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I need workout advice...

  • 27-12-2021 12:24pm
    Registered Users Posts: 187 ✭✭ MouseMan01

    I'm 43M. My goal is to work on my physique and try to go back boxing ie. training, light sparing.

    I've been training over 2 years in this exercise cycle.

    My routine looks something like this...

    Running: every 2nd day, 5 miles, 80/20 running mostly.

    Cycling: 2/3 times a week, 10 miles, HIIT sessions.

    Weights: dumbell/barbell home training twice a week for 30-40 mins.

    I would rate my diet as excellent with 2 caveats.

    1. I'm eating maybe 12 sausages a week since the weather turned.

    2. I'm drinking lots of non-alcoholic beer. I don't drink alcohol or smoke. By lots, I mean 6-12 cans a day. I drink low sugar non-alcos. They have lots of carbs though.

    Initially I wrote my drinking off as carb loading/Christmas indulging.

    But I've been putting on a lot of weight and my running times are crashing.

    I also take whey protein after a workout.

    I used to put muscle on easily as a kid. But I'm not a kid any more.

    I need some workout advice; in particular regarding the bulking/cutting cycle?

    According to my scales i've 30% body fat. Although I don't feel that fat tbh.

    I'm attaching a photo and my body profile stats to this post.

    Any one out there that can give me a simple step-by-step guide towards achieving my goals?


    Recent stats:

    April '21 chart:

    Recent chart:

    Recent photo:

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