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What exactly is considered in the m² Calculation?

  • 22-12-2021 7:37pm
    Registered Users Posts: 297 ✭✭ dmakc

    Hi, I'm trying to plan a house while using the plans of a few houses I like as inspiration. Can someone tell me what areas exactly the price per m² of building a house considers?

    i) Walls. Are these included / excluded? Do interior / exterior walls get treated differently?

    ii) Stairs; do they contribute to the floor they start, or the floor they lead to?

    iii) Voids on first floor; I don't think these should contribute as they don't actually add cost to the floor that they're on? (they would have been considered for the floor below)

    iv) The price per m² is a general figure, but say there are 2 houses of same overall size. House A has 40m² of hallways while House B has 60m² of hallways, am I right in saying house B would be cheaper with all else equal?

    v) If a house's first floor continues the same walls from ground floor all the way to first-floor ceiling (instead of starting new walls on first floor not in line with ground floor), would this contribute to cost efficiency?



  • Registered Users Posts: 30,585 ✭✭✭✭ Penn

    i) Generally taken as inside the external walls. So internal walls are included, but external walls are not.

    ii) I'd usually just take the stairs on the floor they start on and omit from the floor they lead to

    iii) Voids generally omitted from first floor area

    iv) No, generally taken as the same whether hall, kitchen, living etc. Furnishings and level of finishes are usually considered differently, so the actual construction of a hall and any other room is fundamentally the same.

    v) No. Can depend on type of construction, but generally not.

    If you're considering the typical price per m2 estimates, there's no point looking into it in any great detail. It's used to give approx. ballpark figures, nothing more. There are far too many factors to consider when actually pricing it.

    Say you have a large floor void on the first floor. What you save in the m2 floor area can just as easily be spent on structural requirements to create that floor void.

    The m2 rate for pricing is a rough ballpark for typical, average construction and finishes. Nothing more.