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Canary Christmas

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    Anyone been to the Canary Islands for Christmas? Really appreciate experience and hotel recommendations. Thanks


  • Any island choice? It's getting expensive already to book.e2,500 minimum+ for a couple 10 days.Flight included.You might get breakfast for that too.Flights could be getting in short supply too.

  • Gran canaria or tenerife..

    Can get flights for about 350 each

  • Haven't been in Canary Isles in winter but am considering travelling just after Christmas. My research seem to confirm that Tenerife is the warmest in winter, it seems that the difference can be over 8 degrees due to it's location....we'll see !

  • It is lovely at that time of year. We are going to Tenerife on 10th Dec. Normally goto Tenerife or Lanzarote.

    Hotels - there are loads but it depends on your requirements (kids, budget, all inclusive or not, what town you are staying in). Narrow it down a bit as the islands are crammed full of hotels

  • Done Gran Canaria a few times in late December, had a great time, super weather and very relaxed.

    Plenty of people about too, Maspalomas is in general my favourite area to be, its a bit more expensive but it has everything on your doorstep.

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  • With Gran Canaria there can be a Huge variation in the weather between in the north of the island and the south ... And it's not very big .. but basically the resorts are all in the south .... It's got the sandy beaches , but you could easily base your self in the south and head off for day trips if you want different scenery , or to spend the day in Las Palmas ... Depends on what you want really ...

  • The wife says she wants a bit of luxury....preferably a 4star hotel..

  • 350 could be a good price for return flights.About half that in early Dec.No shortage of 4* hotels.Reviews vary hugely-rude reception staff,scramble for breakfast buffet,german towels,booked room not available-the worst comments.Have not noticed the temp variation on GC between north & south in Dec.Lanzarote can vary more in Dec.

  • Don't worry about the towels or rush for breakfast. It is the off season so plenty of space for everyone.

  • It’s most definitely NOT the off season, it’s high season in the Canaries, some nice hotels in Melonares in GC

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  • Compared with July/August? You're joking. We go there every year in December. No queues for dinners, theme parks kept going but not busy, some swimming pools in hotels sectioned off etc. Most things are still open but there is no problem getting tickets and no problems with sun loungers in hotels.

  • Very selective.Christmas has been busy when I go.I speak for GC and Lanzarote.Of,course July and August are busy.The Canaries are a year round destination not just for Irish holliers.Christmas is not exactly a morgue either.I do not know of any business that closes over the Christmas period that cater for tourists.Most Spanish families will want their own Christmas celebrations which traditionally take place in January-see Festival of the Three Kings.If,they can make money during "our" Christmas break they will stay open otherwise they close.Of,course closed signs could mean a bad year,no saleable stock,no finance,maybe gone home to mainland or native country,etc This year Christmas will be extra busy as Mick O'Leary and Aer Lingus can tell youse already because everyone wants a holiday this year.

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  • If you want to fly out to lanzarote for example on December 22 to December 29 out of Dublin currently the flight is over €700 before you add luggage, that gives an indication of demand, whether the islands will be as busy as pre Covid this year, probably not

    youd be looking at average highs of 22/23, lows of 16/17, worst case, as mentioned the Canaries are an all year round destination, in the winter months they do attract an older crowd & while the beaches are an attraction many don’t leave the hotel pool area during the day as they tend to be sheltered from the wind & a lot do other stuff like hiking, cycling etc

    Id be more familiar with Fuerteventura , the Riu Tres Isla just outside Corralejo is on 7km of fantastic beach, it’s an older hotel but have stayed several times & can’t fault the staff & food, down south in Morro Jable, quieter than Corralejo, the Iberostar selection (expensive) would be my first choice but some nice hotels along that stretch of beach there leading to Sotovento which is beautiful

    A lot of the beaches in Fuerteventura are clothing optional so expect to see some nudity away from the towns / busy areas, for Morro Jable I’d definitely recommend a hire car,

  • Check out the new covid restrictions in the canaries announced last Sunday - limits on how many can gather and curfew at 10 pm , think there's a restriction on indoor dining , probably nothing too onerous , everything probably still going to be open ...

  • Planned a trip to Tenerife from the 12th to 18th of Dec this year. With new requirements to have a negative Covid test to be allowed fly back to Ireland, going on the trip is now a risk I'm willing to take. Could easily end up stranded in Tenerife for Xmas especially if this new variant is as transmissible as suggested.

    Anybody know if Ryanair insurance would cover cancellation of a trip for the above reason?!