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Bank have released funds - Will I be able to move in before Christmas Eve?

  • 18-12-2021 9:57am
    Registered Users Posts: 29 johnpackt

    After going through all the process (and various follow ups) finally bank have released the funds and they have informed us that we have been moved to active mortgage now. My solicitors was on annual leave yesterday and I am hoping to get this update from her on Monday. But realistically whatever the time frame they have suggested have already been passed.

    I would like to ask whether is it still possible for me to move to my new house given every other thing have been sorted out related to mortgage.

    The only delay I can see is transfering of funds, my solicitors will transfer the funds to vendor's solicitor and they will then transfer it to vendor's account.

    1. Should I still expect that we can move in next week or it's not possible given multiple transactions happening.

    2. We are in good terms with vendors, we have exchanged numbers as well and in constant communication about the updates. Will it be fine if I ask them for the keys once the transaction is over. Instead of going through EA as that might delay further because of holiday season.

    P.S Vendor wants to leave as soon as possible.


  • Registered Users Posts: 414 ✭✭ Emma2019

    If the money is currently in your solicitors account, they can pay extra to their bank to have it transferred same day to the vendors solicitor. Request that they do this if they don't offer (it's like 30 quid or something).

    Once the money is in the vendors solicitors account they should be able to instruct the EA to give you the keys.

    The only thing that would delay is if the vendors need more time to move out.

    So you could reasonably have keys by the afternoon of the 21st.

    Edit: if you have their number you could offer to collect the keys yourself to save time, but they may wish it to go through the EA

  • Registered Users Posts: 29 johnpackt

    I will try asking my solicitor about that. They have not been very cooperative. But it's worth giving a try. Thanks for the suggestion.