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Getting over lost opportunities because of Covid

  • 17-12-2021 12:23am
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    In the grand scheme of things I realise this is trivial, myself and my loved ones have all managed to stay healthy through the pandemic, where others haven't been so fortunate.

    Before Covid, my career was on a sharp upward trajectory. This culminated in a glorious opportunity that unfortunately coincided with the first lockdown. I had prepared for months specifically for this, and my entire career was aimed at this, and the week it was to take place we went into lockdown. We didn't know at the time how long things would last and while disappointing I was hopeful. We regrouped and had another go and this unfortunately coincided with the arrival of Delta.

    Around 6 months ago, it became clear that this opportunity was officially gone and irretrievable because the original parties, for various reasons, have gone in different directions.

    I've keep tipping away but my career has taken backwards steps and I can't see it getting back to where it was. Again, I'm quite happy and everyone is safe and there are much more important things in life than work. But late at night I can't help but feel my heart sink thinking of could have been. I suppose basically I'm asking if anyone has any tips for dealing with disappointment and not letting it get you down?


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    It’s disappointing, but as I know, keep working towards the goal. Covid has made many opportunities disappear, however, it has been a blessing for many others.

    if the opportunity existed previously, look to see if it is still available now in another format. Tweaking of an idea sometimes makes it more appealing and a better business idea. Never take no for an answer if you are convinced it’s a good opportunity!

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,881 ✭✭✭Caranica

    Have you posted about this before? It feels very familiar?

  • Registered Users Posts: 21 GoodMonson

    No, perhaps someone else. I'd imagine it's a common enough situation at this point.

  • Registered Users Posts: 818 ✭✭✭radiotrickster

    I sympathise with you, OP. I think most, if not all of us, were robbed of something during COVID. It’s something I’m struggling with myself some nights, thinking about everything we’ve all lost.

    If it helps, you’re not the only one dealing with the disappointment of knowing COVID robbed you of a different life. I just tell myself “what’s meant for you won’t pass you.”

    I could be wrong, but I interpreted this as you’re in the arts or you’re some sort of performer. Even if I’m wrong, it will happen for you. You just need to keep pushing. You were good enough for that big opportunity two years ago so just keep searching for opportunities now, and if you can’t find one, try to make one (eg if you are a performer, look to TikTok to get yourself out there).

    Best of luck.

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    Yeah OP, it's extremely sad tbh but this is the only life we have and our paths as inhabitants of the earth at this moment in time was to experience the faith that befell us and all that it has entailed. It's really nuts, I remember looking back at the world wars and thinking it's crazy how people had to live through those times and all the lives just stopped in some ways during those years. Covid is a different challenge but unlike anything we have faced since the 1940's, there's people who lived and died who never experience this sort of life, my parents who passed away prior to 2020 never knew this type of disruption. But this is our journey and your story has just meandered. Try to hold onto the thought that even at worst it will only be 5 years out of your life and everyone is in the same boat. Whatever age you are after the pandemic will not be the equivalent to what being that age was pre-pandemic, everyone's life trajectory has been thrown off course.

    On a more positive note, there's a good chance we are nearing the end of the worst of the pandemic, there's no way of knowing for sure but as populations become more weary of restrictions and vaccinations improve in their efficacy, the end is somewhere on the horizon.

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