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Last 111 bus from Dublin to Athboy, via Trim

  • 19-11-2021 10:51am
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    Hi, I've recently made a temporary move to Trim and as a result I can now avail of public transport as it's within walking distance. I'm going to a show in Dublin tonight. Planning to take the last bus home from Bus Aras. According to the timetable it is at 23:15:

    One an hour later would have been fantastic but I'll take 23:15, no problem. The next bus after the 23:15 is at 07:15 on Saturday morning. The issue is that when I got to book tickets, 22:15 shows as the last bus of the day:

    My understanding is that a ticket bought for todays date is valid for any bus in that calendar day but I'm concerned that whilst the timetable says there is a bus at 23:15, the journey planner says there is not, when it comes to purchasing a ticket in advance. If I rock up to Bus Aras at a little after 23:00 tonight and am told that the last bus left 45 minutes ago, I'll be in quite the pickle.

    Incidentally, I also had a look at buying a couple of tickets for the 23:15 on Friday 3rd December and got the exact same result as above. I had been thinking that maybe all tickets for the 23:15 bus have been bought for tonight and none were left but I would not have thought that a regular bus would be sold out 2 full weeks in advance.

    Can anyone advise on this please? I usually live in a rural area where public transport is not available.


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    There is a 23.15 Mon-Fri service - it is operated by an Athboy-outbased duty (driver) that finishes the day's work after the trip, so as long as the 21.45 Athboy/Dublin service operates on time, so should the 23.15.

    When it comes to BE's online ticket purchase, it doesn't actually matter what departure you buy it for, since the ticket is valid for any trip on that given day, so the "sold out" line of thinking doesn't apply to BE. My bet is that the reason for the 23.15 not showing up is that it's a trip over midnight (24.30 arrival in Trim) which could be throwing the sales engine off.

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    Many thanks for such an informative reply. I forgot to mention that I was aware that a ticket bought online for any time bus on any given route is valid for all times for that day, not just the time you book for. The departure on day A with arrival on day B throwing the sales engine off is indeed probably the reason for the error although not really something that should be happening in this day and age.

    One more question, if I arrived for the 23:15 (last) bus and it had already filled to capacity, is there a procedure to accommodate stranded passengers?

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    No worries.

    Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for the last question - apologies for getting back so late and after the fact.

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    I would be stunned if the 23:15 111 was ever full to capacity if I am honest.

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    is there a procedure to accommodate stranded passengers?

    Passenger walks to a hotel or hostel, asks if they have a bed, checks in the usual way including paying for their stay. The end.

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