains for what he's scheduled to do rather than pushing himself into injury. He could end up losing his mojo or peaking earlier than others but then he can move up in distance if his body is able and he's still got the drive.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Henrik and the limits he pushes his body through, it will not thank him for that when he hits middle age. I suppose they all have a lifestyle and a certain amount of glory that they want to experience as well.

    I hope they make more episodes and speak some English so I don't have to read those pesky subtitles :)

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    Finished watching this. Really enjoyed it. It really is an eye opener as to how young children can dedicate themselves if it's what they know & see as normal. According to the dad if he was putting money into something his kids wanted to do(the skiing then the running) then they had to give 100%. These children grew up around the intense training & some of them decided it was what they wanted. It must have been so intense firstly competing with your 2 brothers but add to that all having the same coach who happens to be your dad.

    I thought it was interesting when it came to training his daughter Ingrid. He openly said girls are different, more emotions involved, the boys just get on with it. He didn't seem as keen at all to train her. He said one day in a session he corrected her on something quite sternly, she went quiet & continued. Later he got home to find a note from her saying " I did not like the way you spoke to me" he said the boys never would have done that.

    I agree with above Henrik pushed himself to the extreme at times & at times came across as cocky. He admitted that he was the Guinea pig for the training & by the time it came to Jacob they had learnt some valuable lessons. Filip seemed to be the most unassuming one to me, when in form he was so good but he was plagued with sickness & injury at times and living in his brother's shadow. Jacob is just in a league of his own. Amazing runner & really good to watch. Can't wait to see what more he has to give.