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BBC Good Food app going subscription only

  • 06-12-2021 11:37am
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    I use this quite a bit so I thought maybe others in here would too. It's not all bad, you'll still have access to your saved recipes on the website (but not the app) but probably won't beable to access any new content though it doesn't explicitly say that. Perhaps you can access content via the site but not the app 🤷


    Why are we changing?

    So we can keep investing in more of the recipes and cooking inspiration you value most, we will move the app to a subscription-only package.

    As a subscriber, you'll enjoy a range of new features and benefits every month, such as how-to-videos, masterclasses, exclusive new recipes, and the opportunity to put your questions to our experts. Plus, the app is going to be completely ad free.

    We hope you love our new app and decide to subscribe. If you choose to do so, it will be £24.99 per year or £4.49 per month. To help you explore it we’ll be offering you a free three-month trial. With no obligation, it’s easy to cancel anytime.

    Don’t worry, if you’ve enjoyed the BBC Good Food app but don’t want to subscribe, you’ll still be able to see your saved recipes and collections online via your My Good Food account. We’ll also be on hand to make the transition easy.

    Please note, this subscription is separate to our digital edition magazine app and the BBC Good Food magazine print subscription.

    More details on their website here.


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    I absolutely love bbc good food, very good quality reliable recipes.

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    I reckon I'd just subscribe, I use it all the time.

    It's tough to find non-US recipes these days, even sites based in Ireland or the UK seem to be using imperial measurements, cups, sticks of butter etc. The actual US sites are even more difficult to follow where they use brand names instead of generic names for ingredients. Bbcgoodfood always seems to be broken down into accessible info that's easy to understand. And none of those long intro stories that other sites have. They even include the nutritional info, it's great.

    I'm also a big fan of the glossary pages they have that just explain ingredients and how to prep them.

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    Price is a little more than I'd be willing to pay unfortunately. Then agani if I relaly miss it I might splash out. I'll give the 3 month free trial a go anyway.

    For customers in the EU, prices are:

    • Pay annually: €29.55/year
    • Pay monthly: €5.31/month

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    The link to the food site on the BBC website is going to remain free to access?

    That’s where I get most of my recipes from.

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    Yes the site will remain available to access your saved recipes but I think any new content will be going to the app. I could be wrong about that though.

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    It's a pity,it is a really useful resource. I won't be subscribing though. :(

    I wonder will they have a high enough conversion rate to keep them going as a paid service

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    This wont fill the entire gap but will help. There is a library app called Libby, download that and enter in your library card number. It gives you free access to the BBC Good Food magazine (current edition and the back catalogue) as well as around another 300+ food magazines like Food Network, Cooks Illustrated, etc. Some of them are focused on areas like veganism, pastries, bread making, Instant Pot cooking and loads more. Theyre a really good resource for new recipes and its all free from your local library.

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    Ye would spend multiples of that on cookery books.