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PC Specialist Ltd casing broken what should I do?

  • 03-12-2021 10:10pm
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    So in 2016 I bought a PC Specialist Ltd Laptop as recommended by folks on here. The build was great, the only problem was the cable and the casing for the laptop was cheap and I've had 3 problems now since I bought it.

    Unfortunately now they have confirmed that its likely that the hinge grommets on the top and bottom of this case have failed, unfortunately now due to the age of this machine they will not be able to source any components from their suppliers to repair this unit, they have also confirmed the section of board which is now hanging out of the machine is the hall sensor, which essentially allows the machine to enter sleep when you close it.

     I can arrange to have this sent back for us to take a look at for you but there wont be too much we can actually complete to get this back into 10/10 condition.

    Are there any other options? I wish I hadn't bought this laptop in the first place because it has been a nightmare to get fixed. They kept the laptop for 3 months at one point.

    I use my work laptop for everything but I'd rather not use it for non work stuff.


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    sounds like there's not much you can do really.

    no repair shop is going to be able to source a hinge or case as laptops are custom assembly really in terms of matching parts.

    your only chance would be to find a broken exact model on ebay or something to scavenge the exact parts but that's a remote possibility

    time for a new laptop if you need a personal one.

    does show the value of going for a higher build-quality laptop though