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How to apply for a company that barely post any job adverts?

  • 05-11-2021 11:02pm
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    I'm from Cork but I want to work in my dream job in Dublin. Problem is, I don't even know how to apply for the company that hasn't posted vacancies for grunt work relating to my occupation in years. They just post executive vacancy adverts which, obviously, is neither my interest nor my area.

    I reckon that the company outsource hiring and employment to third-party agencies (as most do), but I've no clue which recruitment agencies they deal with to allow me to laser target my dream company. The company also neither has organised their own career events nor participated in any jobs fairs, even virtual ones, so I could not try to network with the company.

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    You could prepare a cover letter with your CV explaining how you became aware of the company,how you believe your skill set/interests compliement their operation.Find out who is on the board of directors or hierarachy of the company and consider writing to the person who is most senior or who shares your interests.Your letter/email does not have to go HR.I would email and post a letter.Make it clear that working for the company will be beneficial to your career progression,maybe suggest that the benefit will be mutual(which prob means work for minimum wage or zero).Call the company 7-10 days after you expect them your employment request to check they have received it.Unless your qualifications are outstanding I wouldn't bother with recruitment agencies.Do a thorough search of the company-you might find another angle on a way in.Have you found any info on their suppliers? You might find out something from them about employee numbers,work environment,recruitment style......Unless the company allows WFH you'll be asked how you will secure accom in Dublin(friends,relatives).Good luck

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    Does the company have a LinkedIn profile? If they do they may post staff movements, this might give an idea how they come about, you may also get the name of a member of staff in HR. Perhaps send a message to HR contact to see what their normal recruitment process is, maybe send on your CV to them to keep on file for consideration.

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    Ask everyone you know if they know anyone who works there. When you find someone who does, ask them for an introduction.

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    Can you give any more detail around industry, role etc.? I think this stuff really differs depending on the role.

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    I work in the pharmaceutical industry in a laboratory role, with accumulated 2 years experience. I admit that my career has been patchy but I am confident that I have a good chance to work in my dream company as soon as I finish the contract in my current role.

    They have LinkedIn alright but haven't seen much activity in terms of recruitment drives. From the sound of it, contacting HR for enquiry might be the best way seeing as they're not great with posting job adverts.

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    Perhaps the reason "they're not great with posting job adverts" is because they may have a very low turnover of staff and therefore few/no vacancies to advertise.

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    Makes sense, the company is said to be a great place to work in. Plenty of 4-5 star reviews based from my research so far.

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    Networking with persons employed with the targeted employer. Continue and frequently do so.

    Plus learn everything possible about the targeted employer, and the position you would like to occupy. So often applicants interview with a prospective employer, and when asked, only have little or superficial knowledge. Gosh, I want to work for you, but I know nothing of substance about you. See the contradiction? There are no excuses today with the information on the web.

    Offer to moonlight work for them. Many employers have peaks and valleys in work loads. This way you can pass the spaghetti test. When they throw you on the ceiling you stick (positive work experience).