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Bass guitar played through guitar amp?

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    Has anyone played bass through a guitar amp? Does it damage the speakers terminally? I'll be using headphones if that makes a difference?

    Looking to buy both a bass guitar and guitar during the sales friday and was hoping to avoid buying 2 amps.

    Any info is greatly appreciated.



  • You'll need to be very careful playing a bass through a guitar amp. Keep the bass output as low as possible. You'd be better off buying a bass amp and playing both through that.

  • So far I haven't had much happen wrong with it personally, but I wouldn't try it with an amp I particularly like. Mine has a rattly distorted sound when I turn it to a reasonably loud level which I like but getting a clean sound isnt the easiest. I think you'd be more fine going with headphones than with the speaker since that's definitely a factor of the amp dying

  • Also I second the guitar through a bass amp, that seems like a better idea than the reverse