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  • 22-11-2021 1:22pm
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    Picked this up over the weekend forgot it was due out in 2 weeks.

    Typical 4 Horseman, Survival, Crafting, Open World and Early Access type game.

    Oddly tho no PVP its PVE only (also on unreal engine so only a matter of time until thats modded), its made by Rocketworkz ie Dean Hall Dayz dude.

    Game is based on the fact you land on a planet with nothing and can go back to your ship with nothing*, you have "objectives" to achieve on the ground, scan 3 areas, locate 3 bio samples etc Very straightforward stuff except the planet is actively trying to murder you at every oppurtunity and with a respawn comes a horrific XP penalty.

    Crafting is fairly complex and 2 other players I was playing with all felt we fcuked up with the skills we chose (there are a lot) and probably contributed to our downfall by not spending more time skilling correctly.

    Game looks really really good tho and probably needs a few optimisation patches, one of the lads struggled with it.

    Its not a bad game and has some promise, I would be worried about what kind of endgame there is and ideally rather than having 10 missions, give us 1 with all 10 objectives. Most of the systems function with nothing really to complain about, its out 8th of December.

    Not bad for €22

    *There are some items you can buy with in game (earn them in game) credits that you can bring (Axe, Knife, Suit and some other items)


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    I do enjoy a bit of survival gameplay, so might give it a go. Anything in it thats not in most other survival games?

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  • Registered Users Posts: 20,558 ✭✭✭✭dreamers75

    Well almost everything have to play in 2k like a peasant, needs a smack of an optimisation patch. Game uses 15gb of ram 😂

    Good tho

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    Revisited this over the weekend, 17 or so patches since we last played it.

    Some new items added in and now almost 80 missions, still would like a 1 mission with all 80 objectives to do tho.

    Game runs better for most people but still some optimisation issues.

    Polar bear can go fcuk itself, several times it annihilated us and sent me back to the shadow realm with a massive XP debuff due to him murdering the **** out of me 3 times in rapid succession.

    Normal bears = easy peasy, think it has 1200 health, 2 or 3 bow shots and you can joust him.

    Polar Bear = absolute tank, over 3k health and can side swipe so cant be jousted.

    We havent even made it properly to the desert biome and that has lions :(

    Good game tho.

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