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Discovery 4x05 - 'The Examples ' ~~ { ** Spoilers Within ** }

  • 16-12-2021 10:08am
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    Discovery 4x05 - 'The Examples ' ~~ { ** Spoilers Within ** }

    Warning: This thread will contain spoilers for the episode. Spoiler tags will not be used, so if you don't want to be spoiled read no further.


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    I love the mad conclusions they jump to. Burnham asks the computer is there any record of something natural like this (surely they should have done that the first time they encountered it but any way) and there wasn't. That must mean someone created it and for nefarious purposes. They don't even entertain the idea that it may still be natural or that someone created it for some other reason and it is malfunctioning or something like that. Nope, it must be evil.

    As above, why test his creation now at what is probably the worst time. There has to be more advanced ships and facilities out there that are more appropriate for testing. Even if there aren't why not test after the evacuation? They had a big debate about needing more power and how they can't take it from the transporters. That evacuation will be done in 10 minutes just do it when that is done. You will have the power you need then. Every episode is filled with stupid shít like this that doesn't make sense if you think about it for more than a second and could easily be written in a way that makes sense.

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    Thought it was a decent enough episode - less Burnham the better

    And some interesting development with Zora

    And what species is this - don't remember ever seeing them

    And is it me or does that look very much like genitalia

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    The whole prisoner subplot could've been dumped. To their credit, they avoided the cliched backstabbing attempt by the prisoners. But the thread is really only filler for the episode. The few seconds talking to Zora in the lift achieved more.

    As with the rest of the episodes this season, there's a lot more time and subplots given to the secondary characters. They do genuinely seem to be trying to address this past flaw. Rhys even got to provide a sliver of background for the first time in 4 seasons...

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    I.. just hold on one second.. what could have made that scar. Can't hardly be Borg.. a shout out to One.. Borg+1000 years.. naaaah.

    Hmmm. I dunno. I did like the call out to the other species like the Iconians.

    Something wierd about the Q not being about anymore. Gives me vibes that a timeline scrub could be happening.. but only 600 years so not sure.. doesn't seem to fit.

    This mystery keeps getting bigger. Though what I thought about the underlying force/background didn't change much that episode. Felt like they wanted to give in to it and explore the Aliens behind it more.

    Have to say that Saru's new uniform is really working out well for him.

    Really like that Prisoner Felix. Played by Michael Greyeyes. I see he was in True Detective season 3. Definitely something seemed familiar about him.

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    Anyone else expecting the Commander from the bridge crew, who no one knows anything about, to die while evacuating the colony

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    I think you practically covered everything i could have said about this episode -

    Three (ish) threads

    -The DMA Research/Experiment: clearly the only part of the episode i had any interest in. Writing wasnt great - The science was nonsense (Risan scientist can create a miniature of the DMA generator - sense well and truly gone there) - putting that aside, i am intrigued, and even more so by the revelation that he seems to have a suspicion as to who created this. very interesting, (Borg? Nah, not their style. The Dominion, not impossible, destroy everything bar the great link, unlikely - Species 8472 - wipe out the genetically impure -there's speculation to be had here) i am just hoping that its not something ridiculous, or that it links back to Burnham (everything links back to burnham so - wouldnt put it past them) -

    -Prison - some may have enjoyed this, i just couldnt engage with it at all - my hatred for Burnham may be blinding me on this one. Didnt care for it

    -Culber is stressed so he contacts dark starfleet character to receive a pep talk - ???????????????????????

    The best episode so far in s4, by a country mile - i am (for the first time this season) looking forward to receiving more information!

    PS: Just checked the 'sneak peak' for next week - Adira/Gray story - well, my enthusiasm was nice while it lasted

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    just one more note worthy point - IMHO, this episode benefited from having Shawn Doyle

    Fantastic actor from the expanse - capable of incredibly Dark Character acting!

    Sic semper tyrannis - thus always to Tyrants

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    Thank you!! It was bugging me all episode where I knew the actor from! He must feel he is really slumming it going from the brilliance that is The Expanse to the dross of Discovery.

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    I did like that a Risan turned up and wasn't like big into .. I dunno.. tourism and holidays and stuff 😁

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    Continuing the trend from last week, that wasn't too bad!

    Burnham and Book were away blowing something up as usual but at least it wasn't the whole episode. At this stage I almost care a little less whether other parts of the story are good in their own right, it's just good that they're being given some time and space to breath.

    I liked Culber in this episode. He does actually seem better placed as a ships counselor than the doctor, and it's nice to see an updated take on that role (after Troi on TNG). I'm interested enough in how he is (or is going to be) dealing with his own issues, too.

    And some Trek-y science / working stuff out from Stamets and the Risa fella, with Saru fitting nicely into the first officer role he should have had seasons ago.

    All the crew seem to be settling in a bit actually. I liked Tilly fine but I think she became too much of a central character on the show. Already without her things seem to have 'grown up' a bit; I dare say it works better.

    Not perfect by any stretch but a decent Star Trek episode all the same. We usually do get 1 or 2 of those per season of Disco and I hope that's not all this is.

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    Just Shite.

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    I actually felt like the prison sub-plot was classic Star Trek morality and quite liked it apart from the ludicrous necessity to have Burnham be the star - her role as captain was the final interaction with the representative of the chain, not on the ground doing the actual rescue.

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    This is almost the most frustrating part - the ideas are sometimes actually decent, but the executions are so ham-fisted and forced as to make you wish they'd never even tried in the first place. Like, the prison plot could have been good - you can see all the little pieces of the story; the morality question straight out of "The ones who walk away from Omelas", the one repentant guy there who feels like he really does deserve the punishment, the little orb thing signifying the life lost. In a proper story, they'd have established the orb concept up front somewhere else so we know its significance when it pops up - but here, no, instead we have our dude run back and dig and in the midst of them all being real fckin' tight on time, him going "Hey Mike, let me tell you a story...". Ideally, this story would have been dead centre, and would have allowed some information about the prisoners to come out organically, as they did other stuff on their escape. For instance, if Michael and Book were able to beam directly into the prison, but for whatever security setup reason would all have to make their way out together (a you can beam in, but not beam out setup), then we'd be right into the meat of the story early on, already with the prisoners and actually get to make the most of the time.

    It's like they figure out the broad plot pieces, and then instead of trying to explore them organically, they just smash them all down and have someone blast out a bit of unnatural exposition. Same as the other weird C or D plot point - "Captain, can i take command of this evacuation mission? it would mean a lot to me". His whole story happens off screen, and then 10 minutes later we see him pop up; "Captain, thank you for letting me take command of this mission - it means a lot to me". Wtf like.

    I just want them to pick one story per episode, and try to do it justice. Leave your B and C stories well in the background until you actually figure out how to successfully tell an A story.

    Side note - I really hate Michael and Books "Hey remember the time when..." stories - it's like being with two acquaintances making in-jokes together, while you're sitting there wondering who you bothered coming out.

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    Yeah the prisoner sub-plot could still have worked fine with another character tackling the problem. It felt ridiculous that in the midst of a huge evacuation the captain would just abandon her responsibilities to go off on a side mission. It would have also given one of the bridge crew a bit more "spotlight" time in how they dealt with the problem.