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Storm Damage to New-ish Build

  • 08-12-2021 8:55am
    Registered Users Posts: 11 Dummy Account


    We live in a fairly new build in a housing estate of ~ 120 houses in Co. Wicklow - built in 2019 and we moved in late 2019.

    On a few occasions now, some houses in the estate have lost roof tiles during heavy winds. Last night, we lost a row of tiles (around 7 or 8 side by side if I'm counting correctly) and there's now a fairly big exposed hole in our roof. They are smashed all over our back garden, and part of the gutter is also hanging off as I assume one of them hit it.

    Should there be an expectation that a house of this new age (for lack of a better phrase) should be able to withstand winds better than this, and that our roof should not have a hole in it? Whatever about the damage to the roof and any problems that's going to cause, obviously one of these slates could kill someone if it hit them from that height so we're not going outside (there's one hanging off as it is, and can hear them moving from inside whenever there's a big gust) and can't even let the dogs out to the toilet.

    Is this something we would have a right for the original builder to have remedied, or is there a point where they have no responsibilities for what happens after they've handed the estate over to the residents? Any advice/info appreciated.