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Advice needed

  • 14-11-2021 10:39pm
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    my son who is 7 wants to get a gaming pc for Christmas. He says he wants to play minecraft Java edition. I know next to nothing about gaming. Could I get some advice on whether a pc Is even a practical option for him at this age? Also if I were to buy a gaming pc has anyone any recommendations?



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    There's a chip shortage at the moment so PC parts and PCs are quite expensive. If you are getting a gaming PC it will set you back a lot of money. A less powerful PC or laptop will be more affordable. Minecraft will run on any PC you buy but once he gets older he won't be able to play newer top end games but will have access to indie games which he is probably watching streamers play. At 7 a PC should be ok for him if his reading is good but he will need help and you will need to add in child protection measures.

    As someone that is very pro PC, I'd recommend a console really. They all play Minecraft but he will miss out on the 'mods' which are only available on PC which he is probably watching streamers watch. A PS5 will be next to impossible to find but you will have better luck with a XBox, PS4, or switch.

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    Hard to answer this without knowing your son but a couple of things to be aware of:

    If you go into a computer store looking for a "gaming" PC, you're likely looking at the most high end commercially available setups available. If all he's interested in is Minecraft, a bog standard PC will do the job. This could be the difference in getting quoted 1500 for a gaming PC and 600/700 for a standard PC.

    If he is saying "gaming PC" for the look of the machine, (gaming PCs tend to have lots of lights and cases that hold perspex screens or funny moulding) then he should be happily ignored in favour of a bog standard PC as I would bet significant money, all he cares about from the 26th onwards is that it runs his games.

    As he is 7 years old, I expect (but could be wrong), he's going to be very reliant on you and older members of the family to help him get things set up correctly on his PC. This will include things like installing updates, modding tools, help debug issues and you'll likely also want to invest in parental controls (because he'll likely also want to play online). If this all sounds beyond you. I would recommend getting a console with Minecraft instead. There's a bit more work in PC versions and if you're not savvy with them, you'll hate it and it won't get the use.

    If you're happy enough with all this so far and you want to buy a pre-built PC, I recommend either: - example build here:

    or - example machine here:

    Note that only the dell above comes with a monitor and keyboard/mouse. If you look at "gaming" PCs at either or these sites, you'll pay double the price of either of these. There are alternatives out there, these are just two I've had personal experience with.

    Best of luck!