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Original Architect's signature not legible - 1970's build

  • 17-11-2021 7:24pm
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    In the process of buying a home built in the 1970's and a have been provided a letter signed by the architect retained by the developers of the housing estate. It confirms the house is built to the plans etc and is signed and dated.

    Only issue is we can't make out the signature and there are no qualifications or other details listed of this architect.

    The developers are no longer around and there is no one I can see to contact to figure out who the architect that signed the confirmation is.

    Any tips/thoughts on how I might figure this out?

    Our solicitor fears this may be an issue for us down the road if we sell


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    Submit and see what the bank say.

    only other option is to pay someone now to carry out the history, survey and issue visual based certs.

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    Issue for you down the road? IMO, that's 'box ticking' gone mad!

    If there has not been an issue with the houses/estate between the 1970's and now (in 50 odd years), I just wonder the likelihood of the an issue going forward? Like the developer, architect is likely not to be around either, even if you could make out the name.

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    why do you need to know who signed off the build 50 years ago...

    its HIGHLY unlikely there is any insurance currently behind that person today, and even if it was, trying to prove in a court case that something that exists now was apparent 50 years ago, pre building regulations, is a herculean task.

    You can always pay someone today to give you an "opinion on compliance" certificate, but youll have to pay for it, and it will be pretty worthless. hell id even imagine there might be issues with the original planning file at this stage

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    If you look up the original planning application on the local authority website you may find correspondence that gives the architect's name.

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    If not already online they will upload them for a small fee.

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    Can't access any planning file docs pre 2005 in my county. They say it's to do with GDPR.

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    Kildare will usually scan stuff in for old applications on request.

    When I bought my early 70s house 10 years ago, my solicitor joked about having to sue a gravestone if there was an issue with the signed off compliance docs from 40 years ago. Box ticking is all it can achieve now.

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    You can make an appointment at the Local Authority and view the original planning application yourself. There likely be a charge of €50 as the original application be archived and in storage... All the info you need will be in the file... You will be allowed copy any documents in the file for a small fee... Likely better do yourself as take solicitor forever and you have to pay... I am surprised your solicitor not think of this...

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    Kudos to Kildare.

    dublin won’t. They cite copyright laws as to why no drawings from the mid naughties are not scanned and no plans to.

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    in DCC, if you tell the public counter what estate it is, they will most likely have the folder for it there and maybe on micro fish which you can view.

    terry behind the counter knows the old estate books like the back of his hand.