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Smart meters - anyone having trouble since installation?

  • 16-11-2021 6:29pm
    Moderators, Technology & Internet Moderators Posts: 37,485 mod Khannie

    We got our smart meter in there about 2 weeks ago. Since Friday we have had:

    • Smart TV died (18 months old)
    • Same day the boiler stopped working (it's about 3 metres away and on the same plug line)
    • Today 2 different routers in the house are rebooting multiple times a day at exactly the same time

    It's all a bit coincidental. Anyone else had issues?

    Any advice on how to proceed welcome.


  • It sounds like you are getting a power surge.

    I know a few years ago we had a power surge like you had. 2 TVs stopped working, printer stopped and boiler pcb broke. I said it to my plumber and he was called out to a number of houses with the same complaint in the same area.

    I did not want a smart meter and was happy with the old meter. My broadband signal is now being affected and the signal is dropping. Maybe it is because it is an old box.

    Since it was put in usage suddenly gone up and the rates and service charge gone up. We are being charged for fancy meters to save paying someone to go around and read the meter.

  • And in the future the smart meter is going to be used to screw you on the lecky bill.The meter will charge you more per unit if it detects youre using a tumble drier for example,because that's bad for the envirnoment where as a clothes lines is'nt.And charging up the milk float will also cost more per unit,the goverment has to get that money lost from petrol/diesal sales somewhere.