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Wireless Speaker Solution For Tv

  • 16-11-2021 10:00pm
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    your advice please...

    my father for a couple of years has suffered from poor hearing, it’s getting worse, and fast...

    in the last 12 months it’s gone to him not hearing the landline or his mobile ringing and asking people to constantly repeat themselves during now the TV is turned up to such a volume it’s ridiculous, you just can’t be around him in the same room watching it...

    his doctor has identified some damage most likely from working with loud machinery most of his life... and he is saying that a hearing aid is unlikely to provide much if any help...

    as a priority I need to source a wireless sound solution for his tv... a modern speaker that can be connected to his tv wirelessly via Bluetooth and can be near his chair so that the volume is of a reasonable decibel level... it’s imperative as he’s a night owl who likes to stay up and if things continue he’ll not only be divorced in his ‘80’s but the neighbors will be calling the Gardai.... from what I witnessed today it might be tonight that call is made... and it might be a family member calling.

    hes not too proactive as regards finding a solution as I think it’s recognizing he has a problem and that old age has well and truly arrived....

    im wondering anyone found themselves in a similar predicament who might advocate any particular ’sound solution’.... I know Bluetooth speakers are ten a penny but if there was something of a more ‘medical’ / ‘impairment’ type aid that I’m just not seeing...???

    all advice and opinions are most welcome..thanks in advance.


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    I can't help with suggestions I'm afraid, I was on the same hunt for my husband and at the time was told there was nothing suitable. It was a few years ago and in fairness I didn't pursue it very vigorously because I was pretty sure he would not wear a headset. His hearing loss was not that great but the main problem was that he had decided that the tv volume had to be on a particular number, regardless of whether that produced reasonable or over-loud sound. It was difficult to be in the same room for more than a few minutes when he was watching something noisy!

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    Yes if it’s sport or news or a documentary fine, well not too bad, but say a film with loud explosions / crashes you’d swear the explosions and crashing is in the’s mental...

    just going to pick up a standard Bluetooth speaker and hope this improves things....

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    You might also consider wireless headphones with a recharging base. They usually connect to the TV through optical out / RCA cables. This would allow him to adjust the volume independently and everyone else can hear the telly at a normal volume. Sony have been making them for years and my Dad found them to be a lifesaver.

    There are also bluetooth headphones but, depending on your tv specs, these can mute the speaker volume on the TV.

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    Thanks, headphones are a practical idea for most but in his case being a bit of a talker the odd time during films I think that might turn him into a shouter...

    Think I’ll plump for a standard Bluetooth Soundbar / subwoofer deal on Amazon,,, plug the soundbar in near his chair and hopefully that can help.