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Dell G3 Overheating

  • 14-11-2021 12:33am
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    Just a word of warning on Dell. We have always used Dell computers here. I usually buy or help to buy various Dell Laptops for myself and the rest of the family online. Always have.....until now.

    I bought a new Dell G3 Laptop just over a month ago. It was problematic from the off and kept overheating and spinning the fans at crazy speed. After several adjustments of the settings recommended by Dell there was still no joy, it kept overheating.

    It also randomly started up and shut down while in hibernate and sleep modes. Several times it seemed to start up spontaneously from Hibernate, except it wasn't properly on but the fans were blasting and the Laptop weas roasting hot. It couldn't be shut down. To make matters worse that battery is inside so it was proving almost impossible to shut down this "runaway" Laptop. I managed to boot into a recovery mode and had to enter a Microsoft recovery key to reboot the machine.

    But what really makes matters really bad is Dell's almost non existent Customer Service. I contacted Dell pretty early on with the issue. Several times on the phone I was promised a refund for the machine however I am now being totally "blanked" on any emails I've sent Dell.

    Customer Service just give me the "runaround" on the phone. The Customer Service I can only describe as totally shocking. It's as if they almost want to goad you into losing your temper with them, something I plan not to do under any circumstances.

    I am going to look into filing a claim with the Small Claims Court if there is no reply from Dell next week.

    You literally couldn't make this stuff up. Unbelievable. Anyway I just thought I would post this as a cautionary tale for anyone thinking of ordering A Dell Laptop online this Christmas...... Buyer Beware



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    A Case has been submitted to the small claims court.

    The court must first allow the case to be initiated. i.e. they decide if it's suitable for the small claims court.

    It's been about a week and I haven't heard anything back yet however with Covid 19 and it's variants hopping about there may well be more pressing matters to hand.

    Hopefully I will eventually get a resolution. The lesson learned the hard way for me has been to buy Computers in store rather than online. All is great until it isn't if you get my drift.

    I have to say though the only customer service I've experienced over a full lifetime which is worse than Eir has been Dell, and that takes some doing. Pure tripe...... and so are their recent Laptops by the look of it.

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    I've informed Dell of the claim and stated that I will only cancel it if a refund is issued.

    They have emailed me to say they will issue a refund.

    I will withdraw the claim If and When I have received the refund from Dell.

    Basically life is short, who needs the hassle of a huge mass of ignored emails and phone calls again and again to somewhere in Asia.

    Much easier if the Tech is bough in a physical store.Bring it back to them yourself.....

    Lesson learned. Lifelong Dell user ditching Dell.....

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    Well #Dell finally took back the faulty #G3 and issued me with a refund.

    It took a hell of a lot of effort to settle the dispute.

    With Christmas coming I imagine there will be a lot of faulty electronic products sold. Covid is adding to the problems with electronic devices as manufacturing pressures mount, supply chains are squeezed and Quality Control goes out the window.

    If anyone has difficulties with products after Christmas get on to the seller as soon as possible.

    Keep a record of all communications.

    If you feel that you are not getting a fair deal or your consumer rights are being trodden on remember there is the Small Claims Court as a last resort.

    A small claim can be lodged online and it's a fairly quick process to register. The layout of the page is a little counter intuitive but it's not rocket science to use it.

    Anyway, I'd steer well clear of the G3 as it appears there are well known problems with it and I've seen many complaints with Dell's Alienware and XPS products too so I can only conclude that they have "gone bad" lately as I have a 6 year old Inspiron that's still running.

    Happy Christmas for 2021.............