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Stupid things we do in the name of running

  • 21-12-2021 6:50pm
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    I’m sure I’m not the only one of us to have courted death and arrest whilst getting in a few miles. Here’s 3 of the more stupid things I’ve done over the years.

    1. In trying to take a shortcut, I inadvertently ran through an Spanish Air Force base and onto a runway at Lanzarote airport. Military police picked me up, after some questioning, they thankfully made the decision that I wasn’t a terrorist, and escorted me back to the road.
    2. 3 weeks into doing countless hours of training on the treadmill during snowy December 2010, I took the bizarre decision of going for a 23 mile run on snow and ice. Highlights of the three hours included getting chased by a dog, a lorry nearly jackknifing and killing me on the N2 and falling on my ass a number of times.
    3. On a long run in the North of France, I accidentally ran onto a dual carriageway heading for Calais. French lorry drivers don’t seem to have a great sense of humour, and those 5-10 minutes were probably the most terrifying I ever had running. Eventually, scrambled up a bank, ripped my legs asunder and climbed over a fence to get back on the road.


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    In Jordan with work a few years ago I went for a a run and after a while a kid on a camel galloped up beside me and made gestures for me to race him. 🐪

    Was surreal but tame compared to yours.


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    Tried to cut a run short by running down the M50, Firhouse exit, crossed over and up the Tallaght exit.

    I was late for indoor footy, must have been before I drove.

    Down in Hook one summer, went down a beaten track and found a stoney beach, started exploring and climbed. Tide came in behind me and couldn't go back, so had to continue climbing, ended way up on cliffs and had to negotiate a curvy clifftop to get back on to grassland.

    Ignored a little dog barking at me. It was about 5:30am and I was at the roundabout halfway up Stocking lane.

    The barks got louder and scarier, when I looked behind, I was being chased by the tiny dog and his horse sized mate.

    My mile marker beeped just as I sprinted down the other steep hill heading west, 3'22 mile pace or STH ridiculous for a couple of hundred meters untill the barks faded.

    One other funny one, although at the time I was plssed off. Racing the Dungarvan 10, maybe 2009. Thought I placed myself 5 rows from the front but not really paying attention as left it late to duck in. RD was on the mic giving instructions and then everyone turned 180, I was now 5 rows from the back.

    Ran a very angry first mile and I'm almost certain I ran 70'01 or 70'10, aiming for sub 70.

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    **** in sumbodys front garden and legged it,leaving behind a nice pair of stockings