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Sourdough Starters.

  • 26-11-2021 12:13pm
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    I've just started a spelt sourdough starter.

    Will I be able to use it with other flours (just got my 16kg, strong white flour 😀). Can I use it with combo mixes like 80% white, 20% wholemeal and the likes?

    I started a spelt starter because, apparently, it's one of the easier flours to "get going"


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    Yes. The natural yeast in the starter is just feeding off the flour and water. So like dried yeast you can use it with any flour combinations.

    Good luck with your new baby. 😋

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    Well......I mucked up the starter big time. Didn't feed it for two or more days. Wasn't sure what to do really so just started again a few minutes ago. Fresh mix. Will feed it this time tomorrow and for the next few days to get it going.


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    I’ve never started a starter but you probably would have been fine. They are very forgiving. If it smells like vinegar, you’re doing something right. 😋

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    Yeah.....that smell alright. I added 50/50 water flour last night when I realised my error. This morning, not mush's bubbling slightly but just thought I'd start from fresh.

    You can't beat a few mistakes.

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    Keep it somewhere warm.

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    This is not working!!!!

    Third attempt. I think ambient house temperature is where it's at. Too cold over the last week or so. So......I've dug out my seed propagation heat mat. Third attempt was sat on this got up to 33/34c. Too hot. Slid a couple of layers of cardboard under the Kilner jar bringing the temp down to around 22/23c atm. Ideal I would have thought. This was last night.

    Hoping now that this'll kick off. I don't mind doing a 4th at this stage 'cos I'll crack it eventually and learning all along.

    The Kilner jar and contents were almost getting flung down the garden last week 😀 but I've learned patience now.....O Glasshopper 🧘‍♀️

    (Almost got going on 2nd attempt.....but then sat down and ceased)

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    Where do you live PX?

    You’re welcome to have some of mine. I inherited some about 5 years ago, still going strong. I believe it came from a bakery in Raheny so it could be 10 years +

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    Thanks so much but I'm going to persevere. I'm learning about it. Plenty of mistakes good for the soul 😀

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    I heard of a trick of a couple of drops of honey in the starter to give it a bit more food.

    It took mine a week at least to start growing in any way significantly